When I was eighteen and finishing high school back in the mid-60s, if you had told me that in fifty years America would be contemplating Socialism as a way of government and economy, I would have laughed in your face.  But today, that is exactly where we are and there is an ever-increasing number of people buying the hype, spin, rhetoric, and diatribe of the Socialist Activist in our government and elsewhere.  How did we get to this point and what do we do about it?

We got here through the brainwashing of our young and the failure of those not so young to use their brains to rationalize and reason.  Failure to think has helped to advance the cause of the anti-Capitalist in America and around the world.  Failure to honestly examine the empirical data and factual history has created a breeding ground for this kind of mentality.  Sadly, many do not consider the empirical data or factual history because they have never heard it.  It is no longer taught in many of our institutions of higher-learning and often not in our secondary schools either.  We have seen at least two generations of the dumbing down historically of America.

I am growing increasingly frustrated with the Republican Party for their ineptitude in stopping the agenda of the Left.  They failed when they had control of both houses of Congress and they are failing now.  It almost seems like the Establishment Republicans would rather be the minority party than govern.  Why?  Because in that position they can blame the Democrats without having to make the hard choices and govern.  They can lament that they are not in power, therefore, have no control.  But there are things they could and should do, so “Republicans, Do It!”

As to how we fix the problem that is much more involved and requires much more critical analysis of the situation and current structure of Congress as well as the attitude of our elected officials.  I saw a Gallup Poll that reported that 37% of Americans feel positive about Socialism.  How is that possible?  It also reported that 16% of those who feel that way lean Republican.  That is more than a little disturbing, it is horrifying.  How could anyone claiming to be a Republican and supporting conservatism and the constitution have a favorable view of Socialism?  Talk about a paradox and maybe an oxymoron – Republican Socialist?  Are you kidding?

Representative Chris Stewart, (R-Utah) somehow managed to receive approval from the House of Representatives to create an Anti-Socialism Caucus.  He stated, “The purpose of the caucus is to inform lawmakers and the public on the dangers of socialism and to serve as a bulwark to stop the advancement of socialist policies and legislation.”  If that proves to be the truth and is effective even marginally, I applaud the effort.

Socialism is a real threat in today’s America.  It has failed everywhere and every time it has been tried but the devastation and destruction it leaves behind are horrific.  The adversaries of the Free Constitutional Republic and our Freedom in America have a common bond.  They desire to destroy us and strip us of our freedom!  They seek to redefine our Representative Democracy and ‘fundamentally transform America’ into something other than what our Founders gave us.  That must be stopped!

Representative Stewart tweeted, “This caucus will defend individual liberty & free markets and highlight the dark history of socialism.”  I say Hallelujah!  That is providing they stay the course and do what they purport is their purpose.  How many in Congress will wake up and get on board?  I hope there will be many but fear there will be few.  We have a clear choice in the elections of 2020 between remaining the Free Constitutional Republic or shifting dramatically toward Socialism.  How people cannot see that or do not fear that is beyond my ability to understand. 

If the Democrats regain full control of the government in November 2020, we will witness America’s dramatic shift toward Socialism which will lead to the loss of Liberty and Freedom.  We have a clear choice and I am deeply concerned that too many are not thinking but voting out of selfishness, distaste for the current president, or simply partisan.  Regardless of the cause, if we do not defeat the Leftists, we endanger the Freedom of everyone!

Sadly, today, I am finding that many do not have a clue what Socialism is.  They hear the theories bandied about by the politicians and pundits and buy the spin.  They hear CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood Elitists, Political Pundits, and other Activists contend that they will get what they want if we move that direction and say, “I’ll take a double portion, please.”  The dangers are never discussed intelligently or accurately and the drive to fan the flames of personal envy and greed through arguing for “Equality” endangers us all. 

Walter Williams succinctly explained the difference between the capitalist and socialist systems: “The key features of a free-market system are private property rights and private ownership of the means of production. By contrast, socialist systems feature severely limited private property rights and government ownership or control of the means of production.”  Bravo, Dr. Williams, bravo for your articulate and accurate depiction of this issue.

If the Democrats win in November 2020, we will first see Socialized Medicine but that is not the end of the snowball from hell.  The Democrats are pushing for more and more government control in education, private-sector businesses, and other major sectors of our American economy.  Socialized Education is a catalyst to the tyrannical despotism of Socialism and Communism.  Consider what public education is and how it is funded, and you see what is happening.  Public education is paid for, largely, through property taxes, teachers are employees of local school boards or state governments and textbooks and the curricula are chosen by government boards and entities.  We now have Socialized Education and the fruit is ripening or rotting in the product.

In Socialized Medicine the dangers are too numerous to enumerate but suffice it to say that there would be a dramatic reduction in the number of healthcare professionals.  We would likely see the reduction in medical facilities.  We will see delays in receiving care as well as denials.  We would be moving rapidly toward governmental euthanasia. 

Social Security, that most of us are forced to pay into is a Socialist program.  No, I do not want to do away with it for those on Social Security but there is a better way and we need to explore those pathways.  Socialized charities exist in America with over 80 means-tested welfare programs in existence.  One of the most egregious is the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).  This program gives money directly to the recipient to spend as they please.  There are approximately 3.5 million Americans now receiving TANF funds. 

Sadly, the Establishment Republicans are powerless against Socialism because too many of them are Socialists themselves.  That is demonstrated in both their words and deeds.  The historic record supports my contention.  That is another reason that I am so active in seeking to defeat the Leftists Democrats and want to see a Clean Sweep of Congress.  We must find a way to Drain the Swamp and Dismantle the Deep State!  Please join me in the primaries and in the general elections and let’s preserve America for ourselves and posterity.

God bless you and God bless America!

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