WAKE UP – God Is Not on A Rescue Mission…

For those who are not Christians, my title and topic may not be of significant interest to you, but I hope you will read it.  For those who are Christians, you may take offense to some of what I am going to say, but I hope you will read it.  I love God and love America more than words can express.  I am not claiming to love more than anyone reading, but desire to speak what I sense in my heart.  I hope it will resonate and even challenge hearts.  If it does, then I have succeeded.  If it does not, then I have used up some of your time and I hope you will forgive me.

I believe that Jesus is coming back as the Bible says!  I believe that He is in heaven preparing a place for those who have accepted God’s offer of mercy, grace, and salvation.  I believe that perilous times are going to be the earmark of what the Bible calls the Last Days.  I believe that there will come a time when Jesus will return, and we will leave this world behind.  However, I do not believe God ever intended His people to cease working, cease impacting our world, and simply await that return.  He is not coming like the Cavalry to Save the Day and Rescue us from the devil.

I say that because the Bible makes it clear that Jesus defeated the devil.  It makes it clear that Jesus is building His Church and that Church is to reflect His Glory and do the works that Jesus did and even greater works through the Power of the Holy Spirit.  We are to be salt and light in this earth and if we are, we will influence our world rather than it influencing us.  Sadly, I observe churches and Christians who spend more time worrying about the devil than doing damage to his realm I am troubled.  I believe the devil should be more concerned about what we are up to than we about what he is up to.  He has been defeated! 

I do not desire to make this a sermon or majorly a religious article but to challenge those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and members of the Body of Christ to WAKE UP!  I would hope that All Americans awaken and realize the dangers facing our world today. I go back to the directive of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and remind everyone that directive was not to the world or the government but the Family of God.  It is God’s People! 

Forgive me for not citing every Bible reference for what I am contending.  I can but it would reduce the amount of space that I have to attempt to articulate the cry of my heart.  The Bible teaches that we are to be Watchmen on the Wall and if we see danger to Sound the Alarm.  We are to live in this world, but not be of this world in the sense that it has total influence over our lives, thinking, and manner of living.  We have a higher law than the American Constitution or any edicts enacted by any government, God’s Law.  That Law supersedes all opinions or laws.  It is the highest moral law possible and it brings life and liberty.

We are in a War today!  But it is a weird war in the sense that the enemy we fight is not flesh and blood.  The Democrats nor the Republicans are our enemies, evil is!  However, since we live in this world, we are subject to the laws and position the government takes on all matters.  If those laws violate God’s moral law, we are instructed to identify that issue and like the disciples in the Book of Acts, Daniel and the Three Hebrew Children in the Old Testament, and refuse.  It may cost us our lives but not our souls and our souls are worth more than our physical lives.

Jesus said that if we deny Him before men, He would deny us before the Father.  If someone were to attack our home and family, most of us would resist to the death if necessary, to protect our loved ones and even our property.  If we saw a pedophile attacking a child, most of us would react with force to prevent that horrific violation from occurring.  We have evil rampant around us and it exists in our government through laws that violate our conscience, and the constitution.  That demands that any moral individual become involved.  In my view, failing to take a stand would be to deny what Jesus died for and thereby deny Him before men.

If we adopt the idea that God is on a Rescue Mission and evil has become so vile that He and we can do nothing but escape that is troubling.  In my view, it is an insult to the heart, character, power, and Word of God.  Jesus said that He had been given All Authority in Heaven and on Earth and He authorized us to go in His name.  If I hide waiting for Him to return, I am not complying with His directive to work while it is yet day.  If I ignore the issues of this day and fail to impact my world for good through the power and presence of God I am not occupying until He comes, I am hiding.  I am not becoming the enforcer of His victory on the Cross as He directed. 

Numerous matters are so mountainous they cannot be overlooked. Abortion, Abortion on Demand, and Live Birth Abortion are among those.  America has been complicit in the slaughter of over 61 million unborn babies. Today, there is the practice, though often denied, but exposed, of harvesting tissue and body parts for sale.  That is no less evil than the practice of human sacrifice practices by any society in history.  As a Christian, I cannot sit silent, hoping for Jesus to come and not become involved in an attempt to stop this genocide. 

There are millions if not billions of souls that are unconverted and on their way to an eternal hell without God.  You may not believe in hell, but I do, and the Bible teaches its reality.  If we shelter in place waiting for Jesus to come on a Rescue Mission and cease our involvement and labor, we become complicity with the doom of those souls. 

There are those in government who would not only limit or ban religious gatherings but would restrict what can be said, how many can attend, and deny the gospel witness to millions.  As a Christian, I cannot sit silent, hoping for Jesus to come and not become involved in attempting to stop this insanity and infringement on our God-given Right to Worship.

I believe Jesus is coming back but I also believe that God intends that we stay occupied and involved up to that moment.  We dare not shirk our Christian and Civic responsibility and duty.  We are to warn when we see danger and violations of what is morally and biblically right. If Christ is in us and according to the Bible He is, then we are to influence and even infect the world rather than vice versa. 

If we take our position, commission, and mission seriously we will realize that the world needs us to manifest Jesus every day in everything we do.  I would argue that it is the duty of every American and lover of Freedom to impact your surroundings for what is Right and Good, constitutionally, and morally. 

Let me place my head on the chopping block with this declaration.  I believe that if we become more focused on what is wrong than God’s Person, Purpose, Power, and Promise we will be infected and affected by the world rather than affecting it and producing a change in our society.  I also believe that if we focus more on the Return of Jesus than the Mission before us and fail to look at the World as a whitened harvest field, we will become more affected by the world than affecting it.

Well, I tried to make this something other than a sermon but appear to have failed.  However, if we want to preserve our Liberty and Freedom in America and remain the Land of the Free it is imperative that the Believers, Preachers, and Patriots become involved.  We must address what is wrong and reject the attempts of any politician or political party to infringe upon our Inalienable Rights and pursue agendas that do not value every life and respect our individual Rights that our Declaration and Constitution, as well as the Bible, identify.

I don’t care what political party you belong, to this election is not about personalities.  None of the candidates are saints.  This is about policy, agenda, and platform.  This is about preserving Constitutional Liberty and Law and Order.  This is about Living Free or Living in the Tyrannical Clutches of Politicians who want to be Dictators or form an Oligarchy that dictates every dimension of our lives. 

Christians, you cannot ignore the reality of our condition nor remain on the fence or silent.  Pastors, if you are a true shepherd you must warn when you see dangers and you must preach the Gospel as Jesus and the disciples taught it.  Patriots, you cannot abandon your fight for Freedom.  If we fail, we will pay a price far beyond that anyone expects or envisions.

God bless you as you choose how you will cast your ballot in November!  God bless America!

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