My title statement could be applied in many ways and none of them necessarily good.  One could say that America has become a Deplorable Nation and, in many respects, would not be inaccurate.  What has happened to our beloved America may well render her nothing more than a fond memory in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.  In the future we may find ourselves telling our grandchildren what it was like to live in a Free Republic that had and observed a legitimate constitution.  We may be talking about the ‘good old days’ with deep lamentation and remorse.  I pray that is not the reality we are destined to endure, but it sure looks like it is.

The Deplorable Nation to which I refer is those of us who support the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and voted for Donald J. Trump.  We are considered reprehensible vile dregs of humanity unworthy of taking up space on the planet or breathing its air.  I wish I could say that is the view of the Far Left but it is the view of the Near Left, the Far Left, the Mid-Left, the RINOs, the Media, and the so-called moderate Republicans who are abandoning the ship of sanity.  They are abandoning us in an effort to secure a spot at the table of Leftism hoping to protect their position and bottom line. 

I knew when the protests turned ugly with a few of the tens of thousands in DC peacefully protesting the election that many Republicans would immediately take advantage of that situation to certify Biden as ‘president-elect.’  The handwriting was on the wall long before the situation occurred.  I won’t get into what I think happened, the possible manipulation and setup, and the infiltration of activists and anarchists who were not Trump supporters.  Others are floating that balloon, so I will not speak to it at this time. I will only say, I detest violence and lawlessness no matter the source.

I have several observations regarding the future of American politics and the Republican Party in 2022, 2024, and beyond, if there is a beyond.  With the manner in which the non-investigation and rubber stamp of Congress with a few Republican dissenters the Republican Party is likely dead.  I would venture a guess that at least half of those who voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 will find it impossible to vote for the Republicans who rejected the opportunity to review the evidence and determine the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the election. 

I am convinced that the McConnell’s of the Republican Party, the John Cornyn’s, and those of that ilk believe that people have short memories and will vote for them as they have in the past.  I believe that ship has sailed.  Many of us on the Right were asking for a genuine look at the evidence.  The myriad of sworn affidavits and other documented issues that raise questions, if not reveal overt criminality should have been reviewed in State Legislatures, the Courts, and lastly by the American Congress.  That was not too much to ask and everyone on both sides should have been willing to do that.  It would have appeased millions providing it was done with any semblance of legitimacy and honesty.

I am convinced that with the Democratic Socialist of the New Democratic Party there will be an all-out assault on the Constitution.  No, they don’t need to do that because with them controlling the government and now it seems the Courts, they have tossed that document into the waste bin and it no longer holds any weight.  It does for those of us who believe in the Republic. It does to a few members of the House of Representatives and a handful of Senators.  It does not to the Leftists, the RINOs, and the powers behind the scenes of the Deep State and Swamp. 

I would be surprised if there are not 2 to 4 new states accepted into the Union within the next two years.  Those states would include Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico which would guarantee 4 Democratic Senators of the Marxist Socialist ilk.  I have heard Guam as well and that would be 6 forever Democrats meaning that the Republicans would never again control that chamber.  Add to that the reapportionment of House seats that would come from the larger populace states such as Texas and Florida and you will see a reduction in conservatives in the House of Representatives.

No matter what anyone on the Left says about changing the rules to accommodate their agenda, the filibuster will be eliminated in the Senate and the Left will ram whatever legislation they desire through.  The House has not been shy about reshaping the rules to accommodate their ideological plans and will become even more blatant in their overt takeover of our system of government.  The constitution be damned, it is meaningless, at least to them.

Our inalienable right of Freedom of Speech has been under assault for quite some time and will now become Freedom of Speech if you are speaking from the Politically Correct line of the State but criminal if you are a conservative.  Christians who are conservative and speak what the Bible speaks calling sin what it is will be censored, silenced, incarcerated, and possibly exterminated.  I am in that number and expect my days of public ability to voice my concerns limited.  My days on earth may also be in danger. 

Our ability to keep and bear arms is on the shortlist of things they want to abolish.  I am convinced that any person, not of the liberal ideology, who exercises self-defense will be vilified and destroyed.  Defending your home will become a crime unless you are a Leftist with the deep pockets or power to employ security guards.  You will be praised but the rest of us will endure the vitriol of the anti-American Left. 

I expect to see many pastors forced from the pulpit if they refuse to submit their sermons for approval prior to preaching. I expect churches to be closed for any number of reasons and ultimately closed simply because they do not follow the Liberal ideology.  I expect to see the oil and gas industry decimated, energy, fuel, and all goods and services that survive become so astronomically priced the average citizen cannot afford them. 

My wife said today, if they turn off our electricity, we have a fireplace and a well so we can have heat and water.  I thought, how long will it take for them to ban having an open flame fire in the fireplace and deeming water, even from a private well the property of the government?  Many will insist that I am overreacting and engaging in alarmism, but I know what I am hearing in my spirit and the stated objectives of the Leftists.  How much can and will we endure before there is armed resistance to the takeover of our lives?  How long will it be before various states band together in a Confederation to Secede from the Union and incur the full force of the Totalitarian government of the Democratic Establishment? 

I care what people think of me but as Jeremiah and Ezekiel of the Bible, I must sound the alarm when I see danger.  No, I do not consider myself on par with those men but in line with the directive of Scripture to be a Watchman on the Walls and warn of danger.  If I fail to do that, I have no purpose on this earth and know that I would find myself in the disfavor of the Heavenly Father. 

Buckle up America the ride we are about to endure is not going to be smooth.  I know many insist that we won’t endure this because Jesus is coming to take us away before anything really bad happens.  Over 40 years ago I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Trouble is coming and out of that trouble will be a massive end-time harvest.”  I told congregations that the only way I saw the Book of Revelation being fulfilled was for the Soviet Union and the United States to become less than Superpowers.  The USSR went down and now it appears that the USA is going to be decimated beyond recovery.

Here is my suggestion, hope and prayer.  Never, never, never stop praying and putting your trust and confidence in God!  If we perish, we perish but we are not without Hope.  God is still God and will NEVER fail.  In Him we have Hope.  In Him we have Life.  In Him, we have a Future.  My eternal soul is priceless and my confidence in God unshakable. Keep looking up for our Redemption drawing near!

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Tammy Logan says:

    I didn’t read this until just now ….. after Matthew and I prayed on BPN I had to say what I felt the Holy Ghost say and that was for people to prepare not become paranoid but prepared because it was going to get wild wow total confirmation!!!!! There is so much happening in so many directions (I’m sure satan is loving the confusion fear and lies) my prayer is Gods people will take a deep breath put their Ephesians 6 armor on and be prepared prepare their home and be willing to help whom ever they can and yes Sir pray without ceasing !!!!! We love you and and Ms. Bonnie so much!!! Blessings on both of you and your family!!!!!

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