I use that phrase as a description of the medical experts and the Biden administration, but it could be used for politics and politicians as a whole.  I frequently find myself asking, “Do they even know what they believe?”  I find myself asking, “Do they think we are that uninformed and lacking the ability to ‘fact check’ their ‘fact checkers’ and ‘spinmeisters?’” 

I ask but would never expect them to answer either question.  However, based on the consistent inconsistency they project, I believe the answer to the first is NO and the second YES.  Why would they think otherwise of us (the voting public) based on our consistency in electing and reelecting those advancing their agenda and rhetoric?  If we consistently go against reason and logic and allow them to hold the reins of the government, why would they think us informed? 

I had a politician tell me, “You are not informed enough to understand what is happening in Washington, so just leave it to those of us who are.”  I had questioned his logic and reasoning for advancing a bill that was contrary to the clear reading of the Constitution and similar causes had proven counter-productive for America.  For that political elitist, I was ignorant and unlearned and needed to grovel at his feet and appreciate any morsel he and his cronies threw my way. 

COVID-19 has been with us so long that one would think we would have a handle on this by now and have moved to the next crisis leaving this one in the rearview mirror.  One would think, but it appears that the real objective of this crisis or pandemic has not been achieved.  If the political ruling class deems it possible to achieve more control and dominion through this virus, I believe it will remain at the forefront of government actions until they have squeezed every drop of political benefit (for their cause) from it.

I want to address something that is anything but new but keeps finding its way to the surface regarding the consistent inconsistencies of COVID-19 and the mandates, etc.  I realize that anytime I write something like this, I have those on both sides of the equation zeroing their sniper scopes on me.  I become anathema and persona non grata.  I become, to them, a naysayer, a fear-monger, a conspiracist, a bad Christian, and many other labels. 

After all, in President Joe Biden’s mind, he believes that if everyone in the world was vaccinated inflation would become non-existent.  I would love to watch him attempt to answer how, but his handlers would never let that transpire.  It would solve the global warming or climate something, issues as well.  It would seem that this is the new magic pill or elixir and only those who do not love humanity (their view) would question them. 

One Consistent Inconsistency I want to address is regarding the survival rate of COVID-19.  Please do not think that I am making this a nothing burger.  People have died (how many, we will never know) from this virus.  It has taken people I know and love.  Most of them had underlying health issues that brought about death when coupled with COVID.  Regardless, COVID was a contributor if not the cause of their deaths.  That makes it a very serious and dangerous matter. 

I have been studying, as best I can, with the Gestapo-type censorship regarding information about COVID’s survival rate and other medical information on this issue.  The Coronavirus is a difficult subject for non-medical people and people outside the government’s inner circles.  We are limited to the amount of information we are privy to and even when we can find some documentation it is often skewed one way or the other leaving us with inadequate platforms from which to build our arguments or answer our questions.

The hatred from former president Donald Trump and the desire to advance a vaccine with limited testing seemed to make any possible medical treatment that would enhance the survivability of the virus taboo.  Fox News insisted that some of the treatments would kill people and stepped up to the microphone like the long line of talking heads in public media decrying anything that was not approved and endorsed by the CDC and the government medical experts. 

From the beginning, we were told that the survivability of this virus was incredibly high for most people.  It was higher, according to most reports than the seasonal flu that we face every year.  One of the drugs listed as offering hope was ‘ivermectin’.  That was provided it was given early enough to make a difference and before the person was overcome by pneumonia which is frequently the killer.

I listened to an hour-long testimony before the Texas Senate from a doctor in Dallas that called out the CDC and the entire medical community as being guilty of medical malpractice.  Why would he make such a charge?  The reason was, in his practice and research he had documentation that if people were treated at the outset of symptoms with ‘ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other drugs’ early the survivability increased exponentially.  He argued that we could have saved thousands and hundreds of thousands of lives had we acted rather than waited until hospitalization was required. 

