ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts…

The current narrative and debate being engaged in by the followers of toxic liberalism embodying the modern Democrats have seemingly determined their version of truth trumps freedom.  We are the Free Constitutional Republic and as a Republic, we have freedoms that have been sacred since 1776.  The modern Leftists do not believe those freedoms take precedent over their definition of truth.  For many on that side of the political equation, it is comply or die. 

I guess the saying, “Truth is in the eye of the beholder or the mind of the beholder” is applicable in today’s politics.  When the mainstream media that is extremely biased and prejudiced in favor of the Left can predetermine what is true before the facts are in, we are doomed to conflict if not confinement.

The modern censors led by the Left deem it dangerous for the public to have access to any truth or information that does not meet their definition of truth.  This has escalated with the arrival of the unseen COVID-19 virus where the Left decided that it did not originate in a Laboratory in Wuhan China.  Therefore, anyone disagreeing or offering conflicting data was immediately silenced and branded as a kook or a rabid conspiracist.            

The Fact Checkers and Truth Police of the Left have determined that anything that does not meet their definition of truth to be untruth and worthy of banishment.  There are so many things that need open debate but are doomed to suffer censorship.  One of those is the Critical Race Theory (CRT).  If a person contends, “I treat everyone the same” they are deemed to be guilty of failing to understand that race defines relationship. Therefore, the person who declares they treat everyone the same is guilty of racism and spreading untruth.

The Left has defined racism to be whatever they choose and virtually made everything racist.  Someone said, “When everything is racist, nothing is.”  I acknowledge that prior to the second half of the 20th-century racism was and a real problem in America.  There was significant evidence of progress until the Left hijacked the movement.  It was a matter of “never letting a good crisis go to waste.”

As the Left hijacked the civil rights movement and the matter of race relations, we saw the rise of a new industry or pursuit – Diversity.  When a society learns to embrace its differences, we grow.  It is as we observe, recognize, and allow diversity to exist we grow as a society.  In the 1990s this began to make strides toward a positive outcome, but the Left decided that there could be no diversity in political thought.

America was once seen as a melting pot where people of varying ethnicities, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds were assimilated into becoming American, not hyphenated Americans.  That is no longer acceptable.  We are facilitating and even forcing segregation of cultural communities and abandoned the idea of assimilation.  If that continues, we will lose the Republic.  We will lose all hope that our citizens will be Americans.  Many will value their former culture and nation more than America.  We became strong because we expected people to become one or assimilate into the culture of America. 

We are being forced to endure things like the 1619 project where the contention is that the true founding of America was not 1776 but 1619 when slaves were first brought to our shores.  The heart of that project is to teach that America was founded on the evils of slavery and not on the ideals of equality as is declared in our Declaration of Independence.  I remind everyone that according to the Bible there are two genders, male and female.  I also contend that the Bible teaches two ethnicities, saved, and lost, and thereby one race because we all come from Adam who was created by God from the dust of the ground.

When everything is racist, it diminishes the true incidences of racism.  The idea, which I have been informed, is that only those light-skinned are racist and must live in a continual state of atonement and apology.  The fallacious idea is that if you are white you experienced white privilege.  I don’t know about others, but my skin tone did not enable me to achieve anything I have achieved.  Faith in God, hard work, willingness to take a risk, and good fortune enabled me to have what I have and experience what I have experienced.

It seems that segregation, once deemed evil and harmful, is not good and desirable in some instances.  Ignoring history does not change history but opens the door for a society or generation to repeat the failures of the past and not have the benefit of the success. 

It almost seems that a new religion has been created so the followers of the politically correct and perpetually offended can worship and express their ideologies.  Something that happened in major league baseball not too long ago is evidence of what I am suggesting. 

During a Colorado Rockies baseball game, there was an uproar over the claim that a fan yelled out a racial epithet while a black player was at the plate.  After that was investigated further it was determined that the fan was yelling “Dinger” the name of the mascot.  The media refused to correct the error of reporting.  Yet, this individual was yelling so loudly and for such a long period of time, one would think someone would confirm the charge.  Rather than confirming a racist action not one soul heard a racist statement.

The player, at-bat, Lewis Brinson, said that even after the charges against the fan proved to be false, he still kept hearing the N-word in his head.  He said, “So I watched the video at least 50 times in the past 15-16 hours.  I watched it a lot, especially when I heard that he said Dinger instead of the N-word.”  He insisted that when he listens, he hears the N-word even though everyone around the fan insists it was Dinger.  It is an example of don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.

I have learned through study and talking to psychologists that the mind has a way of telling you what you tell it to hear.  If you want an incident to be racist, then you will hear racism regardless of the factual document evidence.  That is so true in so many areas of life. 

If we are going to predetermine what the truth is before we have the factual evidence, we will never achieve peace in our society.  We will continue down the road to destruction and discord.  We can overcome, but we must never rush to judgment.  I find that there are many on the Left and on the Right who knee-jerk and immediately conclude that what they hoped was said or done was said or done.  STOP IT!

God bless you and God bless America!

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