I cannot help but laugh through my tears and anger when I hear a politician, namely, Joe Biden, said, “I had to abide by the Trump agreement with the Taliban.”  Hey, Joe, if that were the case then why are we back in the Paris Climate Accord?  Why are we back in the Obama agreement with Iran allowing them to develop nuclear weapons?  Why are we allowing multitudes to cross the southern border?  Why are we reversing the Trump ban on transgenders in the military?  Why are we restarting the funding of international organizations that promote provide abortions? 

It seems that abiding by some deal to withdraw from Afghanistan was a choice you made because it was what you wanted, Mr. Biden.  You reversed some of the most effective policies of President Trump immediately upon entering the Oval Office.  What makes this one different?  I’m sorry, but that dog won’t hunt that this is a deal you inherited and a deal you could not break.  I am not troubled with the idea of withdrawal but the ineptitude exhibited by your administration and the virtual abandoning of Americans trapped behind enemy lines.

Mr. Biden, if you believed it was in America’s best interest to remain in Afghanistan long-term, or even short-term, sir, you are the Commander in Chief and that ball was and is in your court.  You claimed that the Afghanistan military was well able to handle an uprising by the Taliban.  You and your ‘Woke’ Military Brass publicly stated that this would not happen.  You were wrong, admit it!  Admit a wrong?  Politicians never admit errors, they blame their predecessor or the other political party.  I hope the American people are growing weary of this flaw in our politics and politicians.

I am not arguing that we should have remained in that country, but it is undeniable that the Biden administration botched the withdrawal.  Seeing the helicopters land on the Embassy was reminiscent of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War.  Having our Embassy overrun and endangering the lives of Americans reminds me of Benghazi under the Obama administration and Iran under the Carter administration.  Errors in judgment by the Commander in Chief usually cost the lives of Americans.  Someone is to be held accountable and it is not the former President, he did not do this.

Just a few short months and weeks before this debacle the Woke Military Upper Echelon, Biden’s team was praising the Afghan armed forces and their ability to defend their nation.  General Mathis claimed in July 2010 that “The Afghan army is increasingly effective.”  He added that the Afghan military alongside the U.S. forces was the “worst nightmare of the Taliban.”  Some nightmare, right? General Miley was asleep at the wheel and it was chaos!

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan admitted that the security situation in Afghanistan, “unfolded at unexpected speed.”  He argued that President Biden made the right decision, a claim that seems difficult to assert with a straight face.  He said, “The president did not think it was inevitable that the Taliban were going to take control of Afghanistan.  He thought that the Afghan national security forces could step up and fight because we spent 20 years, tens of billions of dollars, training them, giving them the best equipment, giving the support of U.S. forces for 20 years.” 

Biden and his advisers and the military brass were wrong! The Afghan forces, like so many national forces in the region, did not have the stomach for a fight or they are part of the Taliban ideology and they offered no resistance.  We should have known that!  I wonder how the president’s words from July taste.

In July of this year, President Biden insisted that we would not evacuate the U.S. Embassy by helicopter.  I don’t know, in hindsight, if he meant we would abandon them as we did in Benghazi or he had no clue about the state of the Afghan armed forces.  Either way, it is a disaster.  Is Joe Biden capable of handling our national security?  I have an opinion but since I have not been on the inside, I will let those who know, speak.

Barack Obama’s former Ambassador to Afghanistan said, “I question Biden’s ability to lead our nation.”  That is from someone that served while he was Vice President under Barack Obama.  Ryan Crocker, who served as Obama’s ambassador from 2011-2012 called attention to the fact that the Biden administration failed to foresee the swiftness with which the Taliban would act and the ease, they would reclaim control of the country. 

When Joe Biden was asked if withdrawing our troops would lead to another “Fall of Saigon?”  He snorted and said, “None whatsoever.  Zero.”  He went on to insist that entire brigades were breaking through our gates in Saigon.  He claimed the Taliban was not a South then corrected it to North Vietnam.  He claimed they were not even remotely close in their ability or strength.  He said, “There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of the embassy in the – of the United States from Afghanistan.  It is not at all comparable.”  Hello Joe – Guess what!

Failure to provide adequate air support to the Afghan forces helped to ensure the nation’s downfall.  The ease with which the Taliban took over and the lack of response from Biden will have a lasting impact on what terrorists will dare in the days to come.  He has placed America and Americans in harm’s way needlessly.  He did not have to stay in Afghanistan, but he should have provided adequate support to the national forces of that nation.

What is the Biden Doctrine for our national security?  I agree with the assertion by Representative August Pfluger that the debacle in Afghanistan reveals the Biden Doctrine is Hear no Evil. See no Evil.  Stop no Evil.  He is proving to be weaker than his former boss Barack Hussein Obama and is allowing the Islamic jihadists to run roughshod over us.  That is more than tragic it is treacherous and could even be classified as treasonous.

I believe, as many of our former presidents have asserted, that the greatest deterrent to war is strength.  We achieve peace through demonstrated strength not demonstrated weakness.  You cannot appease your way to peace.  You cannot negotiate with a terrorist.  You use the necessary force to gain peace.  We are aware of Know and Suspected Terrorist (KSTs) crossing our southern border, and this will only make that number rise exponentially. 

How long can we survive being governed by a group of people who are willing to surrender to the enemy?  How long can we survive when this administration refuses to hold China accountable for the COVID virus?  How long can we survive when there is a concerted effort to destroy our American energy sources while building that of our enemies?  How long can we survive when censorship is made the norm if you are not in lockstep with the toxic brand of liberalism embodied in the modern Democratic Party?  How long can we survive if our inalienable rights are trampled upon and stripped from us?  How long?  Not long enough to replace the perpetrators with constitutionalists. 

We must fall on our faces and pray.  We must become actively involved.  We must defend the Republic at the polls and on every front.  Failure to do so will result in the United States of America as the Free Constitutional Republic vanishing before our eyes.  Will you join the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom?

God bless you and God bless America!

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