America, I, and many others have been crying from the rooftops that we are on the precipice of destruction and truly one election away from America’s destruction.  Those who desire to fundamentally transform our Constitutional Republic into a third-world dictatorship or elitist oligarchy are openly seeking to implement their agenda.  They no longer hide their intent from the voters because they have been allowed to commit their acts with impunity. 

Therefore, I do not blame them alone for their deviousness and destruction, we could have and should have stopped them.  But often because we were not severely impacted by their actions, we turned a blind eye and remained silent while they destroyed.  We no longer have the luxury of silence or inaction.  If we are going to reclaim our republic and preserve our liberties and freedoms, we must become informed, involved, and resist their destruction. 

We have been invaded and many are uninformed as to the extent of that invasion because our attention has been diverted by inflation, crime, and other issues.  There is an overt and covert effort to relegate our constitution to the back burner and allow executive orders and executive actions to rule and control.

Watch out America!  The flood of illegals is pouring across our southern border and in their number are terrorists, gang members, drug smugglers, human traffickers, and disease-ridden individuals.  We will rue the day we allowed Joe Biden to become the occupant of the White House.  The price we will pay may be beyond our ability to sustain our system of government.

We are watching the central bank print money like it was wallpaper and the unsustainable federal spending is continuing to soar with the only outcome of hyperinflation, and a debt burden no nation can survive.  The legacy we are leaving to our posterity is not one of prosperity, liberty, and victory, but servitude to the federal overlords of the globalist now running our nation and most of the world.

Pork barrel spending with the intent to reward political activists and cronies seeking to buy votes and build a hedge of immunity from prosecution is rampant.  The focus on green energy at the expense of the oil and gas industry will continue to plunge us into dependence upon those who hate us and create hardships for the average American.  Those hardships will result in millions losing their homes, food shortages, and prices that prevent us from buying what we need.

The insane defund of the police rhetoric and actions of some Democratic-controlled environs will result in the continued escalation of crime.  We are rapidly approaching, if we are not already there, a time when it is not safe to walk our streets, even in small-town America.  We are headed for a crash, economically, morally, socially, and politically and many seem to be oblivious to the danger or the cause.

We have arrived at a time when those in power are persecuting and prosecuting their political and ideological opponents.  The unbridled censorship of big tech and others has silenced one side of the discussion. The result of that is that the uninformed are only hearing one side and therefore have no data upon which to reason the rightness or wrongness of what they heart.  That is propaganda, manipulation, brainwashing, and the ignorance of truth results in the control by the elitists.  We pay an unwelcome price and once it is paid, we are doomed to servitude, with the only prospect of freedom being resistance and rebellion.

Our founding fathers recognized the flaws of human nature and the ravages of sin.  They appreciated and incorporated it into their deliberations and development of our Constitution.  They researched thousands of years of human history and cited the recurring deficiencies in governmental systems that eventually resulted in their collapse.  They agreed almost unanimously that concentrated power begets government tyranny and the surrender of God-given freedoms.  They recognized inalienable rights as coming from God, not the government, and sought to prevent that overreach.  We have failed to maintain what they gave us.

With our Border Patrol agents reporting an increase in criminals, gang members, and those suspected of or known to be affiliated with terrorists we need to awaken from our slumber and bias towards a political party and demand action.  Action?  Yes, secure the border, enforce the law, and follow the constitution.  It is not inhumane to take that action.  A person who is seeking political asylum and verifiably in danger of their life should be considered, but there is a process and pathway for legal immigration, and it must be followed. 

In March over 62 thousand illegals avoided our Border Patrol Agents.  Exactly how they know how many avoided detection is a question I cannot answer, but I suspect if they report that number, the reality might be double or triple.  The MS-13 gang is demonically diabolical.  It is called Mara Salvatrucha and was set up in Los Angeles by Central American immigrants and has expanded across the continent.  It is known for gruesome crimes and its motto is – “mata, viola, controla” which means, “kill, rape, control.”  Ignoring them is not only dangerous it is treasonous.

Lifting Title 42 is an open invitation for America to be overrun and overthrown.  Rather than dealing with this problem, which Biden and his party insist is not a problem but an expression of who we are in allowing them free access.  Rather than dealing with this problem, this administration is focused on advancing the lunacy of manmade climate change or global warming and the core of that push is the “New Green Deal.”  We are chasing rainbows rather than dealing with problems.

The band-aid on a cancer action of releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve attempting to lower gas prices is not a solution.  Rather, it can be and will be damaging to us in the long run.  What should be done is open the Keystone XL pipeline and allow drilling on federal lands.  Biden said that he will “work like the devil” to step up supply at the pump.  He is “working like a devil” but not seeking to solve the problem long term.  His policies continue to push us to the precipice of destruction. 

The question is “Will we continue to allow this planned destruction?”  How long will we sit in silence while our nation is destroyed?  How long will we allow them to ‘wag the dog’ and divert our attention from the real problems and solutions facing us today?  How long?  We do not have long and if we fail this November and in 2024, we will likely not have a republic to fight for.  That is how dire I see this problem.

God bless you and God bless America!

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