I have asked that question, and the answers I received have been beyond disturbing.  Based on my unscientific and less than a random poll, it would seem that a great many believe that our current political morass is cyclical (much of it is).  They seem to believe that freedoms lost under one administration are easily and usually restored under the next from a different party (that is native).  That might have been true in the past, but I contend that it is far from the truth in the present.

We have been losing freedoms for decades, not just this past year or during the eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and his ‘fundamental transformation’ effort.  We lost freedoms dating back to the turn of the century and even beyond.  However, the cumulative losses do not compare to the current losses and the planned usurpations under the Biden administration.  Slumber with the thieves ransacking the house will result in no house to live in governmentally.

I believe that if you want to see what a War on Freedom looks like you could take this past year as an example, and it would be quite revealing.  However, we also lost freedoms in the last year of Trump.  Not as a result of his desire to strip us of our liberties but because he and his advisers bought the twaddle by Dr. Fauci and the so-called experts. 

There are many ways to defeat an opponent in war and one is monetary.  The policies enacted by the Biden administration and those being pursued have effectively devalued our currency even more.  Inflation is making the dollars we have almost as meaningless as the Deutsche Mark during their period of hyperinflation.  The crisis resulted in the German Mark’s devaluation so that $1 U.S. was equivalent to 3.43 Billion Deutsch Marks by the end of 1923.  That was a significant factor in Hitler’s rising to power.

When the borders are erased, and hordes of illegals are allowed and encouraged to flood the Republic that can be called nothing but an invasion.  I concur that some of those are seeking a better life.  However, many of them hold their allegiance to their former country where they have family remaining.  They will funnel U.S. dollars to those countries and further damage our economy.  They will place an impossible burden on our healthcare, education, and political systems.  Yet, that is what is happening under the Biden administration.

When free elections are tainted to the point that no one could possibly trust our electoral process, the sovereignty and security of the Republic are threatened.  When gerrymandering and redistricting are pursued with abandon making some states virtually devoid of any Republican Congressional seats, that spells disaster for the Republic.  When one party is disallowed from observing and serving as election judges in the balloting and counting in various states, that is a direct assault on the Constitution and the Republic.  Yet, that is what is happening in today’s political world in America.

When there is a blatantly hypocritical position to favor disruption, hate, and criminal activity when conducted by those on the Left but if any protest occurs by those on the Right it is domestic terrorism.  When the educational system is stripped of any semblance of objectivity regarding our history and infiltrated by radical leftists who advance a fallacious history, that is a threat to our Republic.  Our children are being indoctrinated from pre-school to Graduate school and few know America’s true history or the writings of our Founding Fathers.

When the government is a party to fanning the flames of distrust, discord, encouraging hatred based on ethnicity, and stirring up paranoia and fear, that is equivalent to War on the people.  It is a form of manipulation encouraging people to gravitate to a position or mindset of distrust to the point that war is inevitable. 

This is a type of hybrid war being waged against the American people and could result in what Nikita Khrushchev suggested that we could be defeated without the enemy firing a shot.  These actions by the Left and this administration are not only dangerous but highly immoral and diabolical.  America and the American people are not their focus, Power is!

For decades a large percentage of the American voting public has pleaded with our elected officials to secure the border.  Most Americans during the time I grew up and well beyond realized that a country without borders is no country and has no national sovereignty.  We were and are proud Americans and value our Republic.  Sadly, we have not been as diligent as required in addressing the issue with politicians.  We could have prevented this condition, but we decided to let politics be conducted by the politicians.

Those of us who call for a secure border are called a smorgasbord of names including racists and xenophobes.  We see the danger of allowing millions of illegals to enter unrestricted, unrestrained, and unvetted.  That could and will create a parallel nation or nations within this Republic. 

The moral issues of the influx of illicit and dangerous drugs, sex trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism, and criminal activity cannot be ignored.  The catch and release program allowing criminals to be apprehended and then released to commit horrendous crimes could be viewed as a declaration of war on the citizens. 

The weight of the fiscal demand on this nation via the pandering to the illegals, the promises of social welfare, and free relocation services as well as the planned attempt to allow them to vote is dangerous.  There are far more than the suggested 11 million illegals in this country and by the time of the November elections may exceed 40 million.  It would not take all 40 million votes to completely change the outcomes.  It would take a few in strategic locations.

It would not take long for them to form a voting bloc and take over Congress or gain sufficient membership to forever transform our Republic.  Our immigration policy required, encouraged and aided in the assimilation of those emigrants.  Today, we no longer encourage that and allow entire sectors to become “Little Cities” of whatever country they hailed from.

America is under assault and will find that more mandates, restrictions, and limitations on our ability to have “Life, Liberty, and pursue Happiness.”  With each usurpation of liberties, rights, and freedoms come more control and power in the hands of the political class, the modern oligarchy in America. 

It is important in war to know your enemy!  That was a significant problem in Vietnam where the Viet Cong frequently looked like the South Vietnamese.  They did not always dress in a distinguishable manner but were enemies just the same!  In America, the rhetoric of the politicians may sound friendly, but their actions reveal their true colors.  We must become alert and as the men of Issachar who discerned the times and knew what to do, we need God’s help.

God bless you and God bless America!

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