I am not an economics guru and do not normally dabble in financial prognostications, but I believe the genie is out of the bottle and the handwriting is on the wall.  I have been reading the views and reviews of some heretofore astute and accurate financial experts and virtually all of them agree that a collapse is coming.  Some believe it is already taking place and the house of cards created by this administration and the globalists have not fallen sufficiently to pull back the curtains so that all can see.

I often find reading the views of those in the late 1700s and early 1800s informative.  One such observation came from Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers.  He observed and believed that power over man’s subsistence amounted to power over his will.  That was a fire across the bow of all would-be oligarchs and tyrants.  It was a warning plea to the citizens of America to beware of politicians and the granting to them unlimited power.

We have food producers, farmers, and economists all warning that shortages are coming in virtually every sector.  Some of those shortages are manufactured and some are the result of the current governmental policies in various sectors of society.  The Russian/Ukrainian War is creating fertilizer shortages and that will result in both escalation of produce prices as well as shortages of that commodity.  I have not been a prepper and refuse to live in fear, but I am suggesting that nonperishable food items should be in our cupboards immediately in as large a supply as we can afford.

Hillary called for a ‘Reset’ and she was only echoing the desire and buzzword of the globalists.  Joe Biden’s handlers are fully committed to what is being called ‘The Great Reset’ globally.  Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is promoting that idea.  Joe Biden and his handlers are fully committed to that idea and objective. 

Mr. Klaus wrote and published a book called “COVID-19: The Great Reset.”  That was in July 2020, and we are nearing two years later.  What did he know so early in the pandemic?  His book is a revelation, intentional or unintentional of their agenda.  They, like Adolf Hitler, warned the world beforehand, what they intended, and like then most have either ignored or denied the possibility.

Inflation has soared past 8.5% and the metric used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is woefully short of full disclosure. There is something called the Truflation index that places the current rate of inflation at around 13.3% and may be higher.  Virtually everyone knows it is much more than 8.5% and we are reminded of it each time we check out at the supermarket or fill up at the gas pump. 

The U.S. Treasury yield curve invert historically has been almost 100% accurate in predicting a recession has predicted one within two years and an almost 70% likelihood that it will be within the next year.  Encouraging, isn’t it?  NO! 

I am going to venture into a dimension that will make me persona non grata to some because I am going to touch the COVID-19 Hell and a little know experiment that is revealing.  I believe that COVID-19 as Klaus Schwab wrote is part of the globalist Great Global Reset.  Again, it is always about money, power, and control.

Have you ever heard of the Asch Conformity Experiment?  I had not until recently and found it fascinating and deeply disturbing at the same time.  If the goal of the experiment had been to get to the truth, I would applaud it, but the truth was not the objective Conformity was.  What is frightening in this is that the view of the Globalists and Leftists is that only Conformity is allowable and anything else must be destroyed, censored, and silenced.

The experiment revealed that people will actually believe things they know to be false or question if they think that everybody else believes them.  That is beyond incomprehensible to me but let me continue.  What does that have to do with COVID-19?  Everything!

In COVID-19 the objective was to have everyone believe:

  • COVID-19 was far riskier than it was or was even reported, making any governmental actions justified.
  • That Vaccines were our only hope.  (Again, I am not trashing anyone who did or did not take the jab, simply pointing out what the experiment reported.)  We were to believe that this was the only hope even though the technology has not worked or not worked as purported.
  • That anyone not taking the vaccine was a subhuman murderer and deserving to be shunned, fired, ostracized, and banned from society.  The hope was to paint them as undeserving of travel or food.
  • That not wearing a mask was the height of selfishness.  Yet, study after study reported that the masks were, at best minimally effective and most of the time ineffective.
  • That Children, who were scientifically proven to be at negligible risk, had to be vaccinated or they would kill Grandma or something of the like.

I realize that I am in deep trouble already, but I will continue.  The Asch Conformity Experiment showed that if one person stood up to the narrative, it was easier for another and then another to resist.  Therefore, it was imperative that there be no dissension allowed else control would be lost. 

In a nutshell, the Asch Experiment, conducted by Solomon Asch, found out that most people, when seeing a consensus of participants agreeing on something that was reasonably obvious that it was false, they actually ended up agreeing with those false opinions simply because everyone else seemed to think they were true.  That is frightening!  How many times as teens did you or your teens say, “Everybody’s doing it as a justification?”

The problem for the purveyors of the Great Reset and the hope for America and humanity is that if one, only one person stands and resists it creates an environment where the sheep stop being blind and begin to think.  I hope that explains why some who have been vocal in questioning the process and mandates have been so vilified and targeted.  If you are one of those, you are a threat to the narrative.  I have said from the outset that every person should be allowed to decide for themselves what path to follow.  So, if you did, that should be your decision and if you did not that should also be your decision.

If open debate and truth were the objectives of COVID or any element of society and government then why the censorship?  Why were people like Drs. Malone, McCullough, Koury, Urso, Cole, and Alexander; the Barrington great three; and then incomparable RFK, Jr. disallowed from voicing their dissent and question?  The nail that sticks up gets hammered down and they have been hammered down.

If they are wrong, open debate with statistical factual scientific evidence would refute them.  If they are right, then all of us need to know that we might have been played to achieve the desire of the Great Rest Globally. 

On December 30, 1776, the Revolution hang in the balance and General Washington was about to lose his army due to enlistments expiring.  Things were dire and he made an impassioned plea for six-more weeks of service.  He acknowledged that they had done all that had been asked and more, even more than could be reasonably expected.  He told them that the country’s future was hanging in the balance and pleaded with them.  He asked everyone who would stay to step forward.

The drums rolled and not a man budged.  It looked over and America would not become the reality they dreamed of.  People exchanged glances then finally one man stepped forward, then another, “I will stay if you will,” said one man to his friend.  In a few minutes, everyone but the invalids volunteered, and we know that America won her independence.

That is an example of one lone voice turning the tide for good.  Will we be that voice and save America from the Great Global Reset that those desiring to fundamentally transform us?  Will we stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom?  Will we?  I will.

God bless you and God bless America!

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