The American Oligarchy, Swamp, Deep State, or whatever you want to call it is incredibly powerful, far-reaching, and deeply entwined in everything government.  It may be beyond dismantling, short of a full-blown revolution and a total restructuring of our system of government.  I do not want a revolution.  I want a return to our Constitutional System of Representative Government identified in the term “Republic.”  I want what we were established to be.  I want a return to the governance, vision, and oversight desired and designed by the Founding Fathers.  I want what is repulsive to the Oligarchs, Woke Crowd, the Politically Correct, Globalist, and Statist of today’s politicized America.

If you were able to interview all Americans, you would discover that interspersed in our great republic people who have experienced the tyranny of despotic rulers, first-hand.  They fled those nations to seek a better life in a Free Country where Republicanism was the Constitutionally mandated form of government.  They would express, I am certain, their horror at the direction of today’s America and the would-be Oligarchs.

I have spoken to some who lived under the tyrannical regimes of various communist nations and they are bewildered at the insanity and in their words, the stupidity of many Americans today.  They are shocked and even angered as they watch the oblivious, self-absorbed, puerile wannabe autocrats in the political establishment drive their agenda to impose one-party dictatorial rule.  They know the dysfunctionality of that approach as well as the dangers.  They wonder how we, who have enjoyed the greatest of freedoms would so willingly relinquish our freedoms for freebies.  They wonder, but we are where we are, and it is on the edge of the precipice of destruction.

I, along with many far more informed, have watched the coup in our educational system and the multi-generations indoctrinated and, in a measure, brain-washed by the liberal diatribe and rhetoric.  History reveals the fallacy of the growing number of self-styled intellectuals and social elites thinking their brand of Socialism, Totalitarianism, and Globalism will be different from Europe’s failed attempts.  Their narcissistic gullibility and driving need to feel superior to us common folks make them easily manipulated by the unseen powers offering power, prestige, and control. 

I ran across something that George Orwell wrote five years before the publication of his seminal work “1984”.  He wrote, “There is this fact that the intellectuals are more totalitarian in outlook than the common people.  On the whole, the English intelligentsia have opposed Hitler, but at the price of accepting Stalin.  Most of them are perfectly ready for dictatorial methods, secret police, systemic falsification of history, etc. as long as they feel it is on ‘our’ side.”  Isn’t that interesting and insightful?

The belief that the ‘end justifies the means’ is in full flower in the Democratic Party and much of the Political Establishment of today.  They are supposedly knowledgeable and wise, but demonstrate a severe lack of educated enlightenment regarding history.  They believe they are superior to the average citizen and that we are too feeble-minded and ill-equipped to govern ourselves or make individual decisions for our families.  They fear people who think, and they appear completely incapable of generating an original thought and parrot the diatribe of Leftists dating back to the Fabian Socialists of well over 100 years prior.

The latest push of the Democratic Party and those of the Establishment on both sides of the political aisle is a “One Party Political System.”  The rulers want to rule, and we are deemed to be their serfs and should be grateful for the crumbs from their table.  History is replete with examples of nations that embraced “One Party Rule” and the abject failure and harm to the citizenry.

If we examine history, we find examples in Germany, Italy, modern Russia, and China.  Those should provide adequate warning to cause every freedom-loving person to stand firm against this proposed path of politics.  The unmistakable devastation physically and financially of WW I opened the door for the despots to arise.  History reveals that WW II swung wide the door for China to embrace Mao Zedong’s solidification of his ruling party’s supremacy and squashing all opposition.  What he did is what Big Tech and the Democrats are striving for today. 

It is more than a little disconcerting that in modern America, a nation not reeling from the chaos and destruction of a World War is willingly embracing the advances of the Oligarchs and Totalitarians.  America is the only country in the annals of mankind to sanction as an inalienable right the unrestricted right of the populace to ‘keep and bear arms’ as a bulwark against an oppressive centralized government.  Our Founders and Framers understood history and knew that power vested in the hands of a few could morph into totalitarianism.  They insisted that we have the right to defend ourselves.

I don’t know if the runaway train of destruction being advanced by the Socialist, Totalitarian Oligarchs of the Left will meet opposition sufficient to stop it or not.  I know that before long, under the current administration and the revealed agenda everyone will suffer.  Everyone that is, except the elitists who are in power and in bed with those in power.  Those in the loop may escape the devastation but the average citizen no matter their political position will soon face the crunch of the lunacy.  Will that be sufficient to cause an uprising?  I do not know but I do know the pain is going to be felt by most very soon.

The walls and National Guard in Washington, the open borders, the war on fossil fuels, the political correctness of the woke crowd, and the so-called ‘equality acts’ that are anything but designed for equality for all are beyond dangerous.  The only way they can enact their agenda is to transform American into a one-party system politically.  That is either through fraud, gerrymandering, manipulation, increasing the voting base via illegal immigrants, or collusion between the two major party establishments. 

It is necessary that we the people, become engaged, unified, and mobilized to not just win battles but permanently dispatch the megalomaniacs seeking total control.  If we do not resist their push to transform America into a One-Party Oligarchy, we will witness the loss of ALL our Freedoms and Liberties not just some of them.  We must become involved on the local level, the regional level, the state level, and the national level.  This is not a top-down fight but a bottom-up one.  We have to stop allowing the media and politicians to elicit knee-jerk emotional responses from us and consider the long-term overall issues, dangers, and needs of the nation.  Policies that are destructive long-term must be resisted and politicians advancing them must be dispatched.

If we are not willing to fight and even die for our Freedom and our Republic, we will lose it.  The Spirit of 1776 must be rekindled.  The Spirit of Obedience to God and Morality must be restored. I am not calling for armed insurrection or revolt, but I am calling for everyone to become committed to the cause of restoring America and keeping her the Free Constitutional Republic we were given in the late 1700s.  If we are not willing to risk, it all to save the Republic posterity will live under the tyrannical despotism of a One-Party All-Powerful Central Government.  I cannot live with rendering my children and grandchildren to suffer that fate.  Therefore, I stand for Liberty, and with the spirit of Patrick Henry and our Founders I say, “Give me liberty, or I might as well die.”

God bless you and God bless America!

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