I believe that to be a legitimate question for 2022 America and beyond.  We have two definable forces at work in today’s world and two distinct agendas in American politics.  One group is leading us down the pathway of fundamental transformation and making our Free Constitutional Republic another failed despotic socialist experiment.  They believe that their brand will work and that others have failed because they are not as enlightened as they.  THEY ARE WRONG!

There are those holding elected offices in Washington, D.C. who seem to be oblivious to the inherent dangers of their agenda.  Maybe they believe they will be a part of the ruling Beau monde of politics and society and not subjected to the pain and suffering endured by the Proletariat.  Maybe they will be if their agenda is carried forward, but I suspect that precious few of them will and they will discover they were useful idiots to achieve and end.

Why would anyone, with a semblance of reason and sanity, want to destroy a system of government and economics that has proved to be the best in the world for decades?  Why?  I suppose the answer lies in the failure of our education system for more than 40 years.  The failure to educate and the demonstrated effort to indoctrinate is bearing fruit and the Republic is the ultimate loser.  By the Republic I mean, We The People!

If we allow the Leftists, Globalists, Politically Correct, to strip us of any of our inalienable rights we will watch all our rights go by the wayside.  The two chief rights the Democrats and those on the Left want to revoke are the 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights.  Namely, Freedom of Speech and Religion and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  If they can alter, diminish, or revoke those rights, we will no longer have a government of the People, by the People, or for the People.  We will have at best an Oligarchy and at worst a Dictatorship. 

The Bill of Rights is not ambiguous regarding our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  It contains no stipulations pertaining to the Second Amendment.  There are no conditions attached to it.  There are no limitations as to the type of firearms a citizen can have on them or in their homes.  NONE!  That Amendment, so prized by our Founding Fathers, without ambiguity, states that the citizens of the United States have the right to keep and bear arms.  Period.  Nothing more and nothing less.  It is etched in stone!

If you want to argue that certain firearms are off-limits and only muzzle-loaded ball and powder muskets are included, then you must also argue that the First Amendment could not apply to modern communication devices such as phones, TVs, or the internet because they did not exist.  They did not foresee the modern type of firearms, which is true, but equally true, they did not foresee the telegraph, telephone, television, or social media. Therefore, if you are consistent in your argument for restricting or banning modern firearms you must also ban modern communications.  Ridiculous?  Yes, on both counts. 

Another example would be the Fourth Amendment which protects against unreasonable search and seizure.  It says that people will be secure in their papers.  Does that mean that you are out of luck if the government comes to review your emails and other electronics?  That would be a gross violation of the spirit of that Amendment.  But the founders did not foresee that type of documentation, communications, or record keeping, so if we ban the Second Amendment Right based on what they could or could not foresee we must consistently argue that on all Amendments. 

If we did that, we would enable those who want to destroy our Constitution and implement a system of Government that the Leftists control.  We must never allow that to happen and regard as sacred our Constitutional and Inalienable rights.  The Government did not give us the right to self-defense, God did.  The Government did not give us the right to life, God did.  Our inalienable Rights many defined in the Bill of Rights are God-given and are supposed to be outside the reach of the government.  We must return to patriotism that demands they remain ours and uninfringed.

I am not concerned with which political party you identify.  I am concerned with the extent to which you are willing to surrender your rights to the government.  There was a time in America when Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians would have united in a block to prevent any politician from infringing upon our rights.  Today, we seem to be so indoctrinated that we view everything advanced by the party not our choice as evil and even allow the party of our choice to do us harm.  That is beyond belief.

If we honestly examine history, we will quickly discover that former presidents such as George Washington our first president, and Abraham Lincoln, the president during the Civil War held a common view about America.  They both believed that America’s greatest threat to its national survival was not outside military invasion by a foreign power, but from within. 

George Washington, in what I view as prophetic, raised some valid points in his farewell address.  That address was so powerful and germane to every generation it has been reprinted more than the Declaration of Independence.  He warned of three sources of danger to Liberty in the American Republic.  They were relevant then and even more relevant today. 

First, he contended that it was an unmistakable danger if citizens failed to be well informed.  We probably have one of the most historically and politically ignorant societies America has ever known.  Second, he warned of the danger caused by internal division because of party factions and hyper-partisanship.  If you cannot see that in today’s politics, churches, and society, you are asleep.  Third, he warned of the danger of the decline of religious obligation and national morality.  We are there!  In that last, he was more than a little prophetic. 

Lincoln echoed sentiments along the same vein.  He asked, “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected?”  His answer was, “If it ever reaches us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad.  As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die by suicide.”  He also said, “The people…are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts – – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.” 

After his second election, he warned of the corruption in high places facilitated by the almighty dollar.  He contended that they would continue their reign by working up the prejudices of the people until all wealth was aggregated in the hands of a few and the Republic was destroyed. 

I believe that they, and men like Jefferson, John and Sam Adams, Franklin, and the founders if they could step on the scene today would call for Americans to unite and take back the government from the devious pursuers of power.  They would cheer the efforts of American citizens to push back against overreaching government mandates and regulations.  They would call for a determined effort to reclaim the God-given rights enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

America, we are at a crossroads and the fork in the road we take will determine our survival or demise.  I urge you to become a pursuer of Freedom and unite to save America from becoming another Venezuela.  We can salvage this nation.  It will not be easy, nor will it be without sacrifice.

God bless you and God bless America!

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