Obviously, that requires a bit more detail before there can be a serious answer.  The Democrats are on record of supporting and proposing “Population Control” as their means to ‘Save the Planet.’  They have embraced the Malthusian Theory of Population Control.  Their assertions are based on false information, paranoia, fear, and delusion, but what is new about that position?  Nothing, with the main-stream political elitists who are seeking to be President of these United States of America. 

The Malthusian Theory identified population growth as being a catastrophic danger for the world.  The reason behind that position is the theory advanced by the Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus, in 1798.  He advanced his theory that population growth was not paralleled by food production.  He suggested and believed that if the population of the world continued to expand there would be massive food shortages and therefore ‘Population Control’ was mandatory for the survival of the planet. 

Think about when was that theory advanced.  Hang on to your hats.  It was detailed in the Reverend’s writings, “An Essay on the Principle of Population” in 1798.  That’s right I did not say 1978 but 1798!  Wow! Over 200 years ago he advanced his debunked theory based on nothing more than fear and presumption.  He suggested many “checks” on the population including preventing marriage between people deemed to be suffering poverty or perceived as ‘defective.’  There is much more in that theory but suffice to say that the Democratic Presidential hopefuls want to ‘Control the Population’ to Save the Planet. 

They have offered some incredibly preposterous proposals that just a few years ago would have resulted in them being laughed out of the room.  Today, those proposals are not laughed out of the room but due to the multi-generations of brainwashing that has been transpiring, the fear-mongering, and faux science used to advance the fear of ‘Climate Change’ people are buying their suggestions and assertions. 

The current crop of presidential hopefuls in the Democratic Party stated on CNN’s Climate Change Town Hall that ‘Climate Change’ is the greatest threat America and the world has.  That is beyond preposterous but alas, there are millions who buy it hook-line-and-sinker.  Their dumb ideas make banning plastic straws seem like a mild absurdity.  Their proposals make banning incandescent light bulbs and air travel seem middle of the road ideas.  Their assertions go far beyond calling Climate Change the greatest threat to humanity since WWII.  It went beyond calling hurricanes racists, which they have done.

Their most ludicrous idea is that to fight climate change we must have ‘Population Control.’  The incredibly dangerous ingredients in that idea can readily be viewed by simply looking at what happened in Nazi Germany under Hitler.    They have embraced the theories of Paul Ehrlich of Stanford and many of their proposals come directly from his book ‘The Population Bomb.’  Ehrlich contended that the world is overpopulated by at least 1 billion people and that the only salvation of the planet is population control and reduction.  That would include forced sterilization and contraception programs being enacted.  I wonder how they square that with their arguments for ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘women’s rights’? 

The empirical evidence is that human beings do not deplete the world’s resources but help to discover and produce more for use by mankind.  People who are invested in Freedom and Free Enterprise make the planet better.  It is better materially, economically, and environmentally.  One of the major reasons for population growth is the dramatic reduction in infant mortality and longer lifespans due to research and production by people.

The Malthusian Theory and those advancing their ideas of Population Control such as Ehrlich have suggested that there would be standing room only on the planet.  In the 1970’s they argued that in just 25 to 50 years the world population would be over 10 billion, but it is much nearer 7.5 billion.  Population growth has slowed over the past few decades and freedom has proven to be an incredible motivation for contraception.  As people prosper and enjoy freedom, they make the personal decision to have fewer children.  Even in China population is not the problem or a threat to the world. 

Let me open Pandora’s box regarding this theory.  If it is implemented, who decides who can and cannot marry or have children?  Who decides who lives and who dies?  Who decides if a person is too poor or ‘defective’ enough to warrant their extermination or prevention from enjoying a family of their own?  Who?  You guessed it, the politicians and their appointed bureaucrats.  That becomes the most despotic of all conditions and that is exactly what the Democrats are pushing for.  My question is, “Which of them will volunteer for extermination, to save the planet?’’  NONE!

The attempts of man to mandate the population’s size and reduction is to assume the position of being god.  I believe that their theory and agenda is diametrically opposite of the Judeo-Christian view.  I believe it opens the door for disastrous and diabolical results regarding human rights.  It will do nothing to resolve and potential environmental problems but will, in the end, make them worse.  Controlling the size of the population is not the answer, human ingenuity is.  Therefore, this is another of the myriad of reasons I reject the Left and will vote against them in this and every election.

God bless you and God bless America!

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