IF THIS IS US, What Are We?

I realize that my title leaves much to question and that is the reason for the title and the question interwoven in it.  If this is us, what are we?  If what we are seeing politically, socially, economically, racially, and even spiritually is America, then what has America become? 

Can we claim to be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?  Can we claim to be a Christian nation?  Can we claim to be the Free Constitutional Republic with limited government?  Can we claim to be the United States of America?  Another question would be, have we become so fragmented, divided, and disillusioned that we are willing to allow personal biases to destroy the framework and fabric of our Republic?

I would love to declare that we are still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but I find it difficult to convince many, as we reflect on what is and has been happening over the past few years.  I would love to declare adamantly that we are a Christian nation, but with the assault on the Judeo-Christian faith and the Bible coupled with the complicity of some in the pulpit, I’m not sure I can satisfactorily argue that. 

Are we still the Free Constitutional Republic we were established to be?  The subverting of the Constitution and the complicity of Congress and the Courts agreeing with the activists and Anti-Republicanism contingent, I find that a difficult argument. 

I see much fragmentation in our nation.  I have contended for most of my adult life and all of my years in Christian ministry that there is ONE Race, the Human Race.  I believed and continue to believe that there are two ethnicities, ‘Saved and Lost.’  We are ALL created by God in His image and if we were to come into agreement on that point, we could solve many, if not most of the “racial” issues we now face. 

If we could look at our fellow humans through the lens of God’s love, we would remove most of the causes for division.  Sadly, in every aspect of life, we divide into camps, sects, groups, and alliances and seek to devour or destroy all who are not like us.  That is not unique for one so-called ethnicity.

I have been praying for an awakening in America.  The first awakening for which I seek is Spiritual.  Our founding fathers, regardless of what has been taught in schools, and advocated by the anti-Americanist for decades, believe in God’s providence and the value of the Bible, Christianity, and morality in society.

We were once a nation upon whom the propitious smiles of heaven rested.  That was before we banned God from the public square, demanded that people abandon their faith to accommodate a desired lifestyle of others, and openly embraced the slaughter of the unborn.  That may rankle some, but it is the view of this American and I have a right to my view, as you do yours.

I believe I am seeing a smoldering ember of revival burning in the hearts of some that I encounter in my day-to-day activities and talk to via social media or other means.  I sense a growing consciousness of our moral decline growing and if that translates into prayerfulness and repentance, there will be an awakening and if the Church awakens, a Sleeping Giant will arise and impact every dimension of American life beyond what we have witnessed in a very long time.

I have been praying that the rank-and-file Americans will awaken and realize that the politicians are not our friends.  That people would realize that the freebies and handouts designed to make us beholding to them and obligated to perpetuate their rule are not worth the loss of freedom.  I continue to see glimmers of hope that this is happening, even among those who dare not avow such publicly for fear of reprisal from within their own communities, organizations, and clubs.  Sometimes silence is golden and sometimes it is yellow.  There will come a time when we must identify with what is Right regardless of the threats to our person, property, and livelihood.

Over several decades the ruling elites have been overly preoccupied with self-aggrandizement and cohabitation with the Communist Chinese and other despotic regimes around the world.  Money talks and too many of our political elites have prostituted themselves for the almighty dollar and abandoned the principles of Constitutional Freedom. 

Those elitists have ignored the gradual and sometimes not so gradual erosion of our national sovereignty.  They have allowed those regimes to position themselves for the total domination of much of America’s structure and governmental framework.  They have, in a discernable manner, coopted the American Democratic Party and that party that claimed to be for the little man has become the oppressor and seeks total dominance.

The Executive Orders that flooded the American political landscape after the inauguration have proven detrimental to America and facilitated the desire for fundamental transformation and total control.  How any sane thinking human can embrace the failed ideology of Marxism, Communism, and Socialism is beyond my ability to compute. 

Our young people, coming out of the educational system, for at least two generations have bought the theory with no practical or cognitive ability to grasp reality.  Life is more than theoretical.  I serve a God who is not a theory but a reality.  I love Freedom and am not willing to abandon my patriotism because someone might be offended.

The cabal of Leftists and theoretical Republicans sought to marginalize Donald Trump and every one of the 75+ million who voted for him.  We are considered Neandertals, racists, fascists, and white supremacists (even if not white), homophobic, xenophobic, and unworthy of breathing the air of planet earth.    They seized power and those seeking power never willingly relinquish power and control once attained.  The people become useful idiots to advance their cause.  They view us as their serfs, and we are the unwashed masses of ignoramuses needing to be cared for lest we harm ourselves.

They have flung open the border, sought to guarantee that the slaughter of the unborn continues, weakened the foundation of the home, and decimated our educational system.  The push for amnesty for 11-40 million illegals will prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back economically and in many other aspects. 

Today, 30% of all working families, (50 million) are low-income but barely above the poverty level.  About 60% of those are headed by racial/ethnic minorities.  Those identifying as African-Americas make up about 13% of the population but account for 30% of the low-income families.  We have about 39 million living below the poverty level.

The American Marxists claim to be the champions of minorities and low-income families but are the main players in the push for amnesty for illegals. A move that would push the low-income even lower.  Power, not people, is at the heart of most politics.  I believe, as I talk to people identifying in varying ethnicities, people are beginning to realize the path we are on is unstainable and detrimental to their personal well-being.  If that becomes a movement, we will see the restoration of Republicanism and Constitutionalism.

The assault on Freedom of Speech should infuriate everyone no matter their political, personal, social, racial, or spiritual position.  The assault on our 2nd Amendment and the distortion and mischaracterization and misinformation that goes unchallenged too often will strip from us our other freedoms.  The insane deficit spending will bury us as quickly as any action by the government.  Are people waking up?  I hope so.

What are we to do?  We must return to God with a whole heart!  We must return to following His moral guidelines and directives for interpersonal relationships!  We must become people of prayer and practice the precepts of the Bible!  If we will, individually, manifest our Christian faith, we can see God’s Kingdom Come and His will done on earth as it is in heaven.  We will also see the influence of God and good impact our nation and America can be restored and preserved.  Will you join me in being who the Bible teaches we can and are to be?  America and our eternity are too valuable for anything less.

God bless you and God bless America!

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