Benjamin Franklin’s observation resonates powerfully today or should.  He said, “Those that give up freedom for safety deserve neither.”  I would rephrase it to, “Those who give up freedom and inalienable rights thinking the government will make them safe will come to realize they have neither freedom nor safety.”

I know that in a measure I am writing about old news, but I keep wondering where all this may lead. Will the ease with which those in power manipulated and controlled us lead them to even greater infringements upon our liberties in the future? I am concerned that we know the answer to that question. God help us to stand fast in defense and observance of the Constitution and our Inalienable Rights, given by God not the government.

I am still in a state of shock, although I should not be, at how easily the entire world was locked down in this current pandemic of COVID-19.  I would have argued that America and other countries would have resisted the mandate to incur house arrest out of fear, but I was wrong.  With the knowledge of the coming event predicted in the Bible of the Antichrist I would have thought Christians and pastors would have resisted more than they did. 

If locking down the world was this easy based on limited information and based on fear, how many will resist the mandate of the Mark of the Beast?  But that is a topic for another time.  The lockdown’s effectiveness was almost immediately brought into question by scientists and members of the medical community.  As time passes, we keep discovering the ineffectiveness of the lockdowns.  However, the politicalizing of the pandemic and the Hitleresque power grab from the city level to the White House has made it clear that this is not going away soon.  Power grabbed by the power-hungry is never willingly relinquished.

I am 100% for Safety if it is truly Safety!  I am 100% for actions that will save lives if those actions truly save lives!  However, I have watched as the Mass Media has been party to the coverup and censorship of all reports and reporters who would expose the ineffectiveness of the mandates.    If a government action demands the surrender of personal and inalienable rights in the name of safety, I demand that they prove the effectiveness of the actions.  We have had the exact opposite and now it is time for the American people and those in Congress to restore our Rights and Freedoms.  It is time for those in power to admit their failure.

According to a Johns Hopkins University meta-analysis of numerous studies, the lockdowns during the first COVID wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced COVID mortality by 0.2%.  That includes both the United States and Europe.  Point two percent is not a justification for the paranoia, fear, and draconian lockdowns that were imposed. 

The meta-analysis concluded that the lockdowns provided virtually Zero benefits for public health and may have caused significant harm in the long term.  The economic destruction that transpired will take years if not decades to rebuild if they can be.  Some citizens lost their livelihood and dreams due to the government mandates that put them out of business or cost them their jobs.

The analysis also revealed that the ‘Shelter in Place’ mandates was equally ineffective.  Some studies suggested that the ‘Shelter in Place’ mandates reduced COVID-19 mortality by 5.1% but when coupled with the other mandates discovered that the reality was an increase in mortality by 2.8%.  That demands explanation by Dr. Fauci, Joe Biden, and every other politician in Washington.  The American people that the constitution recognizes as the true owners of the Republic demand the Truth!  We can handle the Truth, but the politicians know if we receive it, they are Toast! 

The side effects or peripheral damage done by the lockdowns include an increase in drug overdoses.  Those deaths reflect an increase of 28.5% from May 2020 to April 2021. That is astounding and should cause those behind the lockdowns to incur the ire of the voters.  We also know that domestic violence increased by 8.1% as people virtually went stir crazy not being able to get out of the house.

The report indicated that 97% of the teachers in the United States acknowledged that their students experienced learning loss.  That is not good for the future!  Unemployment soared to almost 15% in April 2020.  It has come back a great deal, but the damage done was catastrophic to millions of Americans.  The side effect of the increase in the welfare rolls and the entitlement mentality will cost us dearly in the years to come.

Senator Rand Paul offered his analysis.  He said, “In the 14th century, the pope surrounded himself with candles because they thought the infection could be burned out of the air to save people,” Paul told Fox News’ “America Reports” on Wednesday. “It was a wrong-handed notion. It took a few centuries – really to the 19th century – to understand the germ theory. Now we have lockdowns, which are not based in science, and really, we know that by and large masks did not work, Plexiglas did not work, and six feet of distance did not work. The one thing we do know that did work is vaccines and natural immunity.” 

I appreciate Senator Paul’s consistent resistance to the overreach by the federal government.  I do not know how effective the vaccines are, since much data suggests their effectiveness may only be making the infected less likely to be hospitalized. 

Numerous Republican-led states resisted the lockdowns and mandates, and the data suggests that those not imposing house arrest were no worse than those that did.  In many cases, they were better off, and their economy did not crater to the same extent as the states that followed the Fauci rule to the letter. 

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana offered his view.  He and other members of Congress are privy to much information that the average citizen is not.  He said, “I remember when government at all levels imposed the first lockdown.  They told us it was only going to be for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t.”   Now after nearly two years of mandates and failed measures by the government we are still facing the pandemic.

Senator Kennedy said, “Did it stop COVID? Doesn’t look to me like it did,” Kennedy said. “Did it gut the American economy like a fish? Yes. Did it set our kids back years in terms of learning and socialization? Yes. Did it lead to neglected health care for people with non-COVID illnesses? Yes. Did it impact the whole world? Yes. When America sneezes, the rest of the world gets a cold.”

Therefore, I can only conclude that seeking Safety at all Costs is Costly!  I am horrified that any virus which seems likely to be a manmade biochemical weapon originating in a laboratory in Wuhan, China would exist.  I am grieved deeply over those I know who succumbed to the virus or from complications ignited by the virus due to pre-existing conditions that increased mortality.  I weep over the failure of our government to provide honest answers and allow treatments early that could have saved lives. 

I want everyone to be safe but when we allow ourselves to be willingly enslaved by government mandates, regulations, and restrictions that are, at best minimally effective. That, in my view, is not a good path.  Rather it is a path that will lead to further control and loss of liberty and freedom.  Liberty once lost is never restored short of a revolution.  If they can make us fearful enough many will willingly receive the virtual chains hoping to be safe. 

God help us to return to Him and restore the constitutionally mandated liberties and freedoms to the American people.  If we do not resist, we will watch America become a despotic oligarchy or dictatorship.  I cannot passively watch that transpire!

God bless you and God bless America!

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