I apologize for the outburst in my title, but America and the world are in chaos and being plunged deeper and deeper into the morass of destruction. Much of what is happening in America can be laid at the feet of the sitting President Joe Biden, but he is not the only guilty party in Washington. They are making the sailor in the stereotype of “spending like a drunken sailor” look frugal. Who hired this bunch of nuts? Wait, I guess that would be the American people, so who do we blame?

The beyond ridiculous $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill is not just filled with pork it is ‘woke pork’. Some believe that this is the Democrat’s last push before the expected takeover of Congress by the Republicans after this election. I do not know if that is what they are thinking or not. Both sides of the political aisle signed on to the bill, so I blame them all for the debacle.

In that bill $730 billion is dedicated to non-defense spending and far too many Republicans signed up for this woke pork-barrel bill. We need defense spending, but we do not need to increase entitlements and fund our enemies and agendas that are anti-American and do little but increase inflation and do harm to everyone.

The mere pittance that the Republicans were able to salvage for the border wall construction was $2 billion. That amounts to pocket change when compared to the $1.5 trillion. That is money we do not have and increases the national debt to another level and hastens our downfall. One day the chickens will come home to roost and the debt will be called in. We will not have the means to pay, so how do we navigate those waters?

But wait, they include money for wall construction of the borders of Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Oman, Nepal, and Pakistan. That is one of the reasons I cited ‘hades’ in my title. That is beyond belief. We leave our southern border exposed and seek to protect other nations. The Leftists keep saying, ‘walls don’t work’ but they keep building them around themselves and other nations.

They also provided over $40 million for ‘democracy programs for Veneuzeula’. Why? It also provided $10 million for improving television and radio broadcasting in Cuba. Why? It includes funds to expand the diversity, equality, and inclusion program in the National Intelligence Community. Why? But, even more, shocking is that it provides $6 million, a comparatively small amount to Russians “engaging in free-market development, humanitarian activities, and civic engagement.”  We are told it will not be used by Russian government officials. Seriously? We send money to Russia and expect it to be used as we dictate.

The list is almost endless of inane and insane funding. Yet we are told that it is required to keep the government funded. We are being buried in a sea of inflation and those lunatics in Washington and the White House are spending our money or borrowed money on programs that do nothing to bolster our economy or strengthen our national defense. That is caused to use the word ‘hades’ in any question about what they are doing.

The sitting president, if he were able to have a cognitive thought, should be furious over inflation and willing to take actions to alleviate the problem. He is not! We have a reported inflation rate of 7.9%. The average citizen is having to curtail spending and travel and may soon have to become incredibly creative in putting food on the table. Is Biden mad about inflation? Yes, but not at inflation but our reaction to it.

He said, “I am sick of this stuff…the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money. Simply not true!”  Excuse me, Mr. President, even a first-year economics major knows that it is true! He then made the confusing statement, “The American people just trying to stay above water don’t understand this!”  You are right sir; we do not understand why you are doing what you are doing and causing things to get worse!

I do believe that Biden is suffering from a medical condition that involves diminished brain function, but he is the president. Therefore, I cannot simply look the other way and say, “Well, he is not all there, right now.”  No! I have to say, “Sir, if you cannot function and lead America, you must be replaced.”  However, replacing him under the current chain of command would not be better and might be even worse.

PJ Media’s Robert Spencer said, “What’s happening to the American economy is entirely the fault of the old man who is shouting about how sick and tired he is of people saying it’s his fault and of the bright young Leftists with whom he has filled his administration and who are anxious to seize as much of the fruit of the labors of the American people as they can, so as to finance their various utopian boondoggles. It is perhaps a symptom of the deep crisis in American society, or at least of the malignant forces that are operating in America today, that a man so utterly frivolous and irresponsible as Joe Biden would become president and do so in his dotage, bereft of the glib and smiling veneer he put on his dishonest presentations in earlier days. All that is left of him now is the shouting.”

I agree that we are seeing the fruit of a man with a diminished brain capacity. But trying to blame Putin for our gas and economic situation is wrong. Putin himself shot holes in that theory saying, “Supplies of Russian oil to the American market do not exceed 3%.”  That is such a small amount there is no way, Russian oil is the cause. No, the cause is Biden’s immediate attack on our oil and gas industry as he and they are pushing for the abandonment of fossil fuels for green energy.

Biden does not believe the American people are smart enough to understand what is happening. He said, and I quote, “Me spending more than $6 trillion in less than a year and funding it with money printing, ‘didn’t cause inflation.’”  ARE YOU SERIOUS? Did you read that from the teleprompter? It does not matter if you said it on your own or read it from the teleprompter that is ample reason to reject all the Leftists in November and every election going forward.

Even members of the Obama administration of calling for Biden’s resignation. Are the Democrats using him as the scapegoat until after the mid-terms and then plan to toss him aside? Obama’s doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson called for Biden’s resignation because Biden is not mentally fit. Dr. Jackson said, “You have 40 years of tape to compare. He has always made gaffes; he has always made missteps but never like this. These are not gaffes, there is something much more serious.”

America, I embrace the directive of the Bible to pray for those placed in positions of leadership. However, I also believe that we are in a time when we need to make a change in our direction as a nation. We need to return to God with a whole heart and restore our moral foundations. We need to rekindle the flame of hope, restore the family, move away from licentiousness and corruption. We are in trouble with a capital “T” and need God’s help. We need the propitious smiles of heaven again.

Will you join in prayer, labor, and commitment to having a restored America? Restored to our founding principles and ideals. We can do this, but we must unite and rally for the cause of freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Black Cloud says:

    My neighbor has a sign in his yard that reads: “Pray for America” You know how the book of Romans talks about our leaders being put in position of authority by God? Well, the leaders of Babylon were put into positions of authority by God also before they sacked Jerusalem and pillaged the temple. That is when the Ark of the Covenant disappeared from Biblical history. They never found the Ark of the Covenant again. Wyatt Archeology has an interesting article about the Ark of the Covenant: https://wyattmuseum.com/discovering/ark-of-the-covenant

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