SCOTUS LEAK – Who, What, and Why?

I have an opinion and a sense in my heart of hearts that the leak is designed to subvert the preliminary vote of the court to overturn Roe v Wade and send it back to the individual states.  It is my opinion and a cause for concern, but I believe the leak was a planned coup against the vote of the Constitutionalists on the court.

I believe that this leak came from sources within the inner circle of the SCOTUS, maybe a staffer or aide for a multi-pronged reason.  I do not believe Justice Alito or the other four who signed on to the opinion of the majority leaked this, and if they did, they were either dumb or were looking for a way out of their initial vote. 

I believe the leak came from someone within the information circle of the court to alert the rabid radical leftists and Democrats to engage in what would border on an insurrection.  I suspect the intent was to fan the flames of radicalism and create such confusion and chaos across the nation that some of the justices might be tempted to change their vote. 

However, I believe that there is an even more dangerous and sinister motive.  I believe this was to provide immediate ammunition to the Democrat activists and radicals to demand and possibly secure the abolition of the filibuster in the Senate.  But, beyond that, I suspect this will cause an immediate call if not action by the Leftist to ‘Pack the Court’ with 2 or more justices of radical activist persuasion. 

If the vote stands, as it should constitutionally, it will be referred back to the states and each state’s voting public will decide how they proceed regarding abortion.  While I detest the idea of genocide in abortion and the slaughter of the unborn who are the most vulnerable and innocent of our society, I believe it is a States Rights Issue as are most issues facing us today.

I also suspect that this leak was an attempt to arouse the base of the Democratic Party and ensure that they vote in November.  As the polls stand right now, the Democrats are poised for a shellacking in the mid-term elections, and they must find something that will provide a rallying cry to light the fire in their base.  Is this it?  I do not know, but I can see how it could become a catalyst for more liberal votes in November and a dedicated effort to commit fraud in those elections.  Therefore, I do not believe this leak was from those voting to overturn Roe.

The Democrats have only a few months to generate enthusiasm and create a rift in the GOP and they will pull out all stops.  Dirty tricks, sneaky tactics, and violations of federal law have never prevented corrupt politicians in the past and will not in 2022.  I must state so that no one accuses me of being blind to past violations by the Republicans. I know that there are dirty politicians on both sides of the political aisle.  I would love to see all the corrupt in elected offices shown the door, but I realize that is not going to happen, so I must stand for what I believe and call what I see as I see it.

The leak is being called unprecedented and there are rumors that Chief Justice Roberts is calling for the FBI to investigate the leak. He has and based on recent history, that is a guarantee that the report from their findings will be that it was from the conservatives side of the equation and will give more ammunition for the Left to take extra-constitutional actions in the name of “Saving Our Democracy.”  No one will note that we are a Republic, not a Democracy but the myth and deception will continue.

The case of Dobbs v. Mississippi (2022) gives cause to evaluate whether Roe v. Wade (1973) the legalization of abortion nationwide, can be overruled.  If Roe v. Wade is overturned then, as I stated earlier will revert to the individual states to decide how to proceed within their respective states.  That is how the Constitution intended things to work.  States’ Rights are an issue in this and if the Left manages to Pack the Court with liberal activists, we will no longer be a Republic, but a Statist nation ruled by a political oligarchy that will eventually become a dictatorship.

The Democrats insist that Abortion is a Civil Right.  Of course, they only focus on the Right to Choose of the woman (although that is no longer a politically correct term).  They never focus on the Right to Life for the Unborn Baby in the Womb.  No, they call it a fetus, a blob of tissue, or something to soothe their consciences and speak of the autonomy of the female. 

The leak restores abortion to the forefront of the upcoming elections and will divert attention from all the other pertinent issues and make this a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice election.  I can predict that there will be non-Democrats coerced into voting in such a manner as to show they have no stomach for a moral fight for the Life of the Baby and moral principles. 

I really am not concerned about what anyone thinks of me on this issue, I believe it is an issue and one which the Bible stands for the Right of the Life of that Baby.  There was a choice in most pregnancies to not engage in sex or unprotected sex.  I concur that there are cases of rape, but even then, I must ask, is adoption, not a more humane response than slaughtering the unborn for convenience’s sake or whatever reason? 

I suspect that we will see a massive increase in fundraising for the Left and the fanning of the flames of paranoia and fearmongering will reach a level not yet witnessed in previous elections.  Republicans will be called haters of women, haters of Democracy, haters of the Constitution, and labeled as demons from the pit of hell (a place most of the left do not believe in.) 

The desire for unrestricted abortion on demand at any time during the pregnancy and even post-delivery will become their rallying cry.  I also believe that this could reignite the already motivated Pro-Life voters and we could witness the largest turnout in American history in November. 

I am concerned about the leak for many reasons and since the Democrats follow the Script of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ I suspect we are in for a wild ride throughout the remainder of this year and beyond.  The expressed operational method of “Never let a crisis go to waste” will be the modus operandi of the Left and the idea that “the end justifies the means” will be their motto.  Believing one is superior to others does not make them so but makes them willing to do whatever they desire and justify it in their own minds.

America, we are standing on the brink of the abyss of destruction, the loss of our inalienable and constitutional rights, and our Republic.  I believe that abortion is a violation of the civil rights of the unborn.  I believe that life in the womb is created by God and is the most vulnerable and innocent life that demands we fight to save their lives.  God help us if we fail.

God bless you and God bless America!

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