Yes, that is a veiled or not so veiled Bible reference to the need to believe God, but it is more than that.  We have been lied to by our Government and many purported scientific and medical experts and organizations.  If we cannot believe our government on COVID, vaccines, herd immunity, and the failures of the vaccines, can we believe them on anything?  Someone said about used car salesmen, “If their mouths are moving, they are lying.”  I wonder if that could more aptly apply to politicians and the would-be tyrants with Napoleonic complexes.

I recently read, and you may have heard it as well, that quadruple-vaxed Israel broke the world record in Coronavirus cases.  What?  How can that be?  When I was a kid, polio and other vaccines were designed to prevent the disease and proved effective.  The COVID vaccines and boosters have not proven to be effective measures.  We hear one thing from one set of doctors and another from another. Who do we believe?

Israel became the number one in new COVID infections per capita.  Their daily rate was 0.6% of the population testing positive.  That is concerning to me.  They were the first to introduce the booster and the first to produce a fourth jab to the over 60s and at-risk population in that wonderful country. 

They adopted what has been called the world’s most aggressive approach to stop the Omicron variant.  In the face of that action, their numbers have soared so high that the Health Ministry’s dashboard crashed, and they stopped counting.  It has become such a problem that they are ceasing the quarantining children exposed to the virus.  Those who test positive will be required to isolate for 5 days but exposure does not require isolation for those children.

Then the CDC released a study that suggested that Natural Immunity beat the vaccination against the Delta variant.  They studied the unvaccinated and previously uninfected as well as the vaccinated and previously infected.  The study found that the natural immunity obtained through recovering from a bout of COVID-19 gave people a much greater degree of protection against the Delta strain than receiving the vaccine.  I am attempting to place before you the information and give you the rational ability to decide for yourself.

If something does not work or works minimally, is there a valid basis for mandating that everyone do it, regardless of their personal desire?  Thus far, most scientists and doctors suggest that the vaccine does not work against the Omicron strain.  With the known potential side effects and unknown long-term effects of the vaccines is it wise to mandate that people take the vaccine?  If you believe it is best for you, I am 100% behind your decision.  But please do not tell everyone to do what you do.  Allow everyone to decide for themselves. 

If we continue the pathway to a mandated vaccine for everyone with Vaxx-Passports required to travel, eat out, buy groceries, and work how is that Freedom?  If you truly believe that everyone is a ticking timebomb and a threat to your safety unless they are vaccinated, then maybe you should try to make plans to isolate yourself.  I am not trying to be caustic but no virus, no mask, no mandate can truly protect everyone from exposure to an airborne virus.  COVID is no less airborne than the Flu or a common cold and there is nothing we can do to prevent exposure to those.  Personal hygiene and using common sense would be a more realistic approach.

I believe that the Wuhan Virus or COVID-19 was biologically developed in a lab in China with the knowledge of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and potentially others high in our government.  No, I am not attempting to create a conspiracy theory that the U.S. government did this to its own people in some diabolical plot to reduce the population or a segment of our population.  I am saying, we have not been told the truth and therefore should be wary of their suggestions and mandates.

I could envision Joe Biden and his team holding a Press Conference in the summer or early Fall of 2024 and declaring that the pandemic is over.  He would then declare that his administration had successfully defeated the virus and it is now time to get back to normal.  Why would that timing be likely?  Because this thing has been largely a political football from the beginning.  I am not diminishing the deaths of Americans, but I am saying they have used it for control and manipulation far more than focusing on protecting us.

Even the CDC has released statements, not widely disseminated that there is a difference between dying ‘with COVID’ and dying ‘from COVID.’  There has been a shift from focusing on case rates to death rates.  I am quite sure that if the Biden team makes such an announcement, it will be tied to some economic good news, albeit manufactured.  The idea in the minds of the Left would be, “Hey, we freed you so now you must vote for us.”

Am I being sarcastic?  Yes!  I believe that COVID is very real.  I believe that some, no, many have died from or with COVID.  I know families who lost loved ones partly to the virus and it is difficult for them to not follow the company lines demanded by the Left.  They are filled with remorse and fear. 

Politicians are astute at the shell game of politics and the freebies, entitlements, and buying votes game.  I do not believe that more than a handful of those in Washington actually care about what happens to us.  They are concerned about their position and power.  The more control and power they gain the more they want.  If power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

America, I wrote about COVID and the vaccines, but my bottom-line message is not about this or any pandemic we face.  It is about Freedom and resisting the tyrannical and diabolical schemes and regimes trying to fundamentally transform America.  If we want freedom and liberty and desire to keep our Republic, then we must refuse to take anything the politicians say at face value.  We must find a way to vet their statements and examine their platforms.  We must find a way to overcome our differences based on everything but Freedom and unite to reclaim our America!

PS – I too have researched the vaccine and read and listened to the creator of the vaccine and others some supporting and declaring it totally safe and some raising red flags and suggesting there are too many unknowns to make it mandatory.  Each person should be allowed to decide for themselves. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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