SETTLED SCIENCE?  Let Me Make Something Clear…

Science is NEVER settled. It is always in a state of flux as new information comes to the fore.  It changes as new information is interpreted and applied to the hypothesis being considered.  To demand that science is settled because the scientists agree is, at best, a fantasy, and at worst, a diabolical attempt to distort the continuing evolution of information available. 

Science is sometimes defined as our understanding of nature and it would be at the apex of lunacy to presume or assume that our understanding of nature is complete and etched in stone.  Throughout human history, discoveries have been made that  repudiate the previous ‘settled scientific’ definitions of a theory previously assumed as final.

If you are a student of history and science, you might recall that there was a time when scientists believe that the sun rotated around the earth.  It was presumed to be factual and to believe otherwise was considered heretical and laughed at.  A true scientist who is intelligent and honest knows that there is always more to learn and avoids claiming their present understanding is settled. 

Those advancing theories regarding the current pandemic insist they know and therefore it is incumbent on the rest of us to comply.  They are the scientists and medical experts and whatever they have determined is the end of the discussion.  Yet, each month, if not each day, something new surfaces that discredit, calls into question, or changes the so-called settled science they are advancing. 

The Climate Change Zealots insist that their hypothesis of global destruction due to manmade climate change and global warming is settled science.  That is beyond idiotic.  The empirical data required to confirm their hypothesis is countered by mountains of data that debunk or call into question their assumptions.  Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the latest climate experts said three years ago we had twelve years before destruction if we did not follow her New Green Deal Plan.

Prior to that such luminaries as Al gore predicted that the planet would be destroyed by 2000.  Wait, isn’t this 2022, some twenty-two years later and now he has changed his timeline, as they always do.  In 2006, he changed his timeline, but alas another of his predictions came and went without the planet’s demise.

Dr. Anthony Fauci famously declared that masks don’t work but insisted that we wear one anyway.  In fact, he went so far as to suggest the wearing of two masks.  He insisted that we needed to wear those masks until we were vaccinated and then decided that we should keep on wearing them into perpetuity.  Then, boosters were required, masks still needed.  He has been so arrogant as to insist that he speaks for science and his decrees are law and gospel.  Settled Science?  Hardly.  It is, at best, a guess, and at worst, a diabolical plan to seize control and press the populace into a form of political servitude.

I continue with other ludicrous claims of the toxic liberal leftist progressives in our modern world and government they believe to be settled facts but are not.  They believe that stimulus spending is the cure to America’s economic woes and will grow the economy.  The fact is that the evidence supports my assertion that stimulus spending stimulates growth, but the only growth stimulated is the federal government.  It increases the national debt and expands the behemoth centered in Washington.

Joe Biden’s slogan, “Build Back Better” is another phase and fictional idea as was Barack Obama’s “Shovel Ready Projects.”  Neither has done anything to invigorate the economy but both did the opposite.  Both have cost the taxpayers trillions and produced nothing beneficial or lasting.  But, in their minds, it is a settled fact that their plan is the only plan to save America.  In reality, it is the path to Socialism and Despotism which will kill freedom and destroy American ingenuity and enterprise.

Benjamin Franklin told us long ago that the way to help the poor and downtrodden was not by making it easy for them to remain in that condition but to do that which inspires or forces them into providing for themselves.  I understand that some cannot, and I recognize the need for aid to be offered.  However, I contend that the aid should come from relatives, the church, the community, and even the State not the Federal Government.  Welfare spending will never cure poverty, it will enhance, expand, and create it.  Our entitlement programs have enlarged the welfare rolls not reduced them.  Settled facts, they say, but the facts suggest the opposite.

In today’s America, everything is Racist and Racism.  Martin Luther King, Jr. famously declared that he had a dream in which his children, “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  I share that dream!  That coupled with the teaching of the Bible gives us the means to eliminate racism.  If we do not become colorblind in dealing with other humans, we will never move beyond the plight of racism.  Racism directed toward whites and particularly white males will not eliminate racism but create a greater divide.  Two wrongs never make a right.

The so-called experts insist that it is biologically plausible that God blew it when He created some people.  He messed up and cross-wired some putting males in female bodies and vice versa.  No man can have a baby and that is a fact!  Women can have babies, even if they insist, they are a man.  The XY or XX chromosomes destroy the idea of men who are really women or women who are really men.  No, you are the gender God made you and that is a fact.

Another area that those at odds with reality insist is factual is reality.  They believe that reality is fungible, and they should be allowed to exchange one reality for another.  We do not control the laws of nature or economics.  Even if those laws prove to be an inconvenient roadblock to the desired reality, they remain constant.  Truth, although denied by many in today’s world is fixed and facts remain factual.  No one is allowed to create their own reality.  Everyone has the right to a view but not their own facts, those are fixed.

I desire that we all acquire the needed wisdom to deal with the complex problems of our world.  I realize that simplistic solutions do not always fix the problem, but often tend to perpetuate them.  If we ignore true reality we will live in a state of constant conflict.  If we would accept and embrace the fixed laws of nature, we could move toward solutions missed by the politicians and so-called experts of today’s world.  

Seeking to have one’s own reality and creating their own facts without the empirical data required leads to frustration and disappointment.  If you wonder why those following the toxic agenda of liberalism and progressivism are largely unhappy, that just might be the answer.  If we return and learn to accept truth as fixed and seek God’s guidance, we can resolve many of the issues of today’s world.  We will never eliminate evil until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the establishment of His eternal kingdom.  Until the devil and his hordes are forever bound in the Lake of Fire evil will exist. 

I want to see America restored.  One of the ways we can achieve that objective is to reject the idea that the so-called experts have provided us with a Settled Scientific Explanation.  Another, and essential is to recognize the Sovereignty of God and seek His guidance.  Let’s admit that we do not have all the answers, that science is not settled, and the only pathway to fulfillment is recognizing that we do not have all the answers and returning to recognition of God.

God bless you and God bless America!

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