Yes, I played with words in my title, but I want to talk about tyranny and in case you missed it, tyranny has come to the forefront in American politics in 2021.  Like most things diabolical in humanity and human governments, tyranny begins like a trickle and becomes a raging flood that is unstoppable.  It begins as a small seepage in the dam but soon weakens the dam so that the waters of destruction sweep over everything.  We have been the proverbial frog in the pan of cool water slowly heated to the point of boiling and allowed our own destruction. 

Fortunately, it is not too late, or I hope it is not too late.  It is assuredly not too late to attempt to stop this onslaught of the tyrannical being imposed on our republic.  Stopping it will require more than words and more than an ouster or two from the political ranks. It will require an across-the-board unification of people who love freedom regardless of their political affiliation.  America must transcend political parties and fragmented ideologies.  We must have a resurgence of the Spirit of 1776 and the commitment of those founders.  If we reach that point of fervor and dedication, we will reclaim and restore our republic.

You may be on one side or the other regarding the movement of a decade ago, the Tea Party Patriots.  The zeal and dedication to withstanding the tyrannical imposition of Obama’s socialized medicine via Obamacare were refreshing.  Sadly, the politicians were not so committed and too many surrendered to the demands of their ideological benefactors.  Money and power were more important than the wishes of the people or the constitutionality of the action.  That was a trickle that would lead to the river of tyranny.

The many inclusions in Obamacare that were small pricks that would become gaping wounds moving us toward tyranny were often ignored and dismissed.  As a Christian and a believer in the Constitution, I was alarmed when those demands included forcing employers to provide insurance coverage for abortions and sex-change operations.  Those are just two but each forced acceptance by the government opens the crack in the dam of Liberty a little more.

We have gone from a breath of fresh air in the diminishing of government control and regulations to the current administration where we went from the little prick of Obamacare mandates to the draconian lockdowns, mask mandates, and injection mandates.  Obama illegally and unconstitutionally used the NSA, FBI, CIA, and IRS to threaten those not bowing at the altar of acceptance.  We watched Silicon Valley become the propaganda arm of the government.  All precursors to what was to come when the time was right, and they were emboldened enough.

Americans were systematically and slowly condition to drink the Kool-Aid, believe the rhetoric and spin, and buy into the critical race theory, cancel culture, and the evils of being white or being conservative are probably more accurate.  After all, many on the Left are white and they are not deemed to be racists or white supremacists so it must involve political ideology, not simply skin pigmentation. 

The Obama administration introduced the idea of spying on your neighbors and turning them into Big Brother if they violated the mandated protocol of the ruling powers.   Our English language was restructured making so many non-harmful words harmful and accused of being filled with hate or harmful.  It has even reach, the place that pronouns of he and she are disallowed.  Mother and father are not acceptable terms, and pregnant woman is anathema. 

Ironically, the Leftists and Progressives rabidly condemn fascism by asking the government to take over more and more of our lives.  That is fascism!  Somebody said, “many of them would not understand if Obama himself were to stand there handing them bricks and wet cement for their own 6 x 8 cell.”

Obamacare did not make us healthy, and the mandated vaccines will not make us free.  If you take the vaccine or reject it, that is and should be your individual decision.  There is ample documented scientific argument to support both arguments for and against.  There are some unavoidable facts that the Left will not acknowledge such as the medically verified fact that even the N95 mask will not capture the microscopic particles that transmit airborne viruses.  This was verified in a scientific test over 15 years ago by medical personnel and Navy scientific researchers.  If wearing a mask makes you feel more comfortable, please feel free and if you do not then you should not be mandated to wear one.

The mantra of every tyrant in history seems to be their claim that their actions leading up to total dominance was, “for the welfare of the people.”  It appears to me that the Democratic Party of this era has morphed into a Progressive Politburo.  We have gone from one example of authoritarian impulse and edict to an even more sinister one.  It is progressive and the only end will be when we are completely under their control and dominance. 

One word describes the condition of the Progressives – Intemperance!  Anyone who disregards or disagrees with their dictum and the mandates of political correctness is not only vilified but publicly flogged in every way but the physical.  In some cases, they are flogged physically, and some have been killed by the marauding gangs roaming the streets in the name of some cause, they champion.

I detest true racism and believe that if we accepted God’s Word, we would realize that all of us are created beings.  We all come from the same origin.  We may have different skin pigmentations and come from different cultural backgrounds, but we are all members of the same race.  If I value God, then I value you and treat you as I would desire to be treated.  That ends racism. 

However, racism is a term used by the Progressive Politburo that is extremely elastic, mutable, and ever-changing to fit their current need or situation.  They ignore their own participation in actions that damage some sectors of society elevating one group over another.  Therefore, racism has become whatever the Progressive Politburo desires or needs it to be at that moment in time. 

Joe Biden is a figurehead president, and the Progressive Politburo is controlling his actions.  They cannot control his inability to read the teleprompter correctly or refrain from off-the-cuff remarks that reflect his lack of mental acuity.  But, at the end of the day, they control what he signs, and I wonder if he even knows what he has signed.

The mantra of the Progressive Politburo is the evils of “Whiteness.”  They no longer cite Marx’s seminal work Das Kapital, but their new ideological Bible is Das Whiteness.  I’m sorry for harping on that but as a Southern Christian White Male, I find it unpalatable and reject the denigration it implies.  I love God and in loving God I love my fellow human beings.  I may not like how you live, what you believe, your political philosophy, or even your personality, but I can separate that and love you.  I want you to enjoy the same freedoms I want to enjoy.  I want you to succeed just as I want to succeed.  I want you to have peace just as I desire peace.

We have watched a few corporations becoming drawn into the politically correct world of exclusion to a growing number adopt such cowardliness that they are afraid to operate without the endorsement of the Politburo of Progressivism.  That cannot be good for America!  There is no Utopia and only as we allow people and businesses to follow their own values and convictions and aspire to attain success will we better America.  We are nearing totalitarianism and moved from a soft tyranny to one that is becoming rock hard. 

God help us if we do not wake up, band together, and reclaim our republic.  God bless you and God bless America!


  1. amen I just hope we can still find some willing to stand, but if sec 230 is not repealed we will not have another fair election, it will be given to these tyrants, we must retore election integrity sir

  2. DiosRaw says:

    Great article and resonating with it. ♥️

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