COVID – The Past, the Present, and the Future…

Let me offer a disclaimer at the outset, I am not a scientist.  I am a concerned citizen who continually researches every available outlet attempting to uncover the truth regarding COVID, the pandemic, and what is happening in our beloved nation today.  Unfortunately, there is more disinformation and misinformation based on theory, fear, paranoia, and bias than there is factually based, unbiased data.  You have to dig through a lot of fodder to get to the substance.

I am concerned about the virus. It is a very real virus.  I do not know with 100% certainty if it was a biological weapon created in a lap or stemmed from some bat or animal.  I have a strong opinion based on what I have been able to uncover in my research and based on what I sense in my spirit.  I do know that this virus is responsible for many deaths in America and around the world.  Therefore, I do not downplay the virus not make light of people’s fears or concerns. 

I was and continue to be surprised at the incredible ease the government was able to lock down the entire nation based on limited data, some of which have been proven to be fallacious and slanted for some purpose.  I, as did the rest of America, watched politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government seize the opportunity to impose totalitarian restrictions on their communities.  It concerned me then and continues to send chills down my spine as it continues in various forms.

I, and many others, declared at the outset that with the stated data of the recovery rate of this virus it had a higher recovery rate than the seasonal flu.  That information caused many to wonder why we were taking such drastic measures when those same measures were not implemented for the flu which takes lives every year.  I stated, in the beginning, that there had to be something the government knew that we were not being allowed to know that precipitated this response.  I still hold that view.

If it was a virus that came from some bats in China this response would not or should not have been warranted.  If it was a biological weapon created in the Wuhan Lab and strategically released, then the drastic measures make a little more sense.  The reality is that some countries have had almost zero outbreaks, but Europe and America have been overrun with the virus and now the variants are of interest.  Why would the virus not cross some borders and infect some nations but become a pandemic in others? 

We began with the enormous numbers of potential deaths and as things transpired, we discovered that many of the declared necessities seemed to be counterproductive.  We were told that isolation and masks were necessary to flatten the curve.  I recently listened to a former Navy doctor who participated in scientific research say that it was her opinion based on medical scientific knowledge and experience that this was, in fact, a biological weapon.  She was apprehensive about the rush to vaccines because of her experience in research and medicine.  She was apprehensive because of the names associated with vaccines and the connection to some of the government spokespeople being on the payroll of those individuals and entities.

She spoke of masks and that scientific data from research over fifteen years ago had proven that even the N95 masks touted as the gold standard for preventing this virus were largely ineffective.  The reason, she declared, was that researchers placed the N95 masks on some people then added a device to capture any particles not stopped by the masks. Their objective was to determine how effective the N95 masks were at capturing microscopic particles released into the atmosphere. Those particles are the ones that would spread airborne diseases.  The results were shocking to the scientist and doctors conducting the test.

They had anticipated that the N95 masks would be highly effective but discovered that the very small, microscopic particles were not stopped, thus revealing that the masks were not effective.  The argument that surgeons and operating room staff wear masks is comparing apples to oranges or cucumbers.  The surgeons do not wear masks to prevent microscopic particles from being released but to prevent something from being dropped into an open wound causing an infection.

I have contended that if wearing a mask makes one feel safer, then wear a mask.  In every previous pandemic or call for isolation, we have isolated the sick, not the well.  In this, we virtually locked down the sick with the well and thereby seem to have escalated the problem.  Again, I am not a doctor or a scientist only a person with a limitedly informed opinion.  The inconsistencies of Dr. Fauci and the government causes many to distrust and discard all information being presented.  That is tragic because not all the information is invalid.

I have a concern that is as large as the COVID problem.  I too have lost people I know to the virus.  Some may have succumbed to underlying health problems exacerbated by the virus but without COVID they probably would be alive today.  Therefore, I will not engage in ridiculing anyone over their concerns.  I will and do pray for those infected, the families of those lost, and for all of us to be protected from the virus.

I am deeply disturbed in my heart of hearts over the reality that families have become estranged, friends no longer speak to each other, lives have been sent spiraling into chaos over COVID.  If this is a biological weapon, it apparently was not designed to wipe out entire populations but was the springboard to psychological warfare and it has been effective.  I don’t know if this was launched as a manmade diabolical attempt to destroy but I am convinced it was birthed in the pits of hell and belched out to divide sufficiently so that our nation and society crumbles.

Our response has been as destructive, in many ways, as the virus.  We have divided into two camps and it has shaped our interpersonal relationships.  We have allowed these differences of opinion to cause, even Christians, to act in ways that are not Christlike.  We have resorted to intimidation, name-calling, bullying, and hurled slurs at anyone, not in our tribe, camp, or holding our opinion.  That divide is as dangerous if not more dangerous to the survival of the Republic than COVID.

Jesus declared in Mark 3:25 – “If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand.”  That can be applied to nations, homes, families, businesses, and every sector of life.  We are an incredibly divided nation on almost every front.  Those seeking power and control are playing upon our fears and divisions and manipulating the masses to achieve their goals.  That makes me wonder if this was simply a crisis that they do not want to let go to waste or was planned biological and psychological warfare.  We are dangerously near the precipice of destruction.

I am sure that some have grown tired of my contending that the only solution to the problems in America and the world is God.  We have lost or abandoned the ability to love one another.  We have abandoned the idea and ideal that we are to treat others as we desire to be treated.  We have lost sight of the reality that everyone is a person of value to God and the reason Jesus went to the Cross. We are not the select of the elect and better than others who disagree with us.  God loves everyone!  We are also to love everyone!  We may detest what they stand for and do, but if we could learn or relearn the art of seeing them through the eyes of God we would respond differently.

We will not fix the problems in America, put to rest the fear and paranoia of this pandemic by legislation, mandates, and forcing people to abandon their convictions.  My reason for doing or not doing something may be valid or based on incorrect information, but all of us have the right of choice.  God made us that way.  If we lose that and abandon our defense of that inalienable right, we will become prime candidates for totalitarian tyranny on other fronts and issues. 

I pray that we will return to God and adopt the belief that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that we could be saved.  If we will decide to treat others with respect as to their opinions, we will move toward healing.  Yes, we could and should hold everyone accountable for their actions.  We should each assume personal responsibility for ourselves and desire to become our brother’s keeper as much as we are able.  We can see America restored if we would pray, pray, pray, work, work, work, and refuse to allow the enemy to divide us.  We are All Americans and America is worth saving!

God bless you and God bless America!

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