I believe that ‘Trust’ has been damaged when it comes to those in our government, the media, academia, and much of society.  Over time, people have become anesthetized to the enormous barrage of lies, distortions, half-truths, deceptions, and deviousness, and while distrusting they expect to be dumped on and abused.  That is a tragic condition that has not always existed in America but is prevalent today.  We have, and with good reason, lost Trust!

Scottish economist, Adam Smith said, “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.”  What he meant by that was that he believed that a successful nation has a large margin, or cushion, between its current condition and destruction.  America has an enormous amount of natural resources and those resources were developed or harvested because people desired freedom and prosperity.  Skills were developed and people ventured into the unknown with a high level of trust for one another.  Yes, there have always been crooked and greedy people who were devious, but we Trusted!

Trust is essential to form the web or network of people, businesses, and government to harvest the resources society needs.  For example, if you consider the production of a loaf of bread you see the network required.  The farmer plants the wheat and uses tools created by someone else as he waters, fertilizes, and works his crop.  Those tools, he uses, require industry to create and energy to run the machines that create the machines.  Petroleum is required and the network expands.  The grain is delivered to the bakery and then to the market.  Finally, it reaches the shelves of the market, and we buy it and consume it.  All of that requires a network and for the network to function properly we must have Trust!

Sadly, politicians just do not get it.  They seem to believe that we have infinite margins, and they can destroy Trust without affecting the progress and prosperity of the nation.  They are wrong!  I know farmers who have ceased growing certain crops because of the lack of trust in the government.  That affects the production and price of those needed foods, and we blame everything but the right thing all due to a lack of Trust.

Relationships cannot thrive without Trust.  Marriages will fail if they are not established on a solid foundation of Trust.  A business will fail if they are devoid of Trust.  Without Trust, society becomes a dog-eat-dog world, and everyone becomes a law unto themselves.  We live in a world that is become more cutthroat than ever and Trust is a lost commodity in today’s world.

The followers of toxic liberalism, and progressivism, have been key players in the loss of Trust.  They have bombarded us with countless destructive theories such as manmade climate change, Critical Race Theory, cancel culture, woke-ness, transgenderism, defunding the police, and more.  They are pushing policies designed to control us not help us pursue the American dream or as the Declaration of Independence words it, “pursue happiness.”

Recent polls, even by those who embrace the Woke Agenda, indicate that a plurality of Americans reject that agenda and believe it destructive.  Scott McConnell wrote in The American Conservative, “To be woke is to believe that all social life is permeated by interlocking systems of oppression and that overturning them is a moral imperative.”  That reveals the true agenda of the Left.

The Left and those pursuing the Woke Agenda have facilitated the morphing of Progressivism into the newest ideological religion.  It is, without question, authoritarian and desires total compliance and total control.  It is rapidly becoming, “Comply or Die.”  They have proposed and are working to impose policies that inflict severe punishment on those who do not embrace their agenda and obey.

Freedom of Speech, an integral element in a Free Society and required to establish and maintain Trust is being assaulted by the Left.  They deem everything not ‘Woke’ to be hate speech and embrace the use of censorship as they seek to silence all dissenting voices.  Those who violate their progressive code are socially ostracized, sued for discrimination, forced to resign, or go out of business, and labeled or branded as being evil.

I believe it was Greg Gutfeld from Fox that said, “Wokeness takes stuff that you love and can turn it into poison.”    A case in point would be the Walt Disney Company where they are taking away Mickey Mouse and those fun-loving characters and are turning them into an LGBTQ ideology. They have announced that 50% of the Disney characters will be LGBTQ or minorities.  They are embracing the indoctrination of our children with the Leftist’s idea of social construct.

When kindergarten children are indoctrinated with the ideological agenda of toxic liberalism how can we Trust those charged with educating our children?  The Biden administration has advanced “Transgender Day of Visibility.”  What happened to the idea or reality of being made in the Image of God and the scientific and biological reality that there are only two genders, Male and Female? 

Biden has released a series of documents promoting non-reversible “gender-reassignment” surgeries and hormone treatments for minors.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  Training children is the God-given responsibility of parents and although we once trusted the educational system to teach them core subjects to help them become productive members of society, we can no longer Trust Education. 

Biden made an incredibly anti-biblical statement in promoting “Transgender Day of Visibility.”  He said: “To everyone celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, I want you to know that your president sees you – Jill [Biden], Kamala [Harris], Doug [Emhoff], our entire administration sees you – for who you are: made in the image of God and deserving of dignity, respect, and support.”  Wait, Mr. President, are you saying that God made a mistake?  How dare you!

The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has launched a new website that offers “resources for transgender and LGBTQI+ youth, their parents, and providers.”  They declare that their goal is to “affirm an LGBTQI+ child.”  The website asserts that “when children and adolescents claim that their ‘gender identity’ does not match their biology, the administration is happy to “reaffirm” that with mental health ‘councils.’”  How can God-fearing people Trust this administration and the government? 

No one is an “X” gender, they are either male or female and I stand on that based on both science and the Bible.  If your biological construct identifies you as a male or a female, that is what you are regardless of what you decide or what surgery attempts to recreate.  You are what you are biologically and when the attempt is made to blur the line of truth, I lose all Trust in those doing so. 

Trust is becoming extinct in today’s society and what I have advanced is just a few grains of sand on the vast beach of destructive ideologies, theories, and agendas being advanced.  How can we Trust when ideological activism is allowed to displace science, reason, and the Bible? 

America, we must take back our Republic.  We take back the educational system.  We must take back our Congress, and the Courts, and restore Republicanism (a system of government in contrast to Socialism, Marxism, or Direct Democracy) if we hope to survive as the United States of America, a Free Constitutional Republic!

God bless you and God bless America!

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