Taking the headlines and lining them up for review has been a strategy of mine for a long time.  Even before I read the article, I will lay out the headlines side by side to see the theme of the message the media (conservative and liberal) is attempting to convey.  It frequently reveals the root cause of the events transpiring and the direction or desired direction of the politicians, pundits, and media.  It invites one to use critical thinking which prods one to dig deeper and allows the discovery of the root to be reviewed.

One headline I saw referred to what happens when people stop believing the government and the media.  Although I suggest that this condition is not new, it is a worthy consideration in 2022.  Sadly, too many have memories about as long as gnat’s eyelash and fail to connect the dots of the data provided in history.  I capsulize the answer to the question by saying society crumbles, governments topple, and distrust becomes the driving force.  It opens the door to potential and likely chaos and open rebellion and resistance.

I believe that the Soviet Union collapsed largely because everybody lied to everybody else and distrust in the economic and political systems collapsed.  In today’s America, Diogenes would be hard-pressed to find an honest man in politics or the media.  The government has been exposed for lying to the public. The media has been caught with their pants down and exposed themselves as liars, propagandists, and unworthy of listenership. 

In today’s American Pravda and politics, there is no longer a pretense to seek any plausibility.  The end justifies the means, and their agenda takes precedence over the needs and best good of the people.  The Republic is secondary to their quest for power and control.  We are fed fallacious information from the media and governmental bureaucracies.  The USDA made the easily debunkable claim that “2021 retail food price inflation continued at the same pace as 2020.” 

We are headed down the same path as the Soviets, in large measure, because the media has become nothing more than propaganda arms of the Leftists agenda.  There are some rays of hope in the emergence of some real media outlets who seek to engage in journalism, not propaganda.  We must find ways to bypass Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  We must be alert and while we are distrusting of the government and media, we need to keep our eye on the prize for occasionally they unintentionally tell us their agenda and we can strategize against it.

The mania and the politically correct world of the WOKE have infected our society and people, previously sane and reasonable have surrendered to the smears hurled at them.  I have been warning for some time that the Left is seeking to end our religious liberty and freedom.  Biden has, as is his modus operandi, engaged in hassling Religious Colleges demanding they join the WOKE agenda.

If we lose our Religious Freedom, we will find ourselves either abandoning our core convictions and faith or risking jail or worse.  This administration is opening Title IX investigations on Religious Universities and Colleges for maintaining moral standards.  If you quote, teach, or preach the Bible you are deemed a racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, and may be labeled a domestic terrorist.  They are demanding that we abandon our core beliefs, or they will put us out of business.  So much for the Declaration of Independence’s stated objective and view.

Many of us have shouted from the rooftop for decades the importance of the United States Supreme Court.  Sadly, too few have taken our warnings to heart.  We have encouraged everyone to pressure our Senators and our Congressmen and women to insist on any nominee being a Strict Constructionist and Originalist.  If we fail to interpret the Constitution as it was intended, we will find it an ever-morphing document that is meaningless and a tool for destruction for those who desire to fundamentally transform us into something other than the Free Constitutional Republic designed by our Founders.

President Biden has vowed to nominate a Black female justice and no others need to apply.  Not that anyone openly applies and campaigns for the nomination.  I am convinced that his nominee will be a carrot to appease the WOKE wing of his party and an attempt to appease the Black community.  His nominee will undoubtedly be more liberal and more of a political activist than Justice Stephen Breyer. 

Biden said, “I have made no decision except one: The person I nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience, and integrity.”  I would applaud that if it were the truth.  He insisted that his nominee will be the first Black woman nominated.  I do not mind that it is a woman or that that woman is Black or any other ethnicity.  That is not my concern.  My concern is will, the nominee view, the Constitution as an ever-evolving document or as it was originally constructed and intended.

The Supreme Court is extremely important in many aspects and actions of the government.  One is how they rule on DOJ activities and end-runs around the constitution and the Law.  Recently it was revealed that Special Investigator Durham’s court filing revealed that the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz withheld key evidence from the Special Counsel. 

Horowitz concealed crucial information from John Durham in connection with the ongoing prosecution of Michael Sussmann, a former attorney to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.  He failed to disclose that his office is in possession of two cellphones used by former FBI general counsel James Baker.  He failed to disclose that Sussmann sought a meeting with Horowitz the IG.  He said to Durham’s team that he had no other filer or documentation relating to this cyber matter.  That was a lie!   That is a crime!  But how will the courts rule? 

We are being invaded by illegals with the aid, of the federal government or the Biden administration.  Sheriffs in border states are pushing back over the Biden administration’s ‘secret flights’ of illegals shipping them to various locations across inland America.  They call this activity “government-sanctioned human trafficking.”  It is diabolical in its design and is part of the plan to seize full control of our elections and our nation.  America, the Left, namely the Democratic Party and their activists are no longer attempting to veneer any hint of plausibility to their lies.  They are openly seeking to transform America into a Liberal Leftists Oligarchy that will lead to a totalitarian regime which they control.

We can defeat them by being informed and by standing our ground for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  We must unite and fight this assault and attempted coup on our Republic.  What we do in this year’s election will set the tone for the future and if we fail, we can kiss our freedom goodbye. 

God bless you and God bless America!



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