I do not enjoy being out on the ledge standing on the precipice of violent persecution, but sometimes I feel that it is necessary to take the risk hoping to cause people to think.  I am not posting this to defend against being vaccinated or unvaccinated.  I continue to believe that our American Constitution and our Creator afford us certain inalienable rights and one of those is choice.  Choices have consequences and some choices bring benefit and blessing and others deficiency and pain.  Yet, we all have and make choices daily.

I want to highlight a few thoughts.  I realize that most people have already made up their minds one way or the other and many reflect the proverbial statement, “My minds made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.”  I can only offer an opinion, citing statements by those who are involved in the COVID business on a frontline basis.  I take their statements to heart and if they have offered documentation and scientific data, I ponder them and couple them with the information previously acquired.  In some ways, I am still undecided.

What am I to think when some high-level European scientists advise their governments to cease mass vaccinations?  They have recommended that due to the variants such as the delta variant it is impossible to achieve herd immunity via the vaccine approach.  They have suggested allowing the virus to circulate throughout the population, with precautions taking for the most vulnerable.  They do not believe the postulation of Western movers and shakers that mass vaccination will end COVID-19.  That causes me to think, ponder, and even question.

In remarks to the committee, University of East Anglia professor of medicine Paul Hunter, an infectious-disease expert, concurred that vaccination would not bring about the anticipated herd immunity.  He said, “We need to start moving away from just reporting infections, or just reporting positive cases admitted to hospital, to actually start reporting the number of people who are ill because of Covid.”  Dr. Hunter, who also advises the World Health Organization on the virus continued, “Otherwise we are going to be frightening ourselves with very high numbers that actually don’t translate into disease burden.”  That makes me stop and think and ask questions within my heart.

Dr. Fauci went on CBS’s Face the Nation and claimed that viral load meant the vaccinated were spreading COVID at the same rate as the non-vaccinated.  The moderator, John Dickerson queried the good doctor Fauci as to what new information they had that lead him to this conclusion.  He dodged the question numerous times but finally said, “When you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of people who are vaccinated who get breakthrough infections, it’s really quite high and equivalent to the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of unvaccinated people who get infected.”  That makes one scratch his or her head and wonder.

The moderator pressed further and questioned Israel’s director of Public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis on what they were seeing regarding the vaccinated and non-vaccinated and she suggested the exact opposite of Dr. Fauci.  Who are we to believe?  Her explanation rendered the spread by the vaccinated to at most 50% of the unvaccinated and at best 10%.  Again, who are we to believe?

Both suggested that the vaccinated were not immune from COVID and could spread COVID but she argued that the vaccinated could be contagious for a much shorter period and would have much milder symptoms.  If there are no, long, or short-term side effects and negatives connected to the vaccines (something there is no solid answer for at this juncture) then vaccines appear to make sense.  But if you are vaccinated and still must succumb to masking and isolation, how is that a solution?

We have had so many conflicting directives handed down as we come to a year and one-half of this pandemic.  We were told not to wear masks, then wear masks, then wear two masks, the no masks indoors, now we are back to masking indoors and outdoors.  Who are we to believe?

The same experts told us that the vaccines were safe and effective and provided the necessary pathway out of this horror movie.  We were told that if vaccinated a mask was no longer necessary and then two months later that was reversed.  Many have and are asking, “Do vaccines actually work?”  This may irritate some, but it seems the answer depends on what day and to whom you are talking. 

Some contend that the COVID vaccine is not a true vaccine based on the definition of vaccines.  It does not contain the attenuated virus, it is a strand of messenger RNA, based on genetic code provided by China and serving as the basis for these novel vaccines.  First, the code provided by China where the virus began can be hopeful or horrifying depending on your worldview and level of trust in the Chinese government.

When asked how long the immunity lasts for the vaccinated, we are told, “we do not know.”  That is more than a little disconcerting for me.  You may be totally fine with ambiguity, but I continue to search for scientifically substantiated data that gives me confidence in the government’s edicts. 

The mRNA vaccines are a new technology and that does not mean it will or won’t work nor makes it good or bad.  It is new!  Some scientists have contended that it requires a significant leap of faith to assume the genetic code received from China is accurate and doesn’t contain any malicious bits.  How much do we trust China or other countries that are openly adversarial?

The argument is valid that the virus peaked in the United States in early January before anyone was fully vaccinated.  Yes, there are now variants that are causing a resurgence of the virus, but has the vaccine prevented that?  It does not appear so. 

Again, I am filled with questions and I’m sure some arm-chair scientists who are on one side of the issue or the other will lambast me with their pseudo-scientific or religious positions.  I am simply suggesting that there may be more questions than answers and it is necessary that each of us on an individual and family basis make our choices.  If you do that is your decision and if you do not that is your decision.  Based on what I am seeing and hearing, it does not appear that there is any consensus among the scientific and medical communities that absolutely lay this question to vaxx or not to rest.

I will offer this picture regarding the varying size of airborne particulates for Influenza, SARS, and Coronavirus for your perusal.  The Influenza particulates measure from 0.08-0.12 micrometers.  The SARS virus measure from 0.08-0.09 micrometers. The Coronavirus measures 0.1 micrometers.  The pore size of cloth masks range, from 80-500 micrometers. The efficiency is proven to drop by 20% after 4 wash and dry cycles, stretching the surface and making it more porous.

It has been determined that it would require an N100 mask to effectively filter our particles of 0.3 microns and there are few of those around and they are terribly expensive. The N95 mask filters out approximately 95% but not 100% therefore, while it appears helpful it is not a foolproof way of protecting yourself or other people.

I believe that the best preventative is good hygiene and selective self-isolation when experiencing possible symptoms, which largely does not happen.  Some are very attentive to the necessary aspect of personal hygiene but even those are not absolute in their actions.  Self-isolation or quarantine when questionable would help but many insist, it is just a cold or hay fever, etc.  Yet, in this day, a little extra precaution might be prudent and considerate. 

I would not attempt to tell anyone to take the vaccine or not take it.  I do not have sufficient information and do not believe anyone does at this point to be 100% certain of the best course of action.  However, if you have a compromised immune system or a family member battling cancer or some other life-threatening disease, you must make your decision based on the information before you and what your heart tells you.  I wish that we would stop vilifying each other and allow room for everyone to make their own, hopefully, informed decision.  I believe that the only course of action for me as a believer is to prayerfully listen to my conscience the inner voice of the Holy Spirit, do the best research I can and then take a position.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. all412021 says:

    They sky IS falling. And conspiracies are sometimes true. There is so much more than a virus afloat to harm us!

  2. dolphinwrite says:

    You think blogging takes bravery. Read about the Revolutionary War.

  3. N95 masks have a very limited effective duration. Very few mask studies consider the impact of evaporation on mask efficacy. They almost uniformly assume that water in droplets doesn’t evaporate.


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