EMBOLDENED, The Left Is Engaging in An All-Out Assault on the Constitution…

If you had told me thirty years ago that we would be witnessing a political party engaging in an all-out assault on the constitution, I would have disbelieved it possible.  I was naïve enough to believe that such an overwhelming majority of Americans valued the constitution and our liberties and freedoms enough to deter the political elitists from such an effort.  I was wrong and that causes me great concern and trepidation.

The current president is not the first to violate his oath of office, but he may be the first to openly brag about it.  I don’t know if that is because of his lack of mental acuity, dementia, or the embodiment of corruption to the point there is no fear of reprisal.  I want to address some issues that make me say that and we may disagree on those issues.  Our agreement in principle or percept is not my point, his actions are.  The oath of office is more than of minor importance to me and should be to everyone.

He announced, a few weeks ago, his new ‘eviction moratorium’ and as he did, he acknowledged that the “bulk of constitutional scholars” would say that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eviction moratorium is “not likely to pass constitutional muster.”  What?  Mr. Biden, you know what you are doing violates the constitution and yet you are doing it anyway!   That means you value your oath of office about as much as a loaf of stale bread.

His declaration that it was not likely to pass muster had already been proven.  The Supreme Court had already agreed that the CDC “exceeded its existing statutory authority.”  Biden and the Left do not care about the constitution, they care about appeasing their rabid base and holding Americans hostage to their draconian edicts.  They are not proponents of the Free Market but a controlled market in which they line their pockets and the rest of us flounder around trying to make ends meet.

He suggested that thumbing his nose at the constitution and the rule of law allows his administration more time to act on rental assistance.  But if he does it one time, what is to prevent him from doing it multiple times?  What is to prevent him from ignoring every decision of the SCOTUS or our existing laws?  What is to prevent him from acting as a literal dictator? 

I suppose they interpret the Constitution, Article 2, Section 5 to mean that the president can make laws irrespective of any Supreme Court ruling as long as he crosses his heart and promises it is only going to be temporary.  That is either incredibly naïve or dangerously diabolical and speaks volumes of what they think of the rule of law, the constitution, or the American public.

The Squad of malcontents arguably being led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lauded the action.  She proclaimed it was a “huge victory for the power of direct action and not taking no for an answer.”  Ma’am, if you understood the law, the constitution, and our system of government you would understand that in this matter sometimes you have to take no for an answer.  In fact, in life, there are many times when you must take no for an answer. 

Lawlessness in the name of ‘direct action’ is still lawlessness.  They want to defund the police, censor the public, hamstring religious leaders, and undermine our faith in federalism and counter-majoritarian institutions.  The declaration the Left loves to use when it is targeting a Republican President or a Conservative at any level is deemed inappropriate when it applies to them.  That declaration – “No One Is Above the Law.” 

The Biden assault on the constitution in his 19-page order is laced with many draconian penalties and fines including potential jail time for landlords who ignore his order.  In his order, he is effectively ripping to shreds millions of legal contracts and suspending the property rights of 90% of the landlords.  If they can do that, what is off the table?  NOTHING!  Property rights are an integral part of the constitution but if you believe yourself and your party to be operating with a divine right, you believe you can do anything, and it all belongs to you.  IT DOES NOT!

I am concerned that there will be a New America in the not-too-distant future.  I am concerned that America will be the result of a revolt that could be an armed rebellion against the unconstitutional takeover of our government by the Left.  I believe that the American people are being pushed to the limit due to actions such as the Biden assault on the constitution and the nefarious use of COVID-19 to impose their draconian edicts on the public.  At some point, people will have had enough or will surrender and cower like sheep waiting for the slaughter.

The Left has no intention of allowing the pandemic to end.  It will be extended, modified, and expanded.  The manipulation of data and the imposition of mandates that run counter to common sense and threaten the lives and livelihood of citizens is taking their toll on the minds of millions.  The proposed future lockdowns, some of which we are seeing, screams that this pandemic is a political tool that will not go away without a revolt.

In a time when American cities are reeling from an escalation in crime, the political elitists are advancing their agenda of cancel culture, revisionism, defunding the police, censoring conservatives, and silencing religious voices.  Our borders are more porous than a sieve and this administration is allowing unvetted, unvaccinated, untested, illegals to flood into our country then bussing them to cities in the South.  Why?  Why the demand that Americans be vaccinated and locked down, but the illegals are given a free pass?  The answer my friend is blowing in the wind and the handwriting is on the wall.

In today’s culture if you fear and speak out about rising crime you are deemed to be a white supremacist and a racist.  If the Democrats and the Political Elitists truly cared about crime and America, they would secure the border, debunk the defund the police mantra and take swift action against the looting, rioting, violence, and crime in our cities.  Instead, they make the criminal a form of a modern-day Rosa Parks and heroes expressing their demand for equity.

I will conclude with a warning.  Antonio Gramsci authored his famous treatise while in prison in Italy under Mussolini.  His ‘Prison Notebooks’ offer an explanation for why the proletariat revolution failed in the West and laid out a new roadmap for revolutionary success in the future.  His thesis is called ‘cultural hegemony.’ 

Cultural hegemony wrapped in a tight package is that cultural values and consciousness emanate and are reinforced by societal institutions.  Businesses, media, religion, courts of law – all institutions controlled by the patriotic bourgeoisie prevent the underclass and exploited people from ever learning of their oppression.  He argued that the task was for the radical to seize control of the institutions in order to propagate the revolutionary ideology.  That became a reality in the 1960s with the student radicals influenced by Gramsci and who are now the professors, and heads of many of our American institutions.  The stage is set, and we are seeing the fruit of their decades of planting and planning.  This is not spontaneous.

If America does not toss these ravenous zombies out, we have no hope of reviving or recovering our America as the Free Constitutional Republic.  The rule of law, the constitution, and moral sanity must prevail.  It will be a war and if those who value faith in God, conservativism, the constitution, and Republicanism do not commit themselves as did the founding fathers in 1776 we will lose the republic.

I am convinced the Left would rather see our cities burned to the ground and looted than advance our Republican system of government.  A system they insist is a system of white systematic racism and oppression.  They do not support law and order but the American people, I believe, do.  The question remains, will we allow the Leftists to retain control, or will we oust them?  Will we be able to make the necessary change at the ballot box or will we be forced into a 1776 type rebellion and resistance?  I pray that we, through prayer, commitment to God and moral rightness, and dedication to the constitution and the rule of law can reclaim America.

God bless you and God bless America.  The price of Freedom may be our lives!

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