As I grew up in the middle of the last century and went to high school in the 1960’s I would have found it impossible to envision a condition such as exists today in America.  I grew up in rural East Texas and although some were somewhat anti-establishment no one that I knew wanted America to cease being America.  That is not true today!  There apparently are millions living in this great nation who view it as an evil empire that needs to be destroyed, revised, and reconstructed.  That is troubling to me on many levels.

Through the years I have read and listened to prognostications regarding the direction and condition of America in the future.  One such event was in 1984 when the Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov declared in intricate and disturbing detail the conditions that would exist in America in the coming years.  He revealed that the KGB was not primarily involved in espionage, but in an activity, he called, “ideological subversion.”  That got my attention, but in 1984 it did not move me enough to become actively engaged in fighting and seeing to reveal that danger.  Today, hindsight is 20/20 and then foresight was almost blindness. 

I have discovered that time and again, we have been warned by those who had inside information regarding the schemes, plans, agendas, and desires of those who desire the destruction of our Republic.  As the world paid little attention to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, we have failed to adequately heed the warnings and revelations.  In modern times the Left has increasingly revealed their agenda and there are millions who believe their desire is impossible in America.  Those who hate the current president believe that politics is cyclical, and this is just another of the cycles we go through and it is not alarmingly dangerous, just bothersome.  THEY ARE WRONG!

Back to the revelations of Mr. Bezmenov and the clear and present danger for America today.  He said that the objective of the KGB was to take down America slowly.  He was not the only Soviet to reveal the plans and there were American haters who openly declared that, but he offered a warning that we smiled and winked at and paid too little attention. 

The objective and agenda of the KGB, according to Mr. Bezmenov, was to indoctrinate American students with Marxist-Leninist thoughts, views, and ideologies.  The plan was to prevent the counterbalancing of those views with American/capitalistic and moral values.  That has become a visible reality and the harvest is being reaped in America today.  He reminded us that the children of the 1960s now adults, and in positions of power and influence are unteachable.  He said, “you are stuck with them, you cannot get rid of them, you cannot change their minds even with the presence of facts, even if you show them black is black and white is white.” 

As I recall that reporting from the former Soviet defector, I realized that a man was listening that took it to heart.  That man was Ronald Reagan and he took the warnings to heart and stepped on the scene to fight for America and helped preserve this republic for a season.  I tremble when I think of what America would have been had Carter won a 2nd term and had Walter Mondale succeeded him and plunged us into total ideological destruction.  Mr. Bezmenov warned that Mondale was an ideologue who would offer a plethora of ‘freebies’ knowing he could not deliver to buy the support of the susceptible.  Is that not a picture of us today?  We are what they were on steroids in American Liberal Politics.

Mr. Bezmenov warned that unless America awakened, we only had a few years before the fruit of the agenda would be realized and America would become something other than America!  Ronald Reagan understood the threat unlike George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or George W. Bush.  They were all globalists as is Barack Obama and more concerned with things that were detrimental in the pursuit of the preservation of our Constitutional Republic.  We watched our manufacturing outsourced, and even watched Obama make a world tour apologizing for America and kowtowing to the Islamists of the world. 

For almost three decades after Reagan, we had administration after administration that put America 2nd and the rest of the world first.  The nuts and bolts of their agendas, policies, plans, ideologies, and actions were different but the endgame was the same, Globalism. 

We have observed the media continue the downward spiral into the abyss of liberalism, the politicians erode our liberties and freedoms, and political correctness become the Law of the Day.  Our institutions of higher education have become indoctrination centers producing an anti-American sentiment.  Facts have become inconsequential and those pursuing the ideology of fundamental transformation are locked into their views and refuse to consider facts.  They are like the man that said, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.”

In 2016 we had a man who had been paying attention since the 1980s and like Reagan understood the threat and what America was and should be.  Yes, that man was Donald J. Trump, a billionaire.  He had no need or reason to seek the presidency, but I am convinced that he saw the danger and realized that we had no politician willing, capable, or able to take up the gauntlet and fight for freedom and America. 

President Trump won a victory deemed impossible and even a miracle and became president.  Rather than his party rallying around the agenda and promises, the detractors opposed him, sided with the Left, and allowed the anchors of globalism and the Deep State to impede our progress.  We have accomplished some astounding things in the four years of Trump despite the opposition from Republicans and Democrats.  Today, we face the continued objective of those who want to destroy America and we face a choice that should be easy.

Not since Reagan have, we had a president that understood what it takes for America to be America and thrive.  He is crusty, sometimes crude, and grating in style and personality but in his heart he loves America and through the pursuit of his promises he has achieved some significant benefits for all Americans. I believe he loves America and wants all to enjoy the liberties, freedoms, and benefits of our Republic.

Today we do not face the Soviet KGB or some form of it, but China, Iran, and North Korea.  We fact the desired destruction and fundamental transformation by ANTIFA, and the Democratic Party.  We face the agenda of the Globalists who want our Republic to cease to exist in its present Constitutional form.  They want CONTROL and if they win the White House, keep the House and reclaim the Senate they will DESTROY America.

The saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is the mantra of the Democrats and Never Trumpers today.  America, we are facing the death of a nation unless we wake up and we discover the answer to the question, “America or What?”  I pray that we will wake up and say, “America the beautiful, the constitutional, the free, and the republic that embraces the ideology of all being created by God and afforded inalienable rights from Him.”  May find the courage and insight to keep America free by defeating the Leftists this November.

God bless you and God bless America!

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