The current president, Joe Biden’s campaign slogan was “Build Back Better.”  I found that interesting since we were far better off, under Trump than under the 8 years he and Barack Hussein Obama ran the Executive Branch.  We were seeing our economy boom and had become energy independent importing crude to other nations.  We were on the path to securing our southern border and moving forward in reclaiming our place as a World leader and one our enemies feared, and our allies could depend on.  So, better than what was my question?

However, if you decipher the speech of the Leftists who are devotedly anti-free enterprise and our Constitutional Republican system of government you can understand what he meant.  It had nothing to do with restoring what was not lost but an attempt to spin the tired rhetoric that Trump was bad and everything he did was bad.  Sadly, the Kool-Aid guzzlers gulped it down and regurgitated the slogan as though it were truth.

Now we have had over a year of Biden Economics and are in the throes of Hyper Inflation where any pay increase is swallowed up by the skyrocketing inflation and cost of everything.  If that is Better, please let me go back to what he and they deem worse.  Everything is deemed Trump’s fault, Putin’s fault, Christian’s fault, Conservatives, fault, or the fault of the Wuhan Virus, which some have compared to Pearl Harbor.  I believe the virus was manufactured and released purposely, but I don’t know how deeply elements within the United States were involved and how global this planned pandemic was.  That is of great concern.

The American economy is in shambles, and our enemies no longer fear us.  We have a man running the Department of Defense who fully embraces the WOKE ideology and is purging our military of true patriots.  We have a Department of Justice that is fully on board with the fundamental transformation of America and targeting everything Christian and conservative.  We have members of the Biden Cabinet who are equal lunatics to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Squad in their anti-Americanism. 

We have an Educational System that has been engaged in promoting the Cancel Culture, and Critical Race Theory as well as teaching Revisionist History or Rewritten History.  We have monetary inducements keeping people from seeking gainful employment and are willing to allow those who will work to subsidize their laziness.  We have the flames of racial discord being fanned to the point that bloodletting is almost unavoidable.  That is not better!

The cost of filling up the tanks of our vehicles is soaring, and no one seems to have any idea where the ceiling on prices might be.  I believe that the only way we reverse the rise in prices is to evict the occupants of the White House and replenish the membership of both Houses of Congress with American Patriots.  The gas prices cannot be blamed on COVID-19, nor can they be blamed on former President Donald Trump.  They must be owned by Joe Biden and his cohorts.

The man occupying the White House, either through his own thought processes or what he is told to say, blames the reversal in the economy on COVID-19.  Some of it is due to the incredible lockdown that transpired and the governmental destruction of a myriad of businesses and individual lives.

I am reminded of the insightful words of former President Ronald Reagan in 1986 when he said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  Those words are more relevant today than when he said them.  If what is happening is their definition of help, please don’t help me anymore!

What is the sector that is exerting the most influence on the negative economy?  You guessed it, Energy.  Oil is a global commodity and as the oil and gas industry goes so goes the economy of the world.  Production and refining of oil are intricately connected.  With the edicts and Executive Orders and Actions of Joe Biden, we watched the Oil Patch dwindle to nothingness and our economy followed it into the tank.

A little research reveals that on April 20, 2020, all the tanks and pipes were full.  For a short time, oil producers had no place to store their crude.  Any nation is dependent upon reliable energy sources and the utopian dream of alternative energy, and the New Green Deal is unreliable and incredibly expensive.  The Oil and Gas Industry had a prime directive to assure the availability of 100 million barrels of oil consumed every day.  Once they fulfill the prime directive, they are able to work within the parameters of the market for its benefit and profit. 

There are many factors beyond who is the president that determines the production and supply of energy.  But where we now sit, Joe Biden is as much the blame as any human on the planet.   He needlessly shut down the pipeline and the immediate result was rising prices.  His actions regarding drilling and the fossil fuel industry resulted in our energy crisis not Russia or Ukraine or anyone else.  He took us from being energy independent to energy-dependent.  So, I do blame Biden as the chief contributor to the problem.

An even larger problem is the desire and design of the Leftists Biden included is to control our money and then they control us.  Most people believe that they are in control of their money, but I suggest that we are not nearly as in control as we were even 2 years ago.  Sadly, too many simply sigh and throw up their hands at the reality that the government has a monopoly on money. 

There was a time when the money in our wallets, no matter if it was issued by a bank or the Federal Reserve as today, it was ours.  Electronic transfer of money is a precursor to total government control of our money.  Why do you think the IRS is going to evaluate every transaction of $600 or more? 

The Clintons and the Obamas leaned on banks to refuse to do business with people for various reasons.  There was no federal law allowing them to do so, but the threat was enough to elicit cooperation.  We would do well to remember the words of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1819 when he said, “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.”  We are seeing the rise in cryptocurrency, and it poses a serious threat to government control.  I believe that the government will use all its power to crush every attempt to provide an alternative to government-issued money.

If where we are is deemed Better, what will they call it when our entire economy collapses, and foreign governments call in our debt that we cannot pay?  What will they call it when China and other foreign government or entities demand land for payment or other concessions that threaten our national security?  Will we still allow it to be called Better without unifying to send them packing?  If we do, we will participate in the demise of our Republic.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and urge everyone regardless of their political party affiliation in the past to unite for Freedom and Save America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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