It does not seem to matter if it is a right-leaning or left-leaning media outlet, they all have the same message – Hysteria, Paranoia, and The Sky Is Falling!  I have never been so inundated with conspiracy theories in my 74 years on the planet.  I see them from those on the Left and the Right.  I see the theories among Christians and non-Christians.  I see them coming from Conservatives and Liberals.  I see them being espoused by Capitalists and Socialists.  There seem to be as many theories as there are people.  I know that is an exaggeration, but with the blowing of my email and phone, that’s how it looks to me.

I am a believer in God.  I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I believe that the Bible is ‘God-given’ and therefore the only valid rule for guidance in life and faith and practice.  I believe in the Republic created by our Founders and the Framers of the American Constitution in 1776 and 1789.  I believe in the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and am pro-limited government.  I am a Vietnam veteran having served in-country in 1967.  I am an American by birth a patriot by choice, and a Christian by the new birth.  That’s who I am!

Over the past decade or more, I have watched, often totally flabbergasted by what has happened in the political, social, and religious worlds.  When I gave my life to Christ, after returning from Vietnam in the late 1960s I would have never believed we would see what we are seeing.  I guess that speaks to my naivety and lack of prophetic insight, at that time.  I was raised by God-fearing, hard-working, parents who loved God, America, and believed that you only deserved what you earned in life.  That is foreign to much of today’s society.

I do not believe we are in another of the many political cycles we have endured where the Democrats control for a time, then the Republicans.  I believe we are in a war for the survival of the Republic.  I believe that God allowed us a small window of opportunity to allow us to get our house in order, and in a measure, we failed to take advantage of that time.  We looked at personalities rather than policies and insisted that we were standing on principle in allowing what happened to happen.  I believe that is an errant view. 

How can I call it principle to detest a man because of his personality, societal misgivings, and maybe even business flaws, but support a man who has many if not all the same flaws?  How can I seek the defeat of a personality by embracing a Party Platform that endorses and advances abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, stripping people of their inalienable and individual rights of property, speech, religion, and self-defense and call that principle?  If I manipulate scripture to say what I desire so that I can persist in my detest of a personality, I lower myself to the same level as that which I say I am against.  I either stand with God and what is right, or I stand with or allow that which is against God and morally, socially, ethically, and politically wrong. 

We watched as a real virus was used to create an international mindset that the Sky is Falling.  We opened the door for tyrants and tyranny to seize power and once the tyrannical seize power they never willingly relinquish it.  We continue to place ourselves at the mercy of those in elected or appointive positions claiming they are following science and the experts.  Sadly, the science and experts are anything but unified in their opinions leaving us to wonder. 

We hear from the experts, politicians, and media propagandist that if we do not follow the edicts, force whites to denounce their whiteness, abandon our core religious convictions to accommodate those who choose a lifestyle in conflict with those believes we make life unlivable on planet earth.  We have watched the masses, mostly honest citizens living in paranoia and fear, become rabid in their demands for compliance to the edicts of the experts regarding COVID. 

The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling!  I know Chicken Little is around here somewhere.  I guess she or he is with the Unicorns and the Flying Pigs searching for the fictional Utopia we are told will be a reality if we simply become followers of the toxic brand of liberalism and political correctness offered by the Leftists and Activists. 

We watched the Republicans do more damage than the Democrats regarding the efforts of the previous president.  Now we see the result of tossing aside by hook or crook a personality deemed distasteful for a milder character of no less questionable moral fiber.  Having served in Vietnam and watching the abandonment of the South and our allies, I was horrified to see history repeating itself under Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.  I did not say that withdrawing was wrong but the handling of it was a demonstration of incredible ignorance and weakness.  Now we will face the Chinese in their pursuit of nations in their region.  Will we resist?  Not likely.

When the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, and other despotic regimes rattle their sabers will we demonstrate sufficient resolve and strength to deter them?  When that happens the cries of a Falling Sky and the End of the World will crescendo to the point it will be deafening.  We could have avoided this disaster, but we allowed the nefarious diabolical actors on the political stage in America to seize the script and determine the final act of the play.  If the Sky is Falling, we created the condition for it to fall.

America, if we are going to remain the Free Constitutional Republic and operate under the System of Government, we have enjoyed we have some serious choices and decisions to make.   The passive and weak-willed will not be able to endure the required commitments.  Only those totally committed to Liberty will find within their heart of hearts the resolve to make a like commitment as those in 1776.  Only those who believe in Freedom will make the choice to Live Free or Die Trying!

If we are to survive and see a change in the conditions in America, we cannot do it politically, judicially, or legislatively.  The Kingdom of God within the heart of the believer is salt and light and a change agent.  Nothing remains the same when the Kingdom of God is present.  We are supposed to be agents of change and influence rather than those who endure the changes made by the politically powerful.  If we want different politicians, we must become different people, and only through a total commitment to God and a willingness to lay our lives on the line for Him and His Kingdom will bring about the condition conducive for this change. 

If we will take God at His word and do what the Bible teaches rather than teach what it teaches with no corresponding action, we will see change!  I believe that when any believer becomes so full of God that God oozes from them in every facet of life will impact positively his community, then his city, then his state, and then his nation.  I used (his) generically as people, not gender.  If you want to see God’s Kingdom Come and His Will Done on Earth as it is in Heaven, then join those of us who are willing to die for Him and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!

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