Some will say, Yes.  Some will say, No.  Some will shake their heads and say, Hopefully.  I wish I could definitively answer that in the positive but with the deep entrenchment of the Swamp Denizens and the Deep State in government, I am not overly optimistic.  I believe in God and believe that He is still in control.  However, I also know that God will allow man to pursue his own folly.  God will not impose His will upon us and force us into compliance.  Therefore, the onus is on us.  We who love this Republic and want to protect and defend our freedoms and inalienable rights must stand firm and stand together in our efforts to Reclaim the Republic.

Regarding the Ukraine issue, I do not find any constitutional evidence that Trump committed an impeachable offense.  There are times, I wish he would be a bit more cautious in his verbiage.  There are some around him that should walk softly when addressing the media, the Democrats, and the public.  But, to totally ignore blatant violations of the constitution by the Democrats and come after Trump for what could be equated to a very minor traffic violation, if that, is ludicrous.  It is revealing of the true intent rather than expressing any genuine desire to uphold the law or uncover the truth.

Nothing this President has done even comes close to what Obama, Hillary, Biden, and countless other Democrats have done and are doing.  How were their actions and the continuing revelations of their actions, not Front-Page News?  I’m sorry, I almost forgot that we do not live in a world where both sides are held equally accountable by the Press or Congress.  How could I be so absent-minded?  Please forgive me!

The former president Barack Hussein Obama his administration and loyalists engaged in a blatant, covert and sometimes an overt conspiracy to overturn a legitimate election and oust Trump from office or prevent him from being elected.  That is criminal, immoral, and treacherous if not treasonous. 

Beyond that, the Benghazi disaster, the Fast and Furious debacle, the Green Energy Slush Funds he provided for his buddies, using the IRS to target conservatives, the Clinton Email Gate, and a myriad of other events are ignored.  How and Why?  The bottom-line answer is, “Because they are Liberal Leftists Globalist Democrats.”  There is no other answer.

The Russian collusion fabrication has produced a nothing burger for them, but they never stop.  This time, the Ukraine phone call scandal is not based on factual information but hearsay, but it is ‘Front-Page News’ and the worst scandal in American history if you listen to the MSM and the Democrats.  Do they really think the American people are that dense?  Well, Yes, they do!  They do because voters keep confirming the ignorance or willingness to look the other way when a Democrat commits a crime or makes a major political misstep. 

The cover afforded the Leftists in the Media, Congress, and even the Courts have left me less than hopeful of the full restoration of the Republic and a significant draining of the Swamp.  But I refuse to give up or cease my fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom. 

The charge by the Democrats is that Trump colluded with Ukraine to ‘dig up dirt’ on Joe Biden because he is so afraid of having to face Biden in the General Election.  There is no factual evidence to support that.  Many presidents have talked to foreign governments regarding corruption, potential crimes, and threats to our Republic.  Some of the Democrats and nobody seemed to mind, but if Trump sneezes, He is in violation of some moral and constitutional edict and must be annihilated.

The Democrats thus far have gone after numerous associates of Trump hoping to get one of them to give them some ‘dirt’ on Trump.  They have come up empty and I suspect it is because there is nothing criminal or impeachable, they can give.  But the Democrats refuse to quit and are doggedly devoted to the cause of “Ousting and Destroying Donald John Trump.”  He is their mortal enemy and they would sell their souls to destroy him.  Wait, maybe they have done just that, sold their souls!

The Democrats and too many Republicans have ignored the violations of ethical guidelines and the law by the various sectors of our bureaucracy including the Intelligence Community.  John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Evelyn Farkas, Samantha Powers, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch to name a few engaged in devious if not illegal activities targeting Trump and Conservatives.  The Obama administration was very open to the use of the government to coerce people to comply with his agenda. 

There was a tag line in the “X-Files” to describe administrative state nefariousness:  Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate.  That is the clear mantra of the Democratic Party and their loyalist.  There was and is an unhealthy worship of Barack Obama, possibly because of his being half-black or his being the darling of George Soros and the toxicity of liberalism.  There has been the clear trepidation about launching anything against the Clinton’s because people fear for their lives.

We have had the blatant misuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). That has been revealed in the exposed lies they used to obtain warrants.  They activated the potentially potent “Five Eyes” intelligence services of Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States against Trump.  The Five Eyes are not bound by the same constitutional restrictions as the U.S. Intelligence Agencies.  However, our own agencies have demonstrated a willingness to side-step and ignore that document.

One possible flaw in President Trump is his openness as to what he thinks.  His open observations regarding the Biden family have triggered the Left and sent them over the edge.  They have ramped up their ambition and drive to ‘destroy’ him, at all costs.  “Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead” is their mantra.  They consider Trump’s destruction worth the crumbling of our system of government.  They are oblivious to the pain they are inflicting on Americans.  Their enemy must be destroyed, and they consider us collateral casualties.

Those “Five Eyes” have targeted Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, Boris Johnson, and anyone who even remotely supports law and order and Republicanism.  I pray that we can Drain the Swamp and Restore the Republic before a ‘civil war’ breaks out.  I pray that we can somehow dismantle enough of the Deep State and drain enough of the Swamp to reclaim oversight of the Government.  I pray that America can once again become “One nation under God.”  I pray that we can once again see America be the land where “our right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness are protected.”  I pray that America will once again see “liberty and justice for all.” 

God bless you as you pray for and fight for America!  

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