I am lugubrious over the political climate in America today.  I am excessively mournful for my nation because of the clear intent of many to divide the nation irreparably.  It makes me despondent, mournful and filled with deep sorrow to know that there are forces at work within our own nation to destroy America.  The effort may be intentional with diabolical premeditation or it may be through misguided ignorance, but the end result is the same. 

Today’s Democratic candidates vying to become their party’s nominee to become the Chief Executive of the Republic are all engaging in divisionary tactics.  They could be unifying and seeking ways to bring everyone together, but they are partisan power-seekers.  Today’s politician seems to know no other pathway than ‘divide and conquer.’  They seek to make select groups of voters embrace victim-hood. 

Many of us, have been victimized but we have the choice whether we will become victims or victors.  We can choose whether we will succumb to the pull for self-pity and adopt a victim mentality or fight to come out of the doldrums of depression and rise above the event or condition.  It is not that simple but that encapsulates it in the best way I know how to articulate the problem.

The use of ‘fake news, false information, misinformation, paranoia, fear, hate, envy, greed, and anger’ is destructive.  The Democrats seem to truly believe that their road to victory and reclaiming the White House is through dividing Americans and pitting us against each other.  If they succeed in making people ‘victims,’ they succeed in becoming the champions for those groups perceived cause.  That secures votes and that is the objective not emancipation from the Prison of Victimization. 

When a party expresses its belief that it is somehow ‘immoral’ to refer to America as “our” country that is alarming or should be.  The activist, anti-establishment, drug culture hippies of the 60’s teaching our kids the diabolical lie that America has ravaged the world for our own prosperity.  Their false rhetoric and ideology are the root of the ‘no borders’ because that is immoral and evil America must pay for her past sins.  They ignore the factual reality that we have done, more to better conditions throughout the world than any nation in existence.  Have we made mistakes?  Absolutely! 

The charge that Trump’s election proves the rampant and widespread existence or revival of racism and white supremacy is bogus and ludicrous.  The previous administration led by Barack Hussein Obama did more to reverse the gains we had made in race relations than any administration in my lifetime.  He helped create ANTIFA, emboldened the New Black Panthers, enabled groups funded by George Soros and launched the war on Christianity and our inalienable rights.  He touted the virtues of Islam while decrying Christians as being the victimizers of the world.  Yet, he claims to be a Christian.  Hard to comprehend.

I believe that most Americans want to be ‘unified’.  I believe that most Americas ‘desire’ to see a Republic where the views and values expressed in our Declaration of Independence are realized and adhered to.  I believe that most Americans hold the sentiment of Lloyd Marcus, a black man, a member of the Tea Party, expressed in 2008 at a Tea Party Rally.  He said, “I am not an African-American!  I am Lloyd Marcus, American!”  

That’s my view.  I have a strong Irish-Scottish heritage with a sprinkling of Cherokee.  I am not an Irish-Scottish, Cherokee-American, I am an American.  That will be tossed aside because I am white, but it holds true for people of every ethnic heritage.  We are either Americans un-hyphenated or we are something else. 

The empirical statistical data reveals that the most prolific defenders of black lives are the police.  Of course, there are some bad cops, but there are some bad eggs in every vocation, gender, ethnic group, or political party.  A few bad apples do not make the entire orchid bad.  Likewise, the greatest threat to black lives is violent black criminals and Planned Parenthood.  Margaret Sanger was a racist wanting to exterminate ‘negros’ as she stated.  Planned Parenthood’s statistically has an abortion that is disproportionally weighted to black neighborhoods.  It is factual that 70% of their abortion mills are in black neighborhoods. 

I keep praying for God to “Bless America Again.”  I am proud to be an American and want a restored Republic where all men, women, boys, and girls are recognized as being created equal.  I want a nation where we have the protected right to life, liberty and are able, without being overly regulated, pursue happiness.  I want a nation where there is liberty and justice for all.  I want a united republic who may disagree with various approaches of government but are willing to work together to find common ground for the best good of the nation and her people. 

I will continue unashamedly to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I will, without apology, vote for President Trump in 2020 and vote against the Democrats who are seeking to ‘divide and conquer.’  I will vote against transforming America into a Socialist nation.  I ask that you consider joining me and the millions like me as we stand for Liberty!

God bless you and God bless America.

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