You may ask, “What Lessons?” And you may ask, “Applied to what?”  Thank you for asking and now if you will grant me the latitude and opportunity, I will explain what I mean.  I hope that it will be informative and allow for sanity to return to the American scene.  However, with the level of Woke-ness now existing, I am not sure that anything could bring sanity back.  I pray that I am wrong and that the polls indicating the dissatisfaction with the Biden administration and the Left are right and sanity is being restored in the populace.

We have endured two years of lunacy with regard to the COVID virus and the pandemic that locked down the entire world and some are still locked down.  The effects of that action and the actions embodied in that lockdown will continue to surface into the foreseeable future and they are not good. 

The lockdowns resulted in the complete destruction of much of the world’s economy.  America, most assuredly, has paid a dear price for the draconian measures that fly in the face of all the scientific and medical evidence now revealed.  I am not saying the virus was or is a hoax.  It is not!  It is very real, but the evidence to support mandated vaccines for everyone, masks for the world, and isolation that damaged the human psyche does not exist.  If you believe it does, please follow the mandates and line up single file behind the government pied pipers such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC.

Our founders warned us that “Freedoms lost are never regained.”  We have willingly given up freedoms in the interest of safety that did not manifest itself.  But, alas, those freedoms we relinquished are possibly forever lost and the toe in the door by the powers that be will become a superhighway of restrictions.  I lament even one person dying from this virus and know too many families who have suffered that loss.  If the government’s mandates and rejection of possible drugs to treat early provided the promised relief, I would support it, but it has not, does not, and will not.

Will we recognize the tyrannical censorship that has occurred by Big Tech at the government’s behest provide a warning that inspires millions to rise up and throw off the shackles of tyranny?  Will the calls for, threats, and desires of those in the government fold for ‘internment camps’ to reeducate those who disagree provide sufficient fuel to cause millions to rise up and reject those bonds of destruction?

Will the war on Christianity, personal faith, and family cause enough concern that millions will reject the mandates, manipulations, and lies spewed forth by the propaganda arms of the Leftists and Globalists?  I continue to be amazed at how willingly Americans and other countries actually clamored for the government to strip them of their rights and to dominate their lives.  All this, for the impossible promise of the government to protect them from the invisible virus they deemed capable of annihilating the population of the world.

I believe that every human life matters and is important!  Sadly, we have entered an era in human history when our American government is pressing to contest that idea and offer curricula to be taught to our children and the public that elevates some ethnicities above others.  That is wrong, anti-American, anti-biblical, and destructive.  Will we recognize the poison of that pollution and apply the lesson to future governments?  I can only hope.

Our government and various entities in this present age have made human life nothing more than a number.  When society descends to the place of depravity that human life is only a number, it buries its conscience beneath a mountain of statistics and genocide becomes easy.  As Pogo said, “We have seen the enemy and it is us.”  Unfortunately, too few are willing to step forward and accept the target on their backs by speaking out and unifying, to reject this present lunacy.

As I peruse the mountain of documented evidence of the damage done by the lockdowns and the lack of benefit and effectiveness of the measures imposed to flatten the curve, I weep.  As I view that information, the statistical, medical, and scientific data I conclude that it is the work of diabolical evil in the name of the better good that has enacted these policies. 

Let me share a scenario that I read somewhere and apply it to this present conundrum.  It goes like this…A serial killer is preying on a community, but both the mayor and chief of police are focused on protecting their positions and jurisdictions.  The police arrest a suspect that appears guilty.  The jury convicts the individual and the murders ceased.  But, years later, new evidence is uncovered that indicates an investigator planted evidence to secure an arrest and the person in prison is not guilty. 

What do we do?  In a moral society, the evidence of impropriety would be made public and a move to ensure that justice is done.  But that would mean that the police force and civilian authorities’ reputations would be damaged, and the public would feel less safe.  What happens, too often, is a conspiracy of silence occurs and the new information is suppressed supposedly for the better good.  I suggest that this is a scenario that could be applied to the actions of our government and entities in this pandemic.

I insist that government officials and bureaucracies can never be trusted to police themselves.  Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.  The more power the federal, state, and local authorities are allowed the more they desire.  We move from seemingly insignificant losses of liberty to total loss of liberty.  We metamorphosis from a few rogue officials into an oligarchy which becomes a despotic dictatorship.  Liberty lost is never regained short of a revolution.  That revolution could be bloodless but seldom is.

In the United Kingdom answered a Freedom of Information request to answer the question, “Can you advise on deaths purely from COVID with no underlying causes?”  The answer was shocking or should be.  I do not mean the simple numbers, but that the data has been available to doctors, epidemiologists, data scientists, and public policymakers all along.  They either ignored it or they were aware of it and proceeded to take us down the path taken without justification.

As of today, about 140,000 people have died in England and Wales from COVID.  Of that number only about 17,000 were in people with zero comorbidities.  The report indicates that since the beginning of the pandemic only 3.774 of the people in England and Wales who succumbed to COVID-19 were healthy individuals with zero comorbidities under the age of 65. That is approximately 2.7%

If that information is available in the United Kingdom, then it cannot be assumed that it is not readily available in the United States.  Couple that with admissions from Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, the largest vaccine maker.  He said, “And we know that the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection if any.  The three doses, with the booster, they offer reasonable protection against hospitalization and death and again, that’s I think very good and less protection against infection.” 

One additional note, that should cause everyone to take note, is that 75% of the COVID deaths in the United Kingdom were among the fully vaccinated.   In, Israel has reported that most hospitalized patients in Israel were fully vaccinated.  Even our own Dr. Fauci, according to NBC News has acknowledged that hospitalizations are rising in the U.S. among the fully vaccinated.

This is not meant to be a pro or anti-vaccine blog but one that says, The Government is not trustworthy and unless we learn that lesson and throw off the chains of tyranny, we will find that one crisis after another surfaces to completely obliterate our Constitution and Inalienable Rights.  Do what you feel you must regarding COVID.  I do not desire anyone to suffer the horrors of any illness that can result in death.  But something bigger than COVID seems to be at work here.  What will we do?  What can we do?  My conviction is that we first return to God and proceed from there.

God bless you and God bless America!

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