I am fed up with the rhetoric and spin of the elitists, and so-called intellectuals claiming Moral Superiority over the rest of us.  They have the misguided and deluded idea that their positions, often self-determined, make them morally superior to the rest of us.  They deem their cause just and righteous and anyone or anything that disagrees is morally bankrupt and in need of enlightenment.

Leo Tolstoy offered a confession that illustrates what I am talking about.  He said, “From my intimacy with [my fellow writers, teachers, etc.] I acquired a new vice: abnormally developed pride, and an insane assurance that it was my vocation to teach men, without knowing what… [Eventually I saw that] almost all of them were men of bad or worthless character… [whose] real inmost concern was to get as much money and praise as possible.”

In the world of academia, the Leftists far outnumber the Conservatives or Constitutionalists.  If there are Christians among them, they are few in number or fearful to make their beliefs known.  That presents a platform for indoctrination of the young minds in their care with a false morality that is destructive.  

I have discovered in my study, and interaction with members of academia, politicians, and media types a certain limitation, they cannot see.  That is, most of them have the mistaken view that they know more than they actually know.  They tend to believe that their intellectual accomplishments make them superior to the average man or woman on the streets or in the workforce.  They are our betters and view us, as did Obama and Hillary as deplorables.

Sadly, few of them understand the pursuit of men like Aristotle, who contended that the aim of studying moral philosophy was not simply to become better thinkers but better people.  It would be beneficial to study the precepts and principles taught by Jesus in the Bible, but alas, that would require them to step down from their lofty pinnacle of elitism. 

It is possible to know the philosophies of the philosophers and think things through rationally and miss the true objective of knowledge, being better people not just having superior knowledge.  Sadly, pride and snobbishness are prevalent in much of the world of the intellectual.  Knowledge is beneficial only if it is used rightly!  It may be power providing an understanding of how to manipulate the masses, but does it make the holder of that knowledge morally superior? 

People like the insufferable Bill Maher exhibit the illusion that holding a degree from an Ivy League University somehow makes them better than ordinary citizens not so educated.  America is devastatingly divided and headed for destruction if we do not return to our moral moorings.  Not the morality advanced by the elitists or any sect, but true morality that seeks to be better people.

The French ‘existentialist’ philosopher Gabriel Marcel said what I’m asserting powerfully.  He said, “[It is said that] “Intellectuals are frivolous,” and, unfortunately, this is terribly true, the deep reason for it being that the intellectual has not to deal, as the peasant and the workman have, with a tangible stubborn reality, a reality which resists fantasies; the intellectual works with words, and paper permits absolutely anything to be written on it.” 

If you are out of touch with the reality of the masses, you are not fit to govern them.  If you have no experience in the struggles of the common man, how can you snobbishly deem yourself morally superior to them?  Pride goes before destruction the Bible declares and we are first-hand witnesses of the evil of pride in academia, media, and politics.  I had a politician tell me that I had no right to question the actions of Congress because I was not informed and therefore, I should be silent and follow their edicts.  After all, he declared, they know what is best for America and I could not because I was, a common man.

Socrates warned, “Isn’t it true that those with the best natures become exceptionally bad when given bad instruction?”  That is what we have in America today, generations of people who have been instructed with a false morality and a revised history.  The educational system has, for generations, been in the business of indoctrination, not education.  They believe their views are morally superior to the Bible and those of us who work for a living. 

The self-inflated sense of importance by the elitists is opening the door for religious persecution, mandates designed for control, ignoring the facts, and justifying the criminality of their fellows.  Hillary’s lawyer deeply involved in the fallacious Russia Gate and Spying on Trump Michael Sussmann’s lawyers believe that it was okay and justifiable for him to lie to the FBI. 

The elitists believe that lying to the public is okay if it achieves their desired objectives.  The politicians who follow the path of toxic liberalism believe we are so lacking in the ability to cognate that they suggest campaign tokens.  An example is there are a group of Democratic Senators in battleground states who are in danger of losing their seats they suggest that the government should temporarily suspend the federal gas tax.  

That would be nice, but they come across as being morally superior in their small offerings of help for those of us who work and pay taxes.  But, if you examine the record they are opposed to drilling, the pipeline, and the oil, gas, and coal industry.  If they truly wanted to do the morally right thing, they would oppose the Biden administration’s assault on our fossil fuel industry.  Do they do that?  NO!  Instead, they offer us a small bone hoping to deceive us into voting for them.

What we witnessed in Canada, pastors being arrested for supporting the trucker convoy will come to America and the elitists will force their brand of moral superiority upon us and we will see pastors arrested for preaching the Bible and resisting the immorality of the government.  IT IS COMING! 

America, we can keep our window of opportunity open, but ONLY if we band together and reject those elitists who want to fundamentally transform America into something other than the Free Constitutional Republic it was founded to be.  I ask you to join the fight and become informed and be one who spreads the word of Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!

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