I have a question regarding the statement bandied about by Democrats, “Nobody is above the law.” If nobody is above the law, then why are so many politicians not in jail?  The 1970 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) could and should be applied to numerous politicians.  It assuredly could be applied to the Biden family as a criminal enterprise as well as the Obama and Clintons.  I have no doubt there are Republicans who could be listed in that group, but those three are beyond clear it takes willing blindness to not see their criminality.

The RICO was initially used to target gangsters, but it could and should include corrupt government practices involving low-level or high-level players who are linked together for a common purpose.  The corrupt government officials operating as organized crime units or families could not exist without equally corrupt law enforcement.  If the FBI and the DOJ were enforcers of the Law equally to all, they would be exposed, indicted, and behind bars.  The fact that they are not, says more about our entire system than is comfortable acknowledging.

There have been and will be billions of dollars drained from the public treasury by corrupt politicians and their cronies.  The pay-to-play schemes, special legislative favors, and influence peddling are illegal, but never seem to be enforced except on the low-hanging fruit among the political class.  Every so often, a bone is thrown to the public to offer a semblance of enforcement, but it is more a wag the dog than enforcement.

The Biden family’s criminal activity and violations of the RICO Act are an extension of the business as usual of the DC Swamp.  Hunter Biden’s three laptops that the owner of the shop where he left them called the FBI, but that illustrious agency wasn’t interested.  Why?  I believe you can figure that out when they later picked up the laptops and deep-sixed them. 

The shop owner made copies, and the information made its way to the New York Post’s investigative reporter Miranda Devine.  The Post broke the story on October 14, 2020, just before the election.  The intelligence community used the Left’s age-old tactic and sought to discredit the information.  The New York Times called the report unsubstantiated.  Unsubstantiated?  The Post had video and documents to prove the allegations.  But if the Left says it is unverified the Fact-less Checkers agree, and the Kook-Aid drinkers gulp it down and chant the prescribed narrative.

There was not only a video of Hunter’s drunken and cocaine-smoking orgies but damning information from Burisma asking Hunter to seek intervention in the investigation.  Remember Joe Biden’s claim that he had the Ukrainian prosecutor fired?  Why wasn’t that thoroughly investigated?  The information available revealed a genuine national security threat and classic blackmail material.  But only crickets were forthcoming from the FBI and DOJ.  Crime pays, so it seems!

The Biden’s are more open and blatant about their old-school influence-peddling than even the Clintons and the Obamas.   The Chinese Communists have infiltrated our government and businesses at many levels.  They targeted and groomed Hunter because of his addictions, lack of moral fiber, and greed.  I believe that connection alone explains why Joe Biden is so soft and inept in dealing with China.  There are five known deals with China and the Bidens totaling at least $31 million.  Some reach to the top of China’s spy chain. 

Crimes against America and Americans were brought to light during the Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump presidential campaign.  We now have a document provided by a D.C. court in the case against Fusion GPS revealing that the company was involved in more than the Steele Dossier.  They were also behind the Alfa Bank, Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Manafort, and the Trump family lies and smears as well.

The document in this D.C. court case linked the company to virtually every piece of information used by the Mueller gang’s attempt to take down President Donald Trump.  It was revealed from the vast inventory of Fusion GPS projects that they were involved with Crowdstrike who first reported as experts claiming Russia had stolen the DNC’s emails in 2016.  That lie was kept in place by the Mueller group as an excuse to investigate the supposed Trump-Russia collusion. 

They were involved with the Alfa Bank story that was proven a lie.  The Carter Page story they offered was a lie since Page was working with the CIA.  They lied about Paul Manafort and Papadopoulos as well.  They were willing to tell a lie loudly and frequently knowing that if it were repeated often enough and had the backing of the intelligence community it would be believed by the masses.  Their objective was to take down Trump and if not take him down, defeat him in the next election. 

Bill Clinton was astute in using the ‘wag-the-dog’ tactic to cover up his misgivings and indiscretions.  He was willing to engage in military action at the cost of American lives for his own CYA.  He was not the first and not the last to use that tactic.  Today we are seeing it resurface.  Not in military action albeit there is saber-rattling to distract but they are using other tactics to hide what they are doing and their objective.

I believe, to a degree, COVID-19 is being used to ‘wag the dog’ to distract voters from what is transpiring.  It is easy to blame for the economic decline and other unrest and unsettledness in our nation.  When politicians become astute at the sleight of hand and hiding distracting, so the public does not see their manipulation, the Republic is damaged.

We have seen the literal erasing of our southern border, undeclared martial law, and house arrests issued against businesses and citizens due to the pandemic.  We have witnessed the further takeover of our educational system advancing the theories of Critical Race, Political Correctness, Transgenderism, and Cancel Culture.  History is being rewritten and expunged of all facts regarding our founding and our forefathers.  The orchestrated division between segments of our society is a political tool as well.

America, we either elect officials who will honor and enforce the constitution and law of the land or we lose the Republic.  It will take a Super-Majority in both the House and Senate to drain the Swamp, but a simple majority would be a wonderful starting point.  It is time that the politicians engaging in activities that the citizens would go to prison over are held accountable.

I readily concur that not all Republicans are following good agendas and far too many are part of the old boy system of crony government and corrupt politics. I am opposed to all dirty politicians and am crying for a return to moral sanity, constitutional government, and ethics. Our founders envisioned that we the people could, if we would, keep our Republic. Letting the politicians be politicians has brought us here and we need to take note.

If the Church will regain its voice and the pastors will become fearless advocates of God, the Bible, and moral rightness they won’t have to preach politics righteousness would cause people to vote rightly.  If we, as a people would return to our moral moorings, the politics would take care of itself for a righteous people would oust the crooks and destroyers from office.  But unless we unite and toss aside our petty differences and vote for Constitutional Governance we will continue to pay as will posterity.  I ask everyone to become involved in prayer, vetting, and voting…

God bless you and God bless America!

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