I realize that sometimes I offer a title hoping it will pique the interest enough that people will read what I have to say.  Once they have read, it is my hope that it will resonate or spark something inside them causing them to dig deeper into the discovery of the veracity and validity of what I am saying or warning of.  If that happens, then I have succeeded in my purpose and assignment. 

What is coming to America?  Many things, but the thing that I am focused on at this juncture is the coming persecution, on a very large scale, of Christians.  We, compared to much of the world, have had a cakewalk and I see the signs that indicate that is about to change rapidly and massively.  I pray that I am wrong, but with what I see, what is happening, and the predictions of the Bible, I know that I am not.  Please don’t turn me off over that statement, but hear the conclusion of my presentation, then decide.

I saw recently, something that deeply troubled me.  It was the move to virtually criminalize Christianity in Finland.  They have brought charges against and will try a Finnish politician and Finnish bishop for upholding historic biblical teaching on sexual morality.  We are not far from that in America with our Woke Political Correctness, and the drive to make everything in disagreement with the Leftist’s agenda Hate Speech.  Each political cycle we move nearer to the outright banning of the Bible in America. 

The efforts are often under the radar but then many things appear to be under the radar that are carried out in open sight, due to the willful blindness of multitudes in this nation. Those two individuals, in Finland, are accused of “violating the equality and dignity of LGBT people.”  It is unlawful and unacceptable, according to the chief prosecutor in the case to quote the Bible’s condemnation of sexual immorality and has officially become a ‘hate crime.”

After the Finnish politician quoted from Paul’s letter to the Romans in a tweet, she underwent 13 hours of grueling interrogation by the police.  She equated it to “Soviet times.”  She repeatedly told the interrogators the message of the gospel, what the Bible teaches about the value of human life, and that all people are created in the image of God and that is why they are valuable.  She attempted to share the message that it was the act, not the individual that the Bible was focused on and that her core convictions were based on the Bible, not hate!

I must ask, “Is there equal prosecution of the followers of Islam in Finland for their quoting the Quran about homosexuality or killing the infidel?”  NO!  That is also true in the United States.  Our government considers acts of Christians and followers of the Bible ‘hate crimes’ if they condemn immorality but if the followers of the Islamic faith or other religions spew hate, it is justifiable.  There is no condemnation against various groups that call for the extermination of any white male of European descent.  But a baker that refuses to make a cake for an LGBTQ wedding is hauled into court and deemed subhuman. 

Although I am informed that six Republican members of Congress have called upon President Biden to condemn Finland for this action, it will not happen.  In the view of the secularists in our government, traditional biblical Christians are bad citizens, terrorists or something of that ilk.  They cannot criminalize Christianity for fear of the backlash from the public, but they are doing things incrementally to do that very thing.  Sadly, pastors are holding the line against speaking out against that which the Bible calls sin because it is in our government. 

Chaplains in the United States military have been forced out of the service for resisting the mandatory requirement that chaplains include in their services things that are violations of their conscience and faith.  The so-called WOKE element in our society demands that Christians and Pastors bow to the god or goddess of reason.  They demand that we reinterpret the Bible and rewrite its text to make it more ‘woke.’

We have watched in human history, the wars against Christianity and the intolerance of the so-called progressives and liberals have conducted.  Like the French revolution that considered Christianity an impediment to progress we are witnessing a move to secularize America and outlaw Christianity. 

If they cannot outlaw Christianity through legislation to achieve that objective in the minds of the followers of Woke Liberalism.  They believe they can achieve their objective when a sufficient majority of citizens reject the Bible and adopt the progressive agenda.  If they do, we are going to face some difficult times and have to make some seemingly difficult choices.

When I view things like the Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, Revisionism of History, fanning the flames of racial discord, and the totalitarianism being incrementally attempted, I see the handwriting on the wall.  We have multiple generations who have gone through the indoctrination of public education who know little, if any, of our American history and nothing of our Founding Father’s Faith.

America was birthed in the hearts of people fleeing religious persecution and the American Revolution was fought to secure that and other freedoms.  Today’s secularist globalist progressive liberals on the Left disdain the Constitution, our founding principles, and precepts, and deem our founder’s racist white bigots.  That leaves little room for finding any common ground upon which to discuss our differences and opens the door for religious persecution of those agreeing with the Bible and our Founders.

Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the Declaration of Independence declared, “Resolved, That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states.”  That was a resolve that beat in the hearts of those desiring freedom and liberty then and still beats in the hearts of millions of patriots and believers today.  Freedom is a prize to be sought and is sometimes sought at a very high cost. 

I contend the only true freedom is in Jesus Christ and the Bible.  But, regardless of your view of the Bible, Jesus, or Christianity, surely you prize Freedom!  Upon winning the Revolutionary War and hammering out our Constitution it was resolved to abide by the limitations and guidelines of that document.  A document that virtually all the founders viewed as based upon the precepts of the Bible and Christianity.  If that irritates anyone, I am sorry that it does, but I believe that and documents available indicate its correctness.

The U.S. Constitution’s limitations encoded in it places the burden upon the government to utilize the powers enumerated to bless the people and allow us to pursue happiness not restrict us.  It was designed to enable every citizen regardless of their socioeconomic status, educational background, or religious beliefs to be allowed to pursue their private interests.  The founders believed, as do I, that all are created equal and have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

I believe that the draconian, authoritarian, and totalitarian mandates being imposed through COVID will lead to restrictions on Christianity and Christians.  I believe that we are soon to see a time when preachers will be dragged from their pulpits for quoting the Bible and speaking against sin.  Like the desired vaccine passport, we will likely see a time when there is demanded compliance to the “goddess of liberalism” and the denouncing of one’s faith in Christ and the Bible.

Some will disregard my warnings and feel that I am spreading fear without basis.  If you feel that way, that is your choice.  I believe that we can stem this tide by doing the right thing at the polls and ousting those who threaten our freedom.  However, I am not sure that will be of long duration.  The dye has been set and the erosion has been occurring for well over 100 years.  So, Christian beware, you are considered their enemy.  But my encouragement is – GOD IS STILL GOD!  He will never leave us or forsake us.

God bless you and God bless America!

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