There will be a revolution in America.  It will either be a violent armed revolution or an organized systematic political restructuring using the polls, media, courts, and churches.  Of course, it could be both, and depending on what happens in the mid-terms of 2022 and the general election of 2024 that revolution may be sooner rather than later.

I used the word apocalypse, a biblical term, and will refer to the horsemen or actions embodied in the current administration’s policies as a strong basis for my contention that a revolution is coming.  There are many more reasons than this administration, but I believe that something will serve as the catalyst or give the impetus to propel this nation into utter chaos. 

I lament that it seems that either the church (believers) has become complacent and compliant or for some reason driven into the shadows.  If one speaks out forcefully for moral rectitude and daringly calls evil, evil they are castigated by the Left, the Right, and even the Church.  Our current America seems to have no place for godly zealots only those of the radical leftists’ agenda. 

The Bible identifies four horsemen of the apocalypse – the sword, famine, wild beasts, and plague.  I believe in the current administration’s policies and announced agenda we see at least three horsemen emerging and beginning to wreak havoc.  I am convinced that many rank and file Americans are beginning to grow weary with the mandates, the manipulations, the misinformation, and the policies that damage their lives.  Are there enough to reverse this course short of a revolution?  I do not know, but I continue to hope that a great awakening will transpire.

The three things that loom large in my view are the terribly dangerous and damaging open-border policy, soaring inflation that is bordering on hyperinflation, and the dictatorial coercive unscientific public health mandates and measures.  Do not misunderstand me on the last item.  I am not trying to decry or advance the vaccine for I truly believe it should be an individual decision.  That may irritate those on both sides of the issue, but I believe in Freedom!

The Far Left, in today’s political structure, have become more emboldened than I have witnessed in my lifetime and they can smell blood in the water.  They are willing to destroy those within their own party who will not cater to their draconian and totalitarian demands, hoping to replace them with those of their ilk.  The so-called middle-of-the-road Democrats are hearing the hooves of the horses and I see them capitulating to the demands more and more.

The media and the politicians are downplaying and providing skewed information regarding the enormity of the invasion at our Southern border.  Fortunately for us, they cannot prevent the video footage that is becoming more readily available debunking their scurrilous lies and the real dangers presented by this disastrous policy of ‘come on down.’

The Biden administration does not want us to know that the invaders (illegals) hail from about 100 countries worldwide.  The idea that this is a Central and/or South American issue is fallacious.  We have documented evidence that this administration is releasing COVID-infected aliens into our cities and thereby endangering legal Americans.  What is so the real reason they place more value on these illegals than our citizens?  I believe it is political.  The administration is pushing to mandate vaccines for Americans but not a peep about allowing unvaccinated and sick illegals to enter with immunity to our laws. 

I don’t have time to deal with the problem of Inflation that is growing exponentially due to the Biden policies but let me touch on it briefly.  Some relish the idea of cheap borrowing and flooding the nation with federal dollars.  They insist, as did Mr. Biden, that this will not cause inflation.  Sorry, it is too late, it already has and always does!  They also insist this will be short-lived and is necessary to get us out of the fiscal issues cause by the draconian lockdowns by the government due to COVID.

Inflation will cause an increase in all goods and services.  Food prices are escalating, energy costs are soaring, delays are causing financial concerns for businesses and individuals, and it will get worse if not stopped.  Residential housing prices are going through the roof.  If you are selling a home, you may love that.  Sadly, this creates a situation where people are paying more than they can afford and the bubble will burst, and we will have another crash and many lives will be decimated into financial shambles and ruin. 

We could argue until we are blue in the face and never come to a reasonable solution for the terribly dictatorial coercive and inconsistent COVID policies that have and are being advanced.  The problem with the so-called scientific community is that many situations are being studied with a beginning paradigm that demands nothing outside that foregone conclusion is allowed.  That makes it anything but science and transforms it into ideological pursuits or political agendas.  That is not good for America or Americans.

We were told we did not need to wear a mask, then if we did not, we were killing others.  We have been told that we did not need to stay locked down and then told that if we did not isolate and impose a self-quarantine, we were super spreaders and killing others.  We were told not to touch our faces or anything else (not sure how you can function that way).  We were told that if we were vaccinated, we did not have to wear a mask then even if vaccinated masks were necessary.

The CDC spokesperson Dexter Park said, “Normally, we put out recommendations like only cook a steak well-done and only fry eggs over-hard, and people don’t even pay enough attention to make fun of us, so people are acting like what we say during the pandemic matters and is really confusing.”  Yes, he was being facetious but that is where we are. 

A CDC regulator, Lyle Howell made a statement that should cause the hair on the backs of everyone’s necks to stand up.  He said, “People keep saying our suggestions on masking are dumb and make no sense,” said CDC regulator Lyle Howell. “But that’s all of our suggestions on everything. We have to keep making recommendations, though, to justify our existence and get a budget. But no one listens to them — not even us. So, can’t you all just go back to ignoring us and stop yelling at us? I’m just here until I get my pension.”  There is far more truth in his comments than fiction. 

Vice President Kamala Harris has advanced her justification for open borders and ignoring the crisis with a ludicrous utopian idea.  She said that all we have to do to solve the border crisis is to transform the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador into stable, prosperous democracies.  Simple Right?  But VP Harris, what about America and Americans?  Could we not secure the border and work on America’s needs before attempting to make a Utopian Paradise out of Central America?

America, if we do not focus on America, we will be incapable of helping any other nation in their plight and need.  If we continue to advance policies that are detrimental to the Constitution, our system of government, and the American people we will decline further, and the apocalypse will surely come to this nation. 

If we do not return to our moral moorings, recharge sanity, and reason, we will become an afterthought in history and the freedom we have enjoyed will not be experienced by our children and posterity.  It is time that we return to God and become people who use that thing on top of our necks for something other than hats or hair.  America needs her prayer warriors and patriots; will you join the growing army of constitutionalists?

God bless you and God bless America!


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