America, have we gone mad?  Have we lost our collective minds?  Have we abandoned reason and fallen prey to the godlessness of the politically correct world and succumbed to the belief and acceptance of Moral Relativism?  My argument is, “Yes we have.”  I argue that based on what I am seeing, hearing, reading, and encountering in virtually every walk of life.  I would love to answer the question of how this transpired, but I’m not sure I have either the ability to fully articulate it or the time to do so in one or ten blog posts.

In 1953, C.S. Lewis wrote regarding the “apostasy of the great part of Europe from the Christian faith.”  He was disturbed by what he viewed as ‘very grave dangers’ existing in Europe.  If that was the condition in 1953 one can only speculate how much more pronounced the dangers are in 2020. I agree with Lewis that moral relativity is an enemy not only to the Christian faith but to any society. 

Moral relativism is rampant in today’s America and no place more pronounced than the NBA’s demands of political correctness from everyone.  If you pay no attention to professional athletics, then I wonder if you recall the so-called ‘principled stand’ of the toxic liberals in North Carolina and the ‘bathroom bill.’  In 2016, they totally and completely abandoned reason ignoring science and moral principles by demanding that in the city of Charlotte men must be allowed into women’s locker rooms, restrooms, etc.  That is ludicrous but alas, the principled position of the Politically Correct segment of our present society.  The NBA’s demand caused this to transpire.  So much for reason and sanity, but alas the principled position of the NBA.

The North Carolina Legislature used a bit of sanity and passed what they called a ‘commonsense law’ (H.B. 2) which reversed the toxic liberal’s agenda in Charlotte.  The NBA reacted by pulling its All-Star Game from the city of Charlotte.  The NBA’s spokesperson piously declared: “We have been guided…by long-standing core values in our league.  Those include not only diversity, inclusion, fairness and respect for others but also the willingness to listen and consider opposing points of view.”  Seriously?  You listen by punishing the City of Charlotte and the state for not caving to your ludicrous and dangerous demands of moral insanity.  How’s that for rampant and rabid moral relativism?

Let me offer another group that does not accept ‘opposing points of view’; the godless communists in China.  They put millions on the table but no willingness to hear any opposing views.  What did the NBA do when The Houston Rockets Daryl Morey tweeted his support for the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong?  They bowed at the altar of the almighty dollar and stood with China and against the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.  So much for diversity and willingness to hear opposing points of view.  Nope, their morality and principles were rooted in the money.

Imagine that, the moral stance of the pious NBA was that it is a principled position to allow men into women’s restrooms and locker rooms but standing for freedom is not.  They appear, as do other segments of our modern society, willing to stand with the political protests that are anti-American but rebuke any protest that opposes the communist regime in China. 

Some have rightly called this ‘cultural relativism’ and it is.  However, I believe that it is far more than simply cultural relativism but moral relativism and incredibly damaging to any civil society.  The moral compass is broken when anyone can view the actions and agenda of a communist regime with the atrocious human rights engagements of those totalitarian despots as more principled than keeping men out of women’s restrooms.  That is beyond repugnant it is diabolical and poses an incredible danger to any civil society.  Where does it lead and where does it end if we become laws unto ourselves and our moral compass defined by whatever we happen to believe acceptable at that juncture?  We must have moral absolutes, or we lose our freedom, safety, and society.

When school superintendents, city councils or other entities can impose their politically correct view of what is right and moral on a community that believes otherwise what can we call it but moral relativism.  In the field of psychology, the American Psychological Association has constructed guidelines to instruct graduate programs to steer away from pronouns to identify people without asking them what they view themselves as.  Wow!

The gender blending and gender-neutralization demands being placed upon Americans are a danger signal that in our mind-numbing attempt to appear understanding, tolerant, and accepting we ignore.  You may love me or hate me but there are two genders, male and female and I base that both on science and the Bible.  There are absolutes in right and wrong and no one is afforded the liberty to determine what is good or evil based on what they desire.

I realize that I will lose some who might otherwise agree by citing the Bible but Isaiah 5:20 addresses this issue.  “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”  I believe in moral absolutes!  I believe that it is morally wrong to kill the unborn!  I believe it is morally wrong to steal!  I believe it is morally wrong to lie!  I believe it is morally right to love our neighbor as ourselves and do unto others as we would like for them to do unto us!  I believe that marriage is to be monogamous and both partners are morally obligated to be faithful in their marriage!  I do not ascribe to situation ethics or moral relativism.

We may disagree on what is the best or even right approach, that is not what I am talking about per se.  My foundational guide is the Bible and God’s Word and those laws that are consistent with the guidelines of the Bible.  If we adopt a view of moral relativism, and society decides that it is okay to become marauding bands taking whatever we want whenever we want it because we believe we deserve it, we fail our faith and our conscience.  I want a country where we recognize the validity of true science, ascribe to moral principles laid out in the Bible and evidenced in our Constitutional Laws.  I want everyone to be treated fairly and with all the respect they earn and deserve. 

 I view the current Democratic Party as a group that has succumbed to such political correctness that moral relativism is in danger of destroying our Republic. Therefore, I reject their agenda and ideology.

God bless you and God bless America!








  1. Al Viggiani says:

    The Law of God is to keep us out of the jungle of chaos. Remember the tower of babble.!

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