I read recently that historian Tom Holland in Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind (2019) contended that ‘wokeness’ is an offshoot of Christianity.  I contend that it is a perversion, not an offshoot!  They two have little in common and the objective is not the same.  Therefore, I believe that Mr. Holland is errant in his thesis. 

In listening to some critique wokeness and the path America is on in the pursuit of this idea there was a growing consensus that this movement will crash and burn because of its flawed foundation and moral failure.  The utopian expectations advanced are impossible to achieve.  The only utopia that will ever exist, is Heaven and that is because God is a Good, Holy, Righteous, and Perfect God.  His Mercy and Justice form a perfect balance, unlike anything that humans can produce.

I pray that this mentality of wokeness and toxic progressivism found in the liberal ideology being advance will implode.  The only hope for that to happen is for people to awaken from their slumber and begin to see reality not view everything through the rose-colored classes the media and liberals advance. 

Will there come a time when the followers of this ideology will discover that it is impossible to live up to or produce their utopian expectations?  Will the cognitive dissonance of living in a state of self-contradiction translate into a raging furnace of desire to punish others for not being perfect?  If that transpires, and it seems that it is a growing reality, a reactionary response will occur and that could result in the demise of their ideological agenda.

Mr. Holland sought to give examples of Christian sects, which do not represent the whole of Christianity, following the pattern of utopianism or wokeness.  He cited the Taborites who established a utopian settlement outside Prague in 1419.  It was a communistic society which is problematic for this Christian.  There were no ranks or authority and that can only produce anarchy.  Everyone was equal in everything, which is not possible.  They claimed to be peaceful and compassionate, like the Left of today but deemed it necessary that all who opposed their views (enemies) must be put to the sword and eradicated.  That is not Christian!

If you read his book or excerpts from it you will find it difficult if not impossible to determine if Mr. Holland views ‘wokeness’ as good or bad.  He is vague as are many of the politicians advancing this utopianism today.  I will concede that Mr. Holland is correct in identifying this mentality as an offshoot of secular Christianity, not Christianity.  I contend that wokeness is not a reflection of Jesus’ teachings found in the New Testament. 

I believe that Christianity and all believers in God and followers of the LORD Jesus Christ should desire to bring out the best in everyone!  Christianity is walking in the Light of God’s Love and should always point to that light.  It should be characterized by love and compassion and always be willing to help where help is needed.   St. Augustine made the distinction between the secular (saeculum) and the religious (religio) to distinguish godless times from the age of Christianity.  This came to be the mark between the worldly life of believers, and the kind of life lived by the clergy.  Over time it was applied to worldly authority compared to the Word of God.  That latter view was embraced by William Penn in his view of a tolerant, pluralist government. 

John Locke put his confidence in an elected Parliament and the consent to be governed.  Penn and Locke believed in the primacy of the individual conscience and thought that Christian values would keep the secular government in check.  They believed that freedom of conscience and thought were the best weapons or vehicles to maintain a proper balance between the affairs of the church and the state. 

The followers of today’s ‘woke progressivism’ have abandoned those views and the idea of freedom of conscience means nothing to them.  They believe that they and their views are infallible and have a dangerous obsession with imposing their will and views on EVERYONE!  The modern toxic progressive is regressive expecting everyone to march to their drummer.

Throughout history, there have been Christian non-conformist, such as Martin Luther, who was excommunicated by the Roman Church on the charge of heresy.  What was his heresy?  He asserted that the believer was answerable to his or her own conscience.  His views were drawing much too large a following for the church to allow him to continue.  Luther and his followers were called Protestants because they protested.

It is possible that some of the more moderate ‘woke progressives’ may realize that their views are unattainable and modify them. They will be attacked by their own ideological adherents but that may allow them to survive with a measure of influence going forward.  However, I believe that the main body of woke progressivism will implode because those within will realize as will those without that their utopian world is unattainable.  Sadly, the total destruction of the Republic may have become a reality by the time that happens.

This group dominates the political, intellectual, social, and cultural elites of the Western world.  They are pursuing a totalitarian agenda and I suspect that the globalist using them as useful idiots will tire with their demands when they exceed the willingness of the elitists to enact their demands. 

What I believe is coming is an awakening of the masses to the unattainability of utopianism being advanced.  I believe that the ordinary people of our nation and much of the world will tire of being imprisoned by fear and the edicts of the ‘woke progressives’ who are arming their politically correct police forces.  If you wound an animal and back it into the corner it will become willing to fight for survival and what was once a docile creature will become a force to be reckoned with.  What I see is a revolt from many sides and some incredibly strange alliances will be formed.  When that happens the promoters of today’s ‘woke progressivism’ will find themselves with enemies on all sides and implode.

Extremism in any camp has a limited shelf life.  The sad thing is, although I see this movement imploding, I am not certain that the Free Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America can survive until that happens.  Therefore, I believe that it is mandatory that all believers, patriots, lovers of freedom, conservatives, and constitutionalists find a way to band together and become a formidable voting block and influence-wielding coalition committed and powerful enough to get the attention of the elected.  If we do not, we will lose the Republic.  If we do, we may salvage it in a form capable of being restored.

If we do not return to God and to intercession we will watch our beloved nation become an astrisk in the annals of human history.

God bless you and God bless America!

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