The past eighteen months have produced a mountain of information that if one can and will wade through the fodder to get to the grain, is stunning and reveals inconsistencies that shock me.  We have hard data from a Stanford professor and surprisingly the CDC that must not be overlooked or allowed to slip through the cracks. 

Virtually everyone agrees that the most vulnerable sector of society is the very elderly.  That group must also include people with co-morbidities, and the obese are much more vulnerable than the young and otherwise healthy.  The Stanford professor of which I speak is Dr. John Ioannidis, “Professor of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research), of Epidemiology and Population Health.”  Also, we have data from the government’s own Statistics and Biomedical Data Science Center, regarding the actual ‘infection fatality rates’ for COVID.  Dr. Ioannidis using all the information available concluded that, around the world, more than half a billion people have already been infected with COVID. 

I don’t want to make this the size of a novel but would like to boil it down to a few simple facts and comments and ask you to decide for yourself what the truth is and what you need to do.

COVID does not attack all people equally.  How can we overlook Governor Cuomo’s decimation of the elderly in his state?  The warehousing of COVID-infected people in nursing homes was deadly beyond imagination.  That kind of action caused Dr. Ioannidis and others to investigate age-related survival rates.  Some of those numbers caused me to gasp as I realized that if this information were publicized the madness of this panic would come to a screeching halt and we would move toward sane recovery.  I realized that it had to be about something other than the health and survivability of the populace.

Here is the inconsistency that floored me and caused me to say, “Something is rotten in Denmark.”  The CDC strongly recommends ‘ivermectin’ for third-world refugees heading for America, but not American citizens.  Why?  If ivermectin is a killer rather than a healer, why would they recommend it to those people?  If it is as evil and ineffective as the Left and CDC claim, then why did it win a Nobel Prize?

The bottom line for most people, not all people, is that if you contract the virus you are statistically unlikely to die from it, and if you receive early treatment your chances of succumbing decrease even more.  No wonder the doctor from Dallas would declare before the Texas Senate that failure to provide early treatment amounted to medical malpractice.

As in every potential virus or pandemic, common sense and good hygiene are absolutely essential.  If you believe the vaccine is the route for you, then by all means take that route.  If you believe it is not, then you should not be castigated for opting for that course of action.  As a Christian, my first confidence is in God.  I also believe that it is incumbent upon me to use common sense, exercise good hygiene, and have a plan for early treatment.  Think about others not just yourself and if you have been exposed please do not expose others knowingly. 

I believe that a major part of what has been happening in the misinformation, disinformation, and lack of information creates a platform of fear where those seeking control have a ready pathway to achieve their tyrannical objectives.  I pray for everyone that none of us contract this awful virus.  I pray that we also refuse to relinquish our freedoms out of fear.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Thank you for staying strong for the Truth of God! We appreciate you! Their modus operandi is upside down and backwards, just like satan’s world, following the Rules for Radicals playbook: the dark agenda blames all the evil they do in secret on the righteous who know that only the Righteousness of God exalts a nation; they take attention off of what they are doing by constantly blaming the right for their atrocities, chaos, disasters, man-made problems so they can provide the solution that takes away our freedoms under God. The radical left spew the misinformation and disinformation coming from those who are trying to reset to global communism, a new world order, a one world religion of lucifer; blaming and scoffing at those with the truth, the ethical and moral physicians and scientists with a conscience, who fear God not man, trying to expose the lies and falsehood but getting cancelled and voices suppressed, the radicals trying to destroy their careers for warning of the dark agenda, schemes, wiles, devices of the world rulers of this present darkness and what they are disseminating disguised as truth, but really “Frankenstein” science without informed consent; illegal under international law, immoral and unethical, speaking lies under the father of lies that this human experimentation is “safe and effective” by those with conflicts of interest, the CDC and FDA and all the alphabet of the new world order, ungodly government in bed with big Pharm, becoming trillionaires by deceiving all the nations with its sorcery, potions, genetic engineering AI, spells, charms, enticement, bribes, coercion, trying to control by fear of death, saying the end justifies the means, NO way! We know The Way!!!

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