In 2020 we have some incredibly clear choices regarding policies and politics.  If we make this a personality contest, we will allow those who want to subvert or system of government and destroy our Free Constitutional Republic to succeed.  I am amazed at how many there are on the Constitutional, Conservative, Republican, and Independent side of the political aisle hate Trump so much they are oblivious to the dangers the Democrats and Joe Biden pose. 

Those who reduce the presidential and congressional elections to a referendum on the personality of Donald J. Trump argue that it is not hate but his policies, politics, and person are so horrible he must be defeated.  I have questioned some of them and asked for specifics as to policies that have harmed America and they always return to personality and perceived lack of moral fiber.  They were that way in the 2016 primaries and general election.  They were that way before he did anything politically as president.  They are still that way, therefore; I can only conclude it is totally personality not policies or politics that they are objection to.

I want to attempt to walk through a few of the policy and agenda differences between Trump and Biden and/or Republicans vs Democrats.  One of the major issues for me as a Christian is abortion.  The Democrats led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support abortion and abortion on demand.  Trump and the Republicans do not.  That would be enough for me, but there is more, much more to consider.

The Economy is of major importance for virtually all Americans.  Well, for all taxpaying Americans.  Those on the government dole accustomed to the vote-buying freebie entitlements want more and more and more government to guarantee their gravy train never runs out of gravy.  That is anathema to my faith and the Bible and should be appalling to any hardworking American.  The Constitution does not provide for the expenditure of tax dollars for that purpose.  That is the responsibility of family, the church, the community, and even the state not the federal government.  The Democrats are all about entitlements and the Republicans, are lesser in that respect.

Biden wants to repeal the Trump tax cuts and plunge the economy into the darkness like we have not seen in ages and make it even worse than Obama’s tragedy.  One report is that his tax plan will increase taxes on 80% of Americans. So much for not raising taxes on anyone but the super-rich. Joe you fib! Trump wants to expand the tax cuts and provide more impetus for investors to grow the economy.  That would be enough for me, but there is more, much more.

Our 2nd Amendment Rights are on the table in this election and if we allow Biden and the Democrats to win, we will witness an all-out assault on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  They will begin with restrictions and proceed to confiscation.  When the law-abiding citizens are stripped of their ability to defend themselves, they become targets for criminals.  The lunacy that gun laws reduce crime is made painfully visible by the myriad of statistical data available from law enforcement and other research groups.

Biden and the Democrats want to force Obamacare on steroids on America and Trump and the Republicans want to allow Americans to make their own choices and allow the private sector to compete.  The Democratic plan, as was seen under Obama, will cause the cost of healthcare to skyrocket and result in delayed, denied, and diminished healthcare.  No American should want that and should acknowledge that Biden will be a disaster on that front.  That would be enough to cause me not to vote for him, but there is more, much more.

The lunacy of man-made climate change and the implementation of policies such as the AOC New Green Deal will destroy the fossil fuel industry return us to dependence on foreign oil and destroy a major portion of the economy.  Trump and the Republicans want to expand our energy independence and thereby provide massive amounts of new jobs and grow the economy. That would be enough to cause me to vote against Biden, but there is more, much more.

The lunacy of Free Everything including college will destroy the economy. College is not a right, it is a privilege.  Immigration is another major issue for this American.  The Democrats and Biden want to eradicate our borders and thereby destroy the sovereignty of the United States and make the ingress and egress into and out of the country unrestricted to all.  That is a direct threat to our national security, a detriment to our national sovereignty, and destructive for millions of Americans.  It is a slap in the face of our Constitution and Laws. 

The involvement and indebtedness of Biden to China and other foreign nations and entities is incredibly dangerous.  The fallacious accusations of Trump being a Russian pawn have been proven so many times it is pointless to discuss it further.  The new revelations from Hunger’s Laptop and other corroborating sources reveal the criminality and treasonous activity they have engaged in. We have a threat of foreign interference in our elections, but it is more from China than Russia, and even greater is the voting by illegals in this country.

The COVID-19 boondoggle largely created by the Blue States and medical members such as Dr. Fauci and the CDC is wreaking havoc on our economy and personal mental and physical health.  The war on the Church is a Democratic tool designed to silence all views deemed not politically correct.  We are facing the loss or severe infringement upon our 1st Amendment Rights, 2nd Amendment Rights, and even our 4th Amendments Rights.

We are witnessing America being destroyed by domestic terrorism and the insistence by the Democrats and Biden is that they are justified.  Violence, sedition, and hate are never solutions.  We need the restoration of Law and Order not an abandonment of our police, military, education, and many other sectors of our society. 

We have a choice between restoring order, enforcing the law, restoring the economy, dealing with the politically correct insanity, and keeping us the Free Constitutional Republic or declining into the abyss of Socialism, Marxism, Progressivism, and Globalism.  The latter is a Democratic plan and agenda, whereas the former is the Trump and Republican plan.

My question is, “How can you not see that this is not a personality contest but a vote regarding the future of the Republic?”  If you hate Trump enough that you are willingly blind to the dangers, I have nothing to offer you because you are willingly blind.  You can hate me, unfriend me on Facebook, attack me, or anything you desire.  This is my view and my opinion, and I have a God-given right to hold my views just like you have a right to hold yours.

I VOTED no on the Democrats and VOTED yes on America by voting for the Republicans.  I believe it is the principled and sane thing to do.  It is a matter of preservation of Liberty vs surrendering to Tyranny and Slavery.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Amen Mr/ Roy the whole dem agenda can be summed up in one-word Destruction, people with a hate so big that it is destroying themselves, Abortion, same-sex marriage, Transgender, euthanizing the elderly, and they want Christians and any one who doesn’t agree with them dead, in 40 years they destroy them selve’s because what doesn’t reproduce dies out, but we can’t wait or they will kill us first, but there whole plan is about the destruction of the Nation, the Family, and the Church, and them selves they are just not smart enough to see what they are doing, or are they, satan knows he is going to hell, but is doing everything he can to get there faster, by him making his move now, he messed up, there are still I pray enough of us to make a difference, if he had waited 5 or ten more years he could have pulled this off with no problem, but he wants to end this and go to hell quicker, and these dem’s seem to have his mind, so maybe they want to destroy everything sooner than it should be, thank God for the one’s who still know how to do spiritual warfare, because that is not being taught in the church of today, we are being neutered to not fight, a church that will not fight, thats like a gun that will not shoot its no good, but thats what the POB and others have done to the Church they now back what God condemns, now a Church claiming to be of Jesus Christ can’t do that, its insane. good article sir be blessed

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