Please do not attempt to argue from the company line that due to COVID-19 we have to allow everyone to vote by mail to keep everyone safe.  That ship sailed with the many hypocrisies that have been exposed over the past few weeks and months including but not limited to the mass gatherings for riots.  Those were deemed socially acceptable requiring no ‘social distancing’ or even ‘mask-wearing’ because, after all, they were constitutionally protected exercises of Freedom of Speech and Expression, right?  That is so blatantly hypocritical it deserves no address.

It began long before the 2016 election, but with the Trump victory in 2016 which shocked the entire Leftist world, they have ramped up efforts to ensure no such outcome ever surprises them again.  Voter fraud is not a new phenomenon, it has been around for decades, maybe forever.  Voter fraud has been institutionalized by the Democrats and they believe the motto, “the end justifies the means.”  They are willing to do anything legal or illegal to win or steal any election they deem valuable.

They have the media outlets and those conducting the political opinion polls squarely in their camp.  The 24/7/365 presentation of a dismal outlook for the GOP and President Trump is picking up steam and will escalate as we near November.  We have the Russian hoax that fell flat.  We have the Mueller Investigation that was a sham.  We have endured the COVID-19 destruction of our economy and the exercises in tyranny by mayors, cities, states, and the Left nationally.  Once that began to show signs of not stopping the economy and Trump, we have endured the riots and chaos after the George Floyd death.  What is next?

Each election cycle there is always the concern about the proverbial and often literal ‘October Surprise’ that is used to shipwreck a candidate’s hopes and derail their campaign.  One of the things that the Democrats were working on before the COVID-19 panic and have escalated is “Vote by Mail” as mandatory.  Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have indicated they do not believe they can trust the American people to decide the outcome.  They insist that their new tactic is the only reasonable means of ensuring a legitimate election. 

When various states have a tainted history of not purging their voter rolls properly and allow the dead, illegals, felons, those who are ineligible because they have moved or in some other was disqualified to remain on the rolls we know this ploy is not in the interest of safety but victory.  It is the classic ‘bird’s nest on the ground’ and they have seized upon Rahm Emanuel’s advice, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Why not steal the election if you can?  Electoral integrity is unimportant to those seeking power.  Power is paramount and any pathway to that objective is justified in the minds of those who believe they are our Lords and Ladies with a divine right to rule.

If people can protest and riot in mass gathers with no concern for the safety of the rioters, protesters, or others then voting should pose no problem.  If people can go to the grocery store and other venues, then voting should be no problem.  If people can ride mass transportation, go to the beach, or the myriad of other daily life functions then voting should be no problem.  This is not about safety or the concern that the elderly or frail might be exposed, it is about winning the election by any means possible.

Let me state, I have no problem with the elderly or the infirmed (providing they are capable of making a rational decision) utilizing the absentee ballot and not vote in person.  I am opposed to electronic voting from home via the computer, the nightmare of policing and verifying those votes is beyond our current ability.  I am opposed to sending out ballots to every voter on the rolls with no genuine verification of their identity because it invites massive fraud. 

We know that people ‘sell’ their votes for a few dollars.  We know that people have been ‘bused’ to venues they are not legally authorized to vote by those willing to violate the law.  We know that some vote multiple times, frequently with no repercussions.  We know that voter rolls have people still on them that are deceased, moved, are illegally here, and not qualified to vote.  A paper ballot that is mailed out to everyone and them mailed in would be impossible to verify who cast that ballot and therefore makes it implausible for me.

In my home state of Texas, a person that is over 65 and otherwise incapable of going to the polling place are able to vote by mail.  The numbers make verification easier but not foolproof.  Imagine millions of ballots being mailed in or someone hand carrying hundreds of ballots to a polling station to be counted?  How could we trust that those were legitimate ballots? 

The idea that Photo Identification somehow disadvantages the elderly or various ethnicities is not defendable.  Welfare and many other entitlements require a Photo ID.  Banks require a Photo ID to conduct business.  There are hundreds of examples of everyday events in life that not only require but are deemed reasonable having to present a photo ID.  Even the Democrats require a Photo ID to enter their conventions.  You cannot travel by commercial airlines without one. 

I recognize that there are a few who may need to vote by mail and with proper verification should be allowed to do so.  However, if we care about legitimate elections we must stand in unity against this potential massive fraud and ballot harvesting.  I may not like the outcome of the election but if it is legitimate, I accept it.  I don’t burn buildings if my candidate does not win.  I do not accuse the system and country of being racist of suffering from some phobia if my candidate does not win.  I desire that we preserve and maintain ‘legitimate elections.’ 

It appears to me that the Leftists see ‘Vote by Mail’ their Ace in the Hole and is another of a long line of illegalities they have and will pursue.  America, if we care about the Republic, we will not allow this to stand and we will demand that our elected officials reject it.  We may not be able to pressure the courts to decide rightly but we can pressure the politicians and that may mean giving some of them their ‘pink slips’ and allow them to pursue a different vocation.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Janice Gibson says:

    Spot on Roy…the “fact checkers” continue to say there is no fraud in mail in ballots. but we’ve unearthed thoses selling their ballots on the streets for cigarettes, beer, etc., and that’s just for starters.

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