EXCUSE ME, I’M CONFUSED – Actually I Am Not, But…

At the outset of this presentation of my thoughts let me state, I am a Christian white male of European ancestry.  I am a believer in the Constitution of the United States of America, the rule of Law and Order, and that everyone should earn their way whenever possible.  I do not believe in unicorns or flying pigs therefore I do not believe in the rhetoric of things like ‘white privilege.’  I believe in everyone being treated for who they are not how they look.  I believe in being promoted by merit, not due to ethnicity, gender, quotas, or any other ‘privilege’. 

Now that I’ve cleared that up, if anyone is still reading let me explain my title and delve into something that will possibly place me in social media jail, produce an exodus from my followers on social media, and cause me to incur the ire of those who disagree.  I believe that some if not many blacks have been mistreated in America.  I also believe that other ethnicities including some whites (including Irish Immigrants) have been mistreated in this nation.  Thus, I am going to tackle a subject that is not necessarily pleasant nor is it one that everyone can or will agree upon.

Before you make any assumptions, I am not a supporter of ANTIFA, BLM, or any other group that seeks to segregate and divide people.  I am not a supporter of any group or organization that promotes or is driven by hate and prejudice.  I cannot ignore the statistical fact that 92% of black homicides are perpetrated by other blacks in cities run by Democrats.  I cannot ignore the 300,000 black babies slaughtered in the womb every year.  Those are disturbing facts that should cause everyone regardless of skin pigmentation or political view to cringe and weep.

How many have heard of the “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) training that has been transpiring at the federal level?  That ‘training’ was known to have forced white male employees to write letters of apology to ‘marginalized’ people labeling those white males as ‘racist.’  It was not based on fact, but an assumption based on the theory of ‘white privilege’ and could be described as ‘guilt by association.’ 

I applauded President Trump’s decision to order the end to this ‘mandatory’ practice or “training.”  The CRT was blatantly biased against whites and the trainers at the Sandia National Laboratories insisted that “white males must work hard to understand their white privilege, male privilege, and heterosexual privilege.”  WHAT? 

Unfortunately, the issue is much larger than just subjecting the dastardly white men to accept their evil status and repent.  It argued that things like rugged individualism, something that helped America become America was bad.  They also suggested that possessing or manifesting a can-do attitude, working hard, and striving for success exemplified the ‘white male culture.’  To them, that was not benign but cancerous and produced a lowered quality of life at work and home, reduced the life expectancy of the men, resulted in unproductive relationships, and caused an increase in stress.  WOW!  Who knew?

I have some questions and hopefully, no one will feel compelled to answer.  “Is being a slacker the goal that we should be striving for?  Is being unable or unwilling to put food on the table and care for your family so appealing and stress-free that we should all strive to be wards of the state?”  If that is the accepted view, then count me out, I want to follow a more biblical directive and provide for my own, earn my keep, and be productive.

This attitude is pervasive throughout the federal government, public schools, and has crept into sectors of society including the church.  It is reflective of the problem and why I would argue that the Democratic Party is at war with ‘blacks’ and ‘white men’.  They are at war with biblical faith, God, the home, and in many respects our republic and the American way of life and system of government.  If that is deemed better than Trump, then please eliminate me from your discussions.  I cannot support a view that is so adverse, to both biblical principles and republicanism.

I read that some teachers were told that hard work, planning, and punctuality are ‘white norms’ and to be avoided.  Wow!  I wonder what those of Asian ancestry who are apparently just like white men and possibly more so, think of that?  Wow!  That is the theory of the liberal leftist who makes up the majority of the Democratic Party of today. 

A generation or two ago, black educators, ministers, and other civic leaders in the black community lamented and sought to change the culture and attitude of being a slacker.  Today, the Left deems that the desired mindset of that community, and there can only be one reason they desire that view.  It is to control and make them dependent upon the federal government for their sustenance.  How is that different from slavery?  How is that not deemed a war against their success? 

There is the idea presented that the violence in today’s America is justified.  I argue that lawlessness is not justifiable or defensible.  I contend that demanding that anyone regardless of their ethnicity is due special consideration is racist and detrimental to society. 

It is one thing to be victimized and another to become a victim.  If I allow myself to adopt the mentality that I am a victim then I become controlled by my circumstances and perceptions.  I tend to lose hope, withdraw, become angry, and believe that I am due special consideration for some injustice in the past even if I did not experience it.  That prevents me from adopting the attitude that I can be more than I am and achieve more than I have.  The American Dream becomes a nightmare and unreachable.

Someone said, “80 percent of success is just showing up.”  Another suggested that “90 percent of that success is showing up on time and being punctual and consistent.”  T.J. Holmes, a black writer said in 2014 that the failure to show up and show up on time characterized the black community.  I do not believe that is all the black community any more than all the white community shows up on time, works hard, and plans.  There are slackers in all ethnicities and there are go-getters as well.

As a follower of the Bible, I believe that everything begins at home.  If we train our children in ethical practices, morals, the value of work and earning your own way, and instill in them a sense of self-worth we can stem the tide of destruction.  When groups, filled with hate, such as the co-founder of Black Lives Matter advances the idea that, “we are all trained Marxists” we see the problem.  How can anyone of any ethnicity forget the atrocities of the Marxists in history?  There have been over 100 million souls murdered by Marxist governments.  How in the world, could BLM claim to be Marxists with the historic genocide committed against people including blacks?

We do not have two systems of life or government.  Well we, are advancing that theory including a national anthem for a particular race in addition to the one for America.  We are producing a mentality that there is to be a different economic and moral collective for blacks and whites.  That is worse than mere segregation it is diabolical and deadly.

I seek for my America to become “One Nation under God that is indivisible and provides liberty and justice for everyone equally and without partiality.”  I reject and resist any organization, political party, or a person who seeks to divide us and turn us away from biblical moral standards and virtues.  I want Americans to be people who exhibit moral values, demonstrate hope, not hopelessness, are honest, charitable, and demonstrate qualities that include a willingness to work.  Those are not black or white values they are divine and work for all ethnicities.

I believe the National Democratic Party is destroying the framework and fabric of our republic and in that, they are engaging in a war with many segments of society including the black community.  You have a right to your view, and I am expressing mine.  Thus, I have rejected the Leftist Marxist agenda and voted Republican in early voting.

God bless you and God bless America!

One comment on “EXCUSE ME, I’M CONFUSED – Actually I Am Not, But…

  1. amen sir a lot of people have been done wrong, I am Chk. and blackfoot, more Chk, some German, and lost family on the trail of tears, but somewhere we have to stop the hate start healing and try to make a better nation for our children, which my God look what we have allowed by not standing up for the word of God, but if you go by what has been done to our ancestors, and tried to pay back, I wouldn’t want to foot that bill, so we best just try to get close to God and do his will or it’s obvious we are not going to be here much longer, some just want a race war and they can get some people worked up easier than others, and pay them to act out, evil Dems like G.S. and others, we just better Repent and turn to God. Be Blessed sir

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