THE SUPREME COURT – Our Fears, Their Stripes, and America…

Most of us envisioned a more conservative and bolder SCOTUS after President Trump managed to get three new justices approved for the court.  Most of us, but we may have overlooked history, the intense political and peer pressure applied to those justices.  We may have failed to dig deep enough into the character of the appointees.  We may, but then maybe they are who they have always been.

There is something about a lifetime appointment to the most powerful judiciary in the nation that does not always bode well for the Constitution or America.  We have a long history of justices who seemed to change their stripes once appointed to the court and ruled in ways contrary to any sensible reading of the Constitution.  It appears that at least two if not all three of Trump’s appointees are experiencing a metamorphosis of sorts.

After the brutal and vile display by the Left against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Amy Comey Barrett one would think they would remember those hearings. Wait, maybe that is exactly what is happening, and they are intimidated by the threats and power of the Left.  If they are, the honorable thing would be to resign, but that would put the choices in the hands of Biden and his cohorts.  The result would be a justice that would be unequivocally a liberal leftist. 

The Supreme Court is charged with balancing the power of the Legislative and the Executive Branches not becoming a legislative judiciary.  The Democrat-led Congress and the Biden administration have openly declared their intent to rule without regard to the Constitution. They also have demonstrated their intent to ignore all judicial rulings that do not fit their agenda.  They believe they are the only true interpreters of the Constitution and the final say in what transpires in America. 

The blatant example of ignoring the provision of the Constitution regarding personal property was in the majority of the court upholding the CDC eviction moratorium.  If that were the only concern in their ruling, I would be less disturbed, but it definitively weakened the Constitution and expanded the power of the court unwarrantedly. 

Not to rehash the moratorium but it required that property owners allow others to squat on their property, without compensation, for over a year.  It limited what property owners could do with their own private property.  That would have the framers of the American Constitution rolling over in their graves.  It is a blatant abandonment of the wording and the original intent.  It is not a reinterpretation but an abandonment of that guiding document.

Amazingly, Justice Kavanaugh agreed with the minority but then voted with Justice Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan.  What?  He agreed with the minority that it was wrong but voted with the Left to keep it in place?  Something is rotten in Denmark. What caused him to do that?  What took place behind the scenes that coerced him to abandon his understanding of the Constitution and vote to shred it?  We need to know, but we likely never will.

There is no provision for waivers to be granted regarding the Constitution.  Kavanaugh explicitly declared that the CDC had been violating the law and then voted to allow it to continue doing so for another month?  Article III of the Constitution grants the Supreme Court the authority to interpret the Constitution not to decide when and if it is okay to violate the law and ignore the Constitution. 

Creative interpretation of the constitution has always been a concern and a problem.  When justices are allowed to use penumbras and emanations to discover things in the Constitution that are not actually written therein, pandora’s box is thrown wide open.  The constitution is not an evolving document but one that is written to mean what it says and says what it means.  It is our guardian of liberty and when the Supreme Court grants itself the authority to modify, ignore, reinterpret, and rewrite it we are doomed as a Republic.

If adherence to the Constitution is deemed conditional, what conditions will be deemed appropriate for those in the Courts, Congress, and the White House?  The document will become a worthless piece of history and our Republic will become nothing more than a fond memory in the minds of the patriots.  We are a Constitutional Republic and the robed masters in the SCOTUS, the self-anointed legislators, and the would-be King in the White House do not have that right or authority to ignore our guiding document.

A review of the history of the world reveals that all dictators and totalitarian despots have deemed it their right and within their purview to change any law at their discretion.  They believed themselves to be the law, not one subject to it.  In their granting themselves the authority and power to change and apply the Constitution at their discretion the SCOTUS, Congress, and the White House have anointed themselves as councils of monarchs. 

We need a reminder that our first president George Washington refused the plea to become America’s first monarch.  He believed in the idea and ideal of a Republic led by citizen representatives and adherents to the rule of law.  He believed that our creation as the Free Republic was by the providence of God and that only as we followed the law and God’s precepts could we remain strong and free.  Those in power and control today, have abandoned those precepts. 

The Supreme Court is to interpret the law not, make it.  Sadly, the current group sitting on the bench appears to believe it is their right and privilege to not only interpret the law but to determine which law is to be obeyed and which is to be ignored.  They are engaged in legislating from the bench and in a great measure becoming the sole arbiters of the Constitution.  The Democrats have no real need to pack the court with liberal justices, they have a set of demigods on the bench serving their purpose and backing their play.

America, if we do not reclaim control of Congress and the White House, we will see a further erosion on the SCOTUS and thereby watch our freedoms and liberties disappear.  It is time we reign in all branches of government.  The only way that is possible is by returning to God and uniting strongly enough to provide pink slips for the majority of them.  Will we do it?  Can we achieve it?  To the first question, I do not know.  To the second, only if we become concerned enough to make a 1776 commitment to America.  Only if we return to God and His moral precepts.  Only if we will pray, work, and vote.

God bless you and God bless America!

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