Let me say at the outset, I am not trying to increase the divide between those who are pro-vaccine and those who are anti-vaccine.  I have said from the beginning, that I view this as a personal choice.  I believe that it is none of my business, your business, or the government’s business who is and who is not vaccinated.  I view it as a matter that each individual must assess through their own research and in prayer.  If you feel good about it, then do it.  If you do not, then be at peace and follow your heart.  I know that some on both sides will find that repulsive and may seek to castigate and vilify me.  Please don’t.  You want to be respected for your choice, so I ask that you respect others for theirs.

If we are honest, there are some discrepancies that should raise questions.  I, for one, am unable to blindly accept whatever the CDC, the WHO, the so-called experts (who disagree), and the White House on this matter.  I am not saying the threat is not as serious as the White House and Dr. Fauci are claiming.  However, if it is then why did the White House turn down a proposal that would have added more than 730 million at-home COVID tests to the market per month? 

They have suggested that they are going to seek to bolster rapid home tests through the “FDA’s regulatory approval process.”  I find that incredibly interesting since that was not the approach to rush the vaccine to market.  If tests will help to identify those positive and allow them to seek early treatment, why would it not be desirable to supply adequate test kits?

The administration even suggested that the United States, “Did not have the capacity to manufacture over-the-counter tests at that scale.”  Seriously?  Why Not?  If we have the capacity to produce the vaccine, why not the test kits?  Is there a reason to not allow citizens to test themselves in their own homes which would result in more tests being done?  Is it more lucrative and controllable to test people at a control site than at their own discretion at home?  I don’t know the answer, but with a minimum of $13,000 provided to hospitals for each positive test, I wonder.

Former Customs and Border Protection commissioner, Mark Morgan reported that this administration allowed 600,000 migrants to illegally enter the United States without testing or mandating them to be vaccinated?  Why one policy for the illegals and another for law-abiding citizens?  At least one reason for such a high number of illegal entrants is that 60-70% of our Border Patrol have been pulled off the front lines.  None of them are being screened for COVID or any other disease, so it seems.  Why?  If COVID is the threat they insist, and it may be, why would they not insist on testing those coming here legally or illegally?

The insistence of a Vaccine Passport is troubling on many levels, and I view it as a direct conflict with the constitutional guarantees for Americans.  It smacks with tyrannical despotism and something that is done in Authoritarian Dictatorships around the world, not Free America.  But alas, that is the call and more citizens than I am comfortable with endorse such a move.  I am reminded of Benjamin Franklin’s assertion: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  At what level of usurpation of our Freedoms will we draw the line in the sand?  The Bible says that “God has not given us the spirit of fear…”  (2 Timothy 1:7).

Are we entering an era in America where we have to show our papers to the modern Gestapo to participate in a Free Society?  Is that freedom?  That is easily a precursor and conditioning tool for the entrance of the Mark of the Book of Revelation.  I did not say this was the mark!   Alarmingly, this plan is being rolled out around the world and in some, heretofore, democratic republics.  It is being implemented in some large U.S. cities such as Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  Others would and probably will if these are allowed to stand.  Those with much power are seizing and amassing even more.  Is that the objective?

The World Health Organization published a guide for this process in August 2021.  The title of this guidance is Technical Specifications and Implementation Guidance on Digital Documentation of Covid-19 Certificates.  That sounds like a Pandora’s Box that will lead us to Biblical prophecies that none of us desire to embrace or should not desire to embrace.  It is designed to give commonality for the countries issuing these passports so they can mesh together and network globally.  Who paid for this?  Guess who?  The Bill Gates Foundation and four other funders.

I have never ascribed to the vaccine being the Mark of the Beast, but this is a precursor to anesthetizing people into accepting that kind of event.  It is a forerunner to digital money and a cashless society.  It is a forerunner to tracking every human being on the planet and may even reach the place where we are arrested for potential crimes against humanity or the government before we commit them.  Is that freedom? 

If Covid-19 is dangerous enough to require such austere measures, would it not behoove the government to provide at-home tests for every household.  Would it not behoove the government to make every treatment that has any measure of success available to people at the very outset of symptoms?  Why wait until the person has pneumonia and is incapable of breathing requiring intubation from which few survive?  Why not be proactive rather than reactive? 

The guidance and those pursuing the Vaccine Mandate insist that the vax pass system cannot work if there is a critical mass of people who come together and decide not to use it.  A critical mass!  Interesting and they include both vaccinated and unvaccinated in that equation.  Our federal government is a government by the ‘consent of the people’ not by the ‘coercion of the people.’  If we lose that we lose our freedom.  Again, even if this virus is as dangerous and threatening as they are proclaiming, dare we lose our freedom trying to stop a virus that cannot be seen and penetrates everywhere? 

We have endured pandemics in our history and survived without shutting the world down or mandating that every person comply and have papers to prove their compliance to travel, do commerce, or work?  Is that America?  Will these mandates precipitate the most massive and inclusive Civil Rights movement in our time?

Even a CBS News correspondent has blasted the crushing COVID lockdown policies on kids saying, “They have suffered and sacrificed the most.”  The mental stability of children and adults living under draconian mandates and isolation is yet to be fully investigated.  What we know now is that the suicide rate has increased, family violence has increased, drug addiction and alcoholism have increased.  Is it possible that the draconian tyranny being imposed in the mandates and lockdowns doing more damage than the virus we are seeking to escape?

This correspondent cited statistical data for the scientific community that healthy teens have a “one-in-a-million” chance of catching and dying from the coronavirus.  They have a greater chance of dying in a car crash than COVID.  She cited the statistical data that suicide attempts among girls have risen 51% this past year.  Also, black children are nearly twice as likely to die by suicide as whites.  What are we doing? 

My plea is sanity and civility.  We can accomplish anything if we will work together, talk to each other, and not divide up in camps making people of our own household the enemy.  If we will turn to God and seek His guidance and help, we can overcome this pandemic.  If we will insist that the federal government be “by consent of the people” rather than by ‘coercion’ we can overcome.  Remember in 2022 when you vote where the candidates and their parties stand on the issues and VOTE!

I urge each person to follow their hearts and listen for the guidance of the Spirit of God in this and all matters!

God bless you and God bless America!

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