Few polls are truly random samples and equally balanced between the two sides of a political issue.  Most are slanted in a particular direction with oversampling or the questions are designed to elicit the predetermined desired result.  That appears to be happening in the presidential polls being reported that show Biden a lock for the White House and Trump toast. 

All the liberal Cable Networks and Fox News seem determined to paint a picture to demoralize Trump supporters and make people feel the election is over.  The apparent desire is to discourage enough voters that Trump will face as did Romney a significant number of people going to the polls in November and lose.  If they succeed, Biden wins, but if they fail, it could be quite different than is being reported.  I remain cautiously optimistic but realize that this is a War that must be fought to the finish.

CNN is touting their ‘poll of polls’ which is the five most recent national telephone polls that measure the support among registered voters.  What nobody seems to be willing to acknowledge is that since less than 60% of eligible voters voted in 2016 the sampling may or may not be reflective of the electorate. 

CNN shouts from the rooftop that Biden continues to maintain a significant lead nationally.  They avoid discussion of individual states.  As we all know, a president can lose the popular vote but win the electoral vote and become president.  Trump is not the only president to have been elected in that manner.  But, if you listen to the Liberal Networks, without cheating Trump’s victory was an impossibility. 

In June 2016 CNN and other liberal networks were reporting that Hillary Clinton continued to maintain a double-digit lead over Trump, therefore game over.  But alas, we know that was not the case on election day.  In retrospect, I will acknowledge that despite here physical issues she was largely coherent.  Joe Biden, on the other hand, cannot navigate a news conference or a scripted interview without blundering incoherently.

I find it interesting to note that CNN’s gaggle of polls all oversampled the Democrats and Biden supporters over Republicans and Trump supporters.  Amazing, right?  Hardly.  It has been that way in every election as they have attempted to shape opinion and achieve the desired outcome. 

The Washington Post – ABC News poll reportedly sampled 1,000 adults.  Those were not defined as likely voters, registered voters, or eligible voters, just people who answered the phone and claimed to be an adult.  That’s scientific, right?  They oversampled Democrats by 6% and their sample was taken from 399 Trump supporters and 522 Biden supporters.  I have a question, if they oversampled by such a significant margin in favor of Biden how is he only up the a few points and not 25% or more?

The Quinnipiac University poll of registered voters oversampled by 10% in favor of Biden and the Democrats.  That poll favored Biden by 15% but if you discount the 10% oversampling it would be more like 5% if that.  The illustrious Fox News poll oversampled Biden supporters by 4% and reported that Biden was favored by 8%.  That would make it no more than 4% and be squarely within the margin of error.   An amazing side note was that although the poll indicated Biden favored by 8% it was split evenly on whether Trump would be reelected or not.  How is that even possible?

I know people of various ethnicities who would never state publicly that they support the President but plan to vote for him in November.  If they are polled they are fearful of honestly answering the questions. Even though the polls claim anonymity, everyone, with the IQ of room temperature knows that is false.  If they called, you then they are tracking you and know how you responded. 

I was interested in a Monmouth University poll that indicated there might be a large cache of ‘secret Trump voters’ being discounted and ignored.  Their poll was reported as to affording Biden a lead in support of 53 to 40 percent but Trump received a 46 to 45 percent nod to win the election.  It is virtually the same as asking a sports fan who they want to win the game versus who they think will actually win. 

The Cato Institute conducted a poll that indicated 62% of Americans say they have political views they are afraid to share.  That was broken down as 52% of Democrats, 59% of Independents, and 77% of Republicans.  The only groups that felt fully free to express their views were the ultra and radical liberals.  Of course, they feel free because anyone voicing a dissenting view to the PC View is immediately vilified and branded a bigot or a racist.  Many people do not want to deal with the hassle and attacks that come from voicing their true views.  I don’t happen to be one of those and am willing to declare my support of Trump and opposition to the agenda of the Democrats.

I keep wondering why, if Biden is a lock to win, the Democrats continue to lay the groundwork to oust Trump after the election.  If he will no longer be president in after January, why spend time and money with Plan B because your Plan A is a guarantee?  I will continue to believe that it is because they know that more and more Americans are waking up and realizing that the rioting, anarchy, and dangerous political agenda of the Democrats is not to the advantage or benefit of most Americans.  Many are waking up to the infringements of our Inalienable Rights as is being witnessed today.  I keep hoping and praying!

My position, is I believe in God, am a Christian, a patriot, a lover of Freedom, defender of the Constitution, and an advocate for Life, Liberty, and the ability to pursue Happiness.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom that demands that I vote against the Left and unlike those in the consortium of hate, I appreciate the defense of many of our liberties by this president.  I am not voting for his personality or even his perceived morality, I am voting for someone to fight for my freedoms and America.

God bless you and God bless America!

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  1. They have to make it look close or they know the people will smell a rat, when they try and cheat and steal the election, if the truth be known I would say Trump is so far ahead, they could just call it, but they are not going to let him win if they can help it, and will do anything to stop him, they even see the people are fed up with there murder and rioting, and burning down, not counting they have not done anything in four years but try and impeach a President who has done nothing but good for this nation, we would be booming right now if it were not for them devils, proof they want to destroy this nation, and they have several plans in motion, to stop Mr. Trump from winning, they will stop only by force, when some one makes them, they know the only chance they have is mail-in vote, so they can replace them, I seen the ballots already made out in a vision, the real votes will never make it to be counted, they plan to delay so they can put it off until Jan 21, where speaker of the house can become president, they have several plans working, and its going to take people voting, and the hand of almighty God on this one just like the last one, may God help us again.

  2. says:

    Excellent Roy!! I copied and pasted to my facebook page with credit to you!! Thank you!


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