Many of us have been warning over the past several decades and are keenly aware of the problem in our public education. Let me avidly state that I support good teachers.  I support the teachers who truly seek to teach the truth, history, and the basic educational tenets needed to survive and thrive in this world.  I support educators who view their calling or vocation as more than a paycheck and resist the politically correct lunacy that is pervasive in today’s liberal agenda.   That agenda is rooted deeply in Socialism, Marxism, and Anti-Capitalism.  It is the opposite of what we were founded to be and have been for over two centuries. 

Years ago, while attending secular college with the intent to go into education in conjunction with my call to preach, I encountered some disturbing trends.  Those trends and mandates from those determining the direction of our educational process and curriculum caused me to divert my educational pursuits in a different direction.  I continued to pursue history as a prime base for my secular education and incorporated Psychology and Business as second-tiers in my pursuit of credentials.  I knew that I would be unable to satisfy the demands of those in education, so I decided to work toward private or religious education, not the public venue.  My biblical training has been invaluable as has my pursuit of truth in history and education.

There is something afoot that is going to push our educational system more in the direction of darkness and political correctness than we should be willing to allow.  I do not mind both sides of an issue being taught in school.  In fact, I encourage it.  However, I do not want the religious and factual to be limited or omitted in favor of the authorized version of revised and sanitized history and philosophy. 

If we are going to allow the teaching of evolution in the public venue, then I contend we must also allow creation to be given equal time and consideration.  I had a Biology professor in college say, “I am a devout Evolutionist and a devout Presbyterian, and my religion and evolution do not conflict.”  I got in trouble by telling him, “Mine does.”  I was persona non grata the rest of the semester.

That of which I am sounding the alarm is “Deep Equity” which is being developed by the Corwin company.  It is rapidly becoming the new standard curriculum taught in our public schools.  It is now in San Tan Valley in Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; the entire Cleveland, Ohio public school district and in charter schools in Californian and other places.  It is also in Canada and is gaining a significant foothold in the world of academia. 

Their website describes it in the following manner:

“The Deep Equity framework, based on the work of Gary Howard, helps schools and districts establish the climate, protocols, common language, and common goal of implementing culturally responsive teaching practices.

The Deep Equity approach is based on the belief that scholastic inequities are symptomatic of institutional biases and norms that must be directly challenged through systemic, ongoing, and authentic work.

Deep Equity is a comprehensive and systemic professional development process aimed at producing the deep personal, professional, and organizational transformations that are necessary to create equitable places of learning for all of our nation’s children.

This capacity-building program helps educators dismantle disparities through sustained, collaborative efforts and courageous leadership”.

If you missed it, you should go back and reread and pay careful attention to the PC and Politically Woke language and phrases used.  Let me list a few of them and give a translation. 

Disparities.  Which is translated – The monolithic gap in education between disadvantaged people and those who are privileged. 

Culturally responsive teaching practices.  Translated to mean – If you are not white you will receive more leniency in matters of academic performance. 

Institutional biases.  Translated to mean – Institutions that operate in a manner that oppresses certain social groups while favoring others.  For example, they argue that institutional racism victimizes blacks, Hispanics, and Asians while favoring whites. 

Organizational transformations. This was one of Obama’s favorites ‘fundamental transformation of America.’  Basically, it is substituting the current white privilege-based curriculum with a new Marxist one.

What are they seeking to project?  They want us to view America as a deeply racist nation with systematic racism and an institutional hierarchy of various oppressions. It seeks to demonize whites, halt all debate on issues, and demand that teachers reject and resist parents who disagree.  That does not sound like the Free Constitutional Republic but a Gestapo and dictatorial style of education.  It is indoctrination, not education and that must be resisted. 

It is a deeper plunge into the world of political correctness and social justice that wants to portray anyone white as evil, inherently racist, and undeserving of freedom.  It is a one-way street to destruction and destroys all that makes America the greatest nation on earth.  It strips freedom from some as it seeks to create a new highly inflamed division of our nation.  It promotes what it calls “intersectionality”.  Merriam-Webster defines intersectionality as the idea people whose individual identities overlap with a number of marginalized groups experience multiple, overlapping threats of discrimination. 

It has been expanded to include all races, genders, and classes.  In this system and ideology, each one is assigned a number of oppressions they are automatically subjected to by education and society.  This is being mapped out by Marxist professors using Venn diagrams.  This is nothing more than a political move to indoctrinate our youth and shape the thinking of future generations.  It is designed to advance a particular political ideology rather than educate with the needed tools to function in society and advance in this world.  The new advancement tool is being politically correct not having knowledge and skills.

Arizona state representative Kelly Townsend said, “Before we spend $400,000 plus on a Deep Equity program, we first need to invest in the basics to address our own academic neglect. For example, more than half of our 3rd-graders are unable to read proficiently, and yet we prioritize social engineering.”

“These programs may please the politically correct, but it is academically wrong to spend time on anything else while our students are failing,” continued Townsend.  “Let’s get back to basics.”

I agree and if we continue to lose on the academic front, we will soon be overrun with the PC mandates and the patrolling PC Police will stifle all Freedom of Speech and eradicate all true history in America.  If we are willing to allow this, then vote Democrat and if not vote against them at every opportunity. I believe we need to get government out of education and teachers, parents, and God back in.

God bless you and God bless America!

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