All our American liberties, freedoms, and constitutional rights must be protected if we are to survive as a free people and nation.  Our founding fathers recognized a truth that today’s politicians, bureaucrats, Deep State Statists, and the swamp denizens do not.  The founder’s recognized the sovereignty of God and that our Creator granted to all human beings certain inalienable rights.  Those in today’s political climate appear to believe they are the conveyors of rights, privileges, freedoms, and liberties.

When the idea was advanced and adopted that our founders and the framers of the American Constitution desired all things of God and the Bible to be banned from the public sector, we began the rapid descent toward the abyss of a freedom-less society.  Our founders clearly wanted to prevent the federal government from having the ability to establish a State Church but did not desire God’s banishment from the public sector.  I have addressed that so many times, I will not delve deeply into it again.

The problems we face in America cannot be solved or resolved by governmental edicts, laws, mandates, or injunctions.  It is a heart issue and until the human heart is transformed, the bentness toward evil will prevail and human envy, hate, bias, bigotry, and greed will prevail.  As long as the heart remains unregenerate and lacking the needed transformation covetousness will drive wedges between people and we will have the chaos we now see.  It will not remain static but will escalate to the point that either martial law will be invoked, or a bloody war will ensue.

One of the freedoms that help to protect all the others is embodied in the 1st Amendment.  I believe that without Freedom of Speech we will find ourselves censored and silenced by the ruling powers.  However, beyond Freedom of Speech, we must maintain our Freedom of Religion, or we will succumb to the baser nature of the human heart and that will not bode well for America or anyone in this republic.  When it becomes every man for himself, it will be an unlivable world.

The current administration, following the lead of their national party, continues to take positions on religious freedom that is so restrictive following one’s faith and core convictions become impossible within the construct of the law.  They have repeatedly refused to defend those following the Christian faith but defended the followers of religions other than the Judeo-Christian faith.

In December 2020, the Trump administration’s Department of Justice accused the University of Vermont Medical Center of an egregious violation of religious freedom.  Eric Dreiband, the assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division, called the hospital’s treatment of forcing a nurse to assist in an abortion against her core religious convictions.  He argued, rightly I believe, the kind hospital’s treatment of the nurse, “the kind of indecent coercion [that] violates everything this country stands for.”  The Biden administration dropped the lawsuit.  

Drieband argued, “Federal law protects health care providers from having to choose between their job and participation in what they sincerely believe is the taking of an innocent life.  Coercing people to perform abortions violates the law, and the U.S. Department of Justice will not stand for this shocking and outrageous attack against the right of all people in this free country to follow their conscience.” 

The current administration supports the liberal ideological position that religious freedoms can rightly be imposed and infringed upon if they are in contrast to the liberal views on abortion or when life begins.  Just as Obama and Biden denied and denies the religious freedom and rights of the Little Sisters of the Poor, this administration supports forcing people of the Christian faith to abandon their convictions and follow the governmental edicts.  That places our religious freedom in grave danger for this is only the crack in the door and will open Pandora’s box if allowed to continue. 

When any party or politician takes a position that reveals they are willing to sacrifice religious freedom on the altar of political correctness we are all in danger.  The idea being conveyed is that the agenda and goal of the followers of this toxic liberal philosophy believe that religious freedom is secondary to their demand for universal recognition and acceptance of their views on abortion, homosexuality, marriage, gender, and a myriad of other matters affecting or conflicting with the Bible and one’s faith. 

They insist they are defending rights, but how do you defend rights by trampling on the inalienable rights defined in our Constitution?  The present push to adopt Critical Race Theory in our schools, make it a crime to be a white male who does not bow at the altar of political correctness or things of that nature.  If our religious freedom is stripped from us and pastors and those choosing to follow their faith will become criminals in the eyes of the state.  If our religious freedoms are infringed what will prevent them from infringing upon all our rights?

I believe that it is to the advantage of every society to have the fear of God.  You may vehemently disagree, that is your choice.  I want you to be free to believe or not believe, but I want to be given that same freedom.  I read about a non-religious mother complaining about her seven-year-olds best friend would not stop talking to him about the Bible and stories about Jesus.  She said, “I don’t want him to be religious.  I want him to learn that you should be a good person and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because God will punish you if you don’t.”

Might I suggest that Christian parents want their children to be good people too!  They want them to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  They also realize that motivation by God not judgment is the ideal.  However, most of them also understand that there is a healthy societal benefit from fearing God with reverential awe.

I have read some psychologists with international repute and esteemed as being knowing speak of the ‘Stages of Psychosocial Development.’  They contend that when a child is in a certain early developmental stage, he understands that something is wrong only if he gets punished for it.  I know that will not sit well with the non-punishment crowd, but I concur and so does the Bible. 

The Bible says that the “Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge and/or wisdom.” [Proverbs 9:10].  What happens in a society where people are never disciplined and forced to face the reality that choices have consequences?  One of the reasons we have such a lack of respect for those in authority, teachers, police, or parents is easily traceable to the lack of discipline in childhood.  If a person never learns to do the right thing or what is right, they will violate the law and violate other people’s rights and property.

Many accept the idea that the police and our judicial system are designed to deal with the recalcitrant and those violators will end up punished and behind bars. Yet, those same people reject the idea that there is to be a healthy and reverential fear of God.  Some people do not do what is right simply because it is right. 

Christianity adopted the view that one should do the right thing because it is the right thing to do ages ago.  The Bible, in my view, teaches two types of valid repentance.  The ideal would be that when one does wrong, they are genuinely sorry for having committed that transgression because they realize it is wrong and they love God.  They realize they have wounded the heart of their loving creator.  The other which is less than perfect is one is repentant because they fear punishment. 

Even the best of people seems to have missing pieces in their moral compasses.  They will feel bad and have genuine remorse when they violate the moral principles residing in their hearts.  Some may realize they have violated those moral principles but because everybody is doing it and the fear of God is a missing element, they may not feel remorse. 

If we remove all religious freedoms and banish moral absolutes, we will find ourselves in a world where the ideal is unattainable (people doing right because it is right).  We will find ourselves in a society where there is no fear of any punishment but man’s laws and only then if caught.  The conscience will no longer play a role in the development of society.  If we lose our consciousness of God and eternity, we are in danger of a world in such chaos none are safe, and no rights will be maintained. 

Thank you for allowing me to ramble but I hope I have conveyed the reality that All Freedoms must be protected, and we need to begin with the Freedom of Religion.

God bless you and God bless America!

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