I will resist giving only the simplistic but correct answer to that question, “We turned away from God, morality, sensibility, strong families, and Republicanism as a form of government.”  That is the bottom line, but I want to focus on the condition not just how we got into this state as a nation.  I hope that I can articulate this well enough that it will open a few tightly closed eyes.  Although, I realize that I may simply be preaching to the choir.

We have an occupant in the White House ill-equipped mentally, emotionally, and morally to be President, but he is.  It is not the first time that we had an unqualified person occupying a high-level political office, but this is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I do not wonder what our Founding Fathers would say, I believe they would be rattling sabers and calling for immediate action.  I am not calling for armed rebellion, but prayerful consideration of the problem.

The illogical actions of Joe Biden regarding Russia, Ukraine, gender, energy, and the southern border brings to mind an illustration I heard or read.  In that account, a king sent his servant to purchase a fish for the king’s dinner.  The servant’s ineptitude or disregard for the king returned with a rotten fish.  The fish was cooked and after one bite the king began to choke and spat out the rotten offering.  His anger was epic.  He offered the servant three options for punishment.

Those choices were: (A). Pay a steep monetary fine.  (B). Submit to 30 lashes on his back. (C). Eat the fish.  The servant was destitute and had limited pain tolerance, so he opted to eat the fish.  However, after eating half the fish, he became ill and began vomiting uncontrollably.  So, he opted for the lashes but after 20 lashes he could no longer bear the pain and opted for the fine which would take all he had.  In the end, the servant had sustained whippings and eating half a fish he did not need to eat and paid a monetary price that left him penniless.  That is what the Left is doing to America or what their agenda has in store for us.

Someone said that Joe Biden is a zhlub, (an oaf, bumpkin, or simpleton).  Others have insisted that word comes woefully short of describing him and the destruction to our nation.  They view him as a plague of catastrophic proportions.  We are being plagued by his ineptitude, dementia, or willful destruction. He is clearly suffering from a diminished mental capacity, but that does not excuse his actions.

We have an immense problem on our southern border with over one million illegals being encountered in just six short months.  We have surging crime in the inner cities all led by extreme leftist liberal Democrats.  We have the decimation of public education which includes the dangerous CRT, same-sex curricula for children, and more.  We have lost our world leadership in oil and gas energy, going from energy independent to being energy dependent. 

Our foreign policy is a joke.  Our economy is being or has been destroyed by inflation and the supply chain issues are creating economic disaster.  This administration continues to appoint incompetents to high-level offices and the blunders, gaffes, and inane statements and actions by Biden plague us.  Then, we have Hunter Biden and the revelation of deep corruption and illegalities showing that Joe’s connection cannot be ignored.

It is my view that we do not have a real president of the United States.  We have an occupant of the White House and Oval Office that is mentally and morally incapable of leading this nation.  He is supposed to be the CEO of the American government but if a CEO of any corporation were as inept as he, that company would be bankrupt in short order.  He is supposed to set the objectives for the nation, he has failed miserably.  In contrast, President Trump was astute in fulfilling that aspect of the job. 

We have a situation where there is continual denial, diversion, distortion, and outright ignoring of the issues facing this nation.  His actions caused our gas prices to soar and now he pretends to care and is releasing millions of barrels of oil from our Strategic Reserve.  That may help in the short-term regarding prices at the pump but will place us in an incredibly dangerous position long term.  He could open the Keystone Pipeline and allow drilling on federal lands which would be a real solution.  Rather, he opts to ‘wag the dog’ and create the image of giving us relief, which many will praise rather than pursuing any real solution to the problem he created.

The racial discord is growing, and the Left is fanning those flames.  The gender problem allowing biological males to compete in women’s athletics is not healthy.  The federal government pays for sex-change surgery for those who ‘identify’ as another gender.  Allowing biological males in women’s restrooms is inviting incredible abuse and perversion.  The denuding of our military of needed weaponry is a recipe for disaster.

If any of Trump’s children had engaged in the illegal and treasonous activities that Hunter Biden, Joe’s son has, the media, Congress, and the courts would be crying for action 24/7.  But with Hunter and Joe, the crickets of silence are so loud it is deafening. 

Ron Paul made a statement that I agree with.  He said, “The New World Order undermines Liberty.”  I agree!  I believe that our solution to the problem in America is two-fold.  We must return to following the Constitution as it was written and allow no deviations from that guiding document.  Secondly, which is actually first, we must return to following God and allowing His spiritual, moral, ethical, and governmental principles to guide us. 

When former President Trump called for filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when prices were low, Chuck Schumer bragged about stopping him.  How can that be justified?  The Green Energy crowd and Climate Change Alarmists praised Schumer and the Senate Democrats for that action.  How can they justify that action?  They justify actions that harm us long-term and denounce actions that are a means for long-term protection of our economy and our republic.

America, I do not believe that Biden and the Democrats who follow the toxic ideology of liberalism will pivot on the key issues facing America and that do us damage.  I hope their actions will result in a massive victory of ousting many of them from Congress and thereby open the door for some bureaucratic cleansing in our government. 

What issues am I referring to?  The administration’s negative energy policy.  Gas prices were low when Biden was inaugurated but have soared because of his undefendable policies.  Immigration was being addressed positively, but Biden immediately revoked the Trump policies and opened the border to illegals, terrorists, disease, and drugs. 

The ‘defund’ the police movements championed by the Left, the riots and destruction by BLM, and others have escalated due to the policies of handcuffing the police.  Education is a failure under this administration and the agenda being advanced will guarantee that its focus will be brainwashing not education.  Lastly, our foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster, and as Robert Gates stated, “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign and national security issue over the past four decades.”  Gates was the Defense Secretary under Obama. 

America, we can reclaim our republic.  We can, but will we?  Are we willing to take the austere steps required?  Are we willing to follow the directive of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and repent and return to God?  Are we willing to restore the Constitution to its lofty position as our guiding document in America?  Are we willing to forget party labels and vote out those pushing agendas that are detrimental to those objectives?  Are we willing to unite to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom?  If we are we can reclaim America!

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Very well said. What else shall I say except Amen!

    Oh and I do like the story of the king and the fish, very apt.

  2. yes and amen! thank you

  3. jrpmail2003 says:

    “Are we willing to forget party labels…”. Really? Your article blast one party and condone another. Is that any way to suggest repentance? Or do we like Job tell God I will cover my mouth and listen to what He has to say? The hand of God is upon our nation, not one particular party. God in scripture was inflamed against the Jews and Israel both before the nation fell. Let’s humble ourselves before our mighty God and perhaps He will spare us all.

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