IT IS SCIENCE – But Is That Political Science?

I have been concerned for more than a decade that there would come a time when the United States Federal Government would seek to impose such draconian restrictions on us, we would become virtual slaves.  I believe that time is now!

In no way would I downplay the seriousness of COVID and not claim it is not real. It is very real and poses danger for multitudes. However, I believe that it quickly became the vehicle by which various government officials at all levels used to gain control.  The virus has taken lives, I acknowledge that.  Unfortunately, rather than seeking the best good of the citizens the politicians and bureaucrats have seized upon this situation to advance their quest for power and control.  It is science, but political science or political.

The guidelines and mandates have changed so often they are impossible to trust.  When proof positive guidelines fluctuate as these have, the ‘science’ designation takes a severe hit regarding credibility.  The science seems to be political.  Wait?  I guess that allows the powers that be to call them science with the word political as the lead word [Political Science]. 

I hear talk about returning to ‘normal’ and then hear the words ‘new normal.’  That was a distinction the Obama administration that Biden was a part of regarding the economy, jobs, etc.  They insisted that we would never see what we saw under the Trump administration and Mr. Obama even suggested it would take a magic wand to achieve.  Sadly, their magic wand is shredding our freedoms rather than producing liberty and recovery. 

The insistence that the mandates, regulations, rules, and edicts are for our best good and will enable us to return to normal, is suspect at best.  When government insists that we comply or face the full brunt of the power of the federal government’s enforcement agencies and the scorn of our fellow citizens, it smacks with totalitarianism and authoritarianism.  Governing by coercion and fearmongering is not enacting mandates based on proven science.  The data required to validate the authenticity of the need to enact lockdowns, mandatory vaccines, and in-home quarantines and isolation does not exist.  Rather we have the revolving spin and questionable reasoning. 

But have no fear America, it is in our best interest. After all our betters (their view) know what we need and what is best for us.  Right?  Surely, they are genuine in their desire to protect the citizenry and flatten the curve or whatever is needed to be done to the curve to restore us to a reasonable semblance of normal life.  Surely, they are!  I’m sorry, I was distracted by the flying pig soaring over the unicorns eating the green cheese from the moon in my backyard.  Trusting the government would be comparable to trusting the devil to tell the truth. 

I am not a scientist, at least not one of the medical varieties, and do not play one on television.  However, with the loose use of the term and difficulty in defining science today, I may be a scientist of some ilk.  I know, I am a Personal Opinion Scientist. That means I can express my opinion with the same weight and credence as the CDC and other government agencies.  The way this pandemic, virus, bioweapon, or whatever it was or is, was handled causes numerous questions to arise. 

It seems that there was at least equally as much panic as there was pandemic.  I do not and will not downplay the seriousness of the virus because I know some people on a personal level that succumbed to COVID.  We were told that there was a 99.9% expected rate of recovery, greater than that of the seasonal flu and on that data or projection, we locked down the nation, destroyed the economy, and created numerous other catastrophic issues. 

My doctor once recommended a procedure and informed me that there was a 5% chance, I could die from it.  He said the slim chance of that makes the reward worth the risk.  I said, “Doc. The 5% who die are 100% dead.  Therefore, while 5% seems minuscule to you, it sounds large enough to give me cause for concern.”  I opted not to have the procedure.  A couple of years or so later new data was presented that indicated the percentage was nearer 20 and other dangerous side effects were even more readily experienced.  He apologized for suggesting it.  He had bad information and what may have been skewed data.

I have questioned, from the beginning, if we handled this rightly.  I have questioned whether the path our government chose to follow was the best.  I have had nagging thoughts in my head regarding the motives behind the drastic measures taken.  I don’t have all the answers, but I will use my Personal Opinion Scientist self-designation and declare, “We Handled It Wrong in Many Ways.”

There continues to be inadequate and inconsistent data regarding the success of the vaccines, both long and short term.  The mutations and variants of the virus, like the seasonal flu, make a one-size-fits-all vaccine a virtual impossibility.  Those with underlying health issues are highly susceptible to the devastating effects of this virus, the flu, and many other diseases.  My opinion is that to Vaxx or not to Vaxx much be a personal decision and hopefully, it is arrived at after due diligence in research and deep soul searching in prayer. 

I am not surprised that the Leftists’ mantra “My Body, My Choice” has been tossed aside regarding the handling of this pandemic.  However, it is still in full force when it comes to issues like abortion and other personal decisions, they insist people must be allowed to make. 

Aside from the obvious medical and life-threatening issues involved in this virus is the large issue of Freedom.  I appreciate those who view following the mandates and support mandatory vaccinations as necessary to save lives, even one life.  I appreciate the views of those who view following the mandates and reject the idea of mandatory vaccines as necessary to maintain our freedoms and inalienable rights, thus preserving the Republic. 

One side insists that in order to attain ‘herd immunity’ and have a contained virus or one that there is sufficient immunity we must comply or die.  The other side insists that if we let this thing run its course and make the vaccine a personal decision we will, over time, see this thing run its course and develop sufficient ‘herd immunity’ to resume a normal life.

I am always concerned when the government seizes upon an opportunity to gain more power and control.  I have reached a place of cynicism regarding our government to be concerned that some within the power structure would manufacture things that cost lives in order to maintain their hold on the power gained.  I do believe that Mr. Obama’s right-hand man, Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  If they long for a crisis, even one that costs lives and livelihoods to advance their goal what is to prevent them from manufacturing a crisis.

We know that the vaccines will be annual if not semi-annual with boosters required.  We know that even the vaccinated are contracting the virus.  We do not know the long-term effects of the vaccine.  I am not trying to promote or denounce what you decide, that is between you, your family, your doctor, and God.  I am only suggesting that hidden beneath the surface may be something far more sinister than we see.

I only ask that we all remain calm, stop vilifying others who do not agree with us, and prayerfully ask for God’s protection and guidance.  I ask that we watch carefully what those in power do and try to keep from being blind-sided and complicity in the loss of our liberties and freedoms.  It is your God-given and constitutional right to choose which path you take.  I do not want anyone to suffer the virus or die from it.  I do not diminish the seriousness of it nor of strains of the flu or other diseases that are highly contagious respiratory and airborne.  We need to use proper hygiene, be cautious, and be courteous.  We need God more today than ever.

My objective is not to pit one side against another but to call for all of us to preserve and protect our Gog-given and constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties.  From a biblical perspective, I see much of what has been done as a conditioning effort for an eternal consequence.  No, I do not believe if you get the vaccine you have taken the Mark of the Beast.

God bless you and God bless America!

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