I don’t know if you have noticed or taken stock of the individual liberties and freedoms that we have either lost or have been so diluted that they are hardly liberties at all anymore!  Every despotic regime in history has utilized the tactic of slowly eroding individual liberties and often under the guise and pretense of doing what is best for the people at large.  They present the idea that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and therefore things like redistribution of wealth, governmental control, and over-regulation of virtually everything.

The Obama administration sought to regulate everything even what we could eat or what our kids could eat in schools.  The Democratic platform is more of the same and even expansion of the Obama policies and ideologies.  Theirs is a continual assault on virtually all of our Freedoms and Liberties.  The Constitution is meaningless to them unless they can use it to advance their agenda.  They want us to become beholding to the Federal Government for our very existence.  They want us to become so dependent and fearful of Big Brother that we dare not voice a word of opposition lest we get cut off from the dole. 

The continual effort to build the base of “dependent voters” is never-ending.  The spin to vilify corporations and successful people has been used for centuries to separate people and win them over to the argument of the despots. Then they will willingly relinquish their rights and liberties thinking that this benevolent dictator will look out for their interest with a pure heart.  It never works out that way, but the sheep still follow the pied piper and drink the Kool-Aid as though it were the very nectar of life.

Under Donald Trump, it became easier to start a new business, but the plans of the Leftists will make it harder if not a virtual impossibility to succeed.  There will be so much governmental paperwork and regulation that the cost of attempting to produce your idea will be prohibitive.  That is a pathway to stifle American ingenuity.  The mandates in Obamacare were the tip of the iceberg to what they desire if allowed full control of the government. 

The class and race antagonism being overtly and covertly pushed by the Left will bring us to a place where martial law would be expected and possibly required.  I wonder how much of the coronavirus pandemic was manufactured by the nefarious in the world to bring us to our knees in submission.  I can never forget the words of Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  That is their philosophy and if there is not a natural crisis then one is precipitated to ensure the conditions to accomplish their goals.

America, we are witnessing our inalienable rights as provided by God and recognized in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence taken from us “by little and by little.”  Some have been so slowly eroded that we have not noticed they are gone. Sadly, we are waking up, after the fact, and realizing that many are gone and it will become virtually impossible to see them restored.  Government is seldom reduced in size. It may be held in check for a time but once something like the stimulus is presented and implemented it becomes part of the baseline budget and we get it every year without another vote and consent of WE THE PEOPLE! 

If we truly want to reduce the deficit and debt, we must adopt a “zero budget.”  The politicians on both sides of the aisle and especially the Left want to maintain their “baseline budget.”   That budget grows every year and will grow every year even if they reduce the amount or percentage of its growth.  It allows the behemoth called the federal government to continue a monster leaving us no ability to feed or control.  That would be true even if took 100% of our income and applied it to government expenditures. 

The idea of cutting the military by over 70% as under Obama and eliminating various portions of our armed forces was deadly.  The claim that we are spending too much on defense is ludicrous.  Over 70% of the Federal Budget goes to individual entitlements or subsidies.  It’s not the military that is the problem, although I agree there is waste that needs to be addressed.  National defense is a major function of the Federal Government so how can we rationally pare down our military to the point where we place this land at risk because of the lack of equipment or manpower to defend her? 

I ask that each of you think about these things and whatever you do VOTE in the future. I ask that in every election we seek to remove those whose views are contrary to freedom, liberty, the constitution, and America first.  If you do not vote you are voting through the back door for a continuation of the policy and ideology of Socialism and Globalism. It is an ideology and agenda that is being shoved down our throats as they continue stripping away of our liberties.  I want CHANGE and HOPE that is good for America! I pray that Americans will “awaken out of sleep” and see the handwriting on the wall and cast a ballot to RESTORE AMERICA to the foundational principles and operation that our Founders envisioned and put in place. 

My plea is, “Can I Have My Country Back, Please?”  The words of Benjamin Franklin keep ringing in my ears and wander through the corridors of my mind today.  He said when asked what type of government the Constitution was bringing into existence, “A republic if you can keep it.” 

I look back at the history of this nation and except for the tragedy of slavery, the United States came into existence as a nation where people could engage in any occupation or venture into any economic endeavor without a government license, permit, or regulation.  People could travel anywhere in the world without restriction (no passports) and trade with anyone they choose without having to get the permission of the government. 

We became a nation where people could amass unlimited amounts of wealth with no governmental interference because the Constitution did not permit the government to levy taxes on income.  People were free to do whatever they wanted with their own money.  They could save, spend, donate, invest, hoard, or even destroy it if they wanted to.  The government wasn’t allowed to take care of people.  That was the task of family, churches, local communities, and individuals.  There was no social security (and therefore no social security taxes or contributions withheld from one’s pay), Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, education grants, or even foreign aid.  There was no war on drugs, poverty, or wealth.

Today we have a government that places such a burden on businesses and individuals through taxes, restrictions, and regulations that we can hardly breathe much less excel.  We are facing a President in Joe Biden who wants more and more control over every detail of our lives and a Congress that seems to be very willing to go along with those desires as they line their pockets, insulate their positions of power, and participate in living the life of an Elite Ruling Class.  This is a far cry from what the Founders envisioned, planned, tried to prevent, and would raise a call to arms if they were here today. 

So, I ask Congress, the President, the Supreme Court, Churches, and every governmental agency in existence, “Can I have my country back?”  I don’t like what you’ve done to it and want to rescind your claim to it, your power over it, and your handling of it.  WE THE PEOPLE want to take over and desire that you step aside and find gainful employment in the workforce like the rest of us.  We ask that you not live a life of luxury by placing the burden of paying for it on the backs of hard-working, tax-paying citizens.  Simply,

WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!  In every election, from this day forward I, as a natural-born legal citizen will VOTE to take it back from your control.  If those elected do not honor this request then in the next election, I will VOTE to send you back home too.  I will do that and try to get as many people to join me as possible in every election UNTIL those who go to Washington and the State capitals LISTEN TO WHAT WE ARE ASKING.  We just want our Country back!    

God bless you and God bless America!

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