Before you dismiss me as a kook and another of a myriad of conspiracists give me a chance to present my contention.  If you agree wholly or partially then I welcome, you to the fight for freedom.  If you disagree vehemently and vitriolic disdain rises in your heart, I hope you will tolerate me and pray for me.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether it is based on factual data or preference.  That is a right I will fight to maintain.  One of our rights constitutionally is Freedom of Speech and that must also embody the freedom of thought.  If we lose that, we lose that which our Republic was established upon.

I believe in education and believe that being informed is not only a powerful tool in life but a necessary one.  On the other hand, I bristle when I hear assertions that only the educated in our formal system of education have the right to guide, rule, or govern.  I have known some highly educated dunces and some uneducated geniuses when it comes to common sense.

Having an Ivy League University degree or advanced degree does not qualify one to be the only voice heard.  Theodore Beale (Vox Day) suggested that prestigious institutions or Elite employers only recruit at the most elite colleges, and they want recruits to be attractive, energetic, articulate, socially smooth, and have had elite personal connections, jobs, and extracurriculars.  That is interesting, especially the ‘extracurriculars’ part.  Whatever that might mean.

I have observed for the past few decades that those who hail from those prestigious institutions of higher learning and follow the toxic liberal rhetoric believe they are the smartest in the room politically.  Egotism and Elitism do not bode well for the common man.  If the Elitists are allowed to become a Ruling Class or Oligarchy, the common man pays dearly.  The ideas of those superior beings (as they see themselves) must be funded.  They do not use their money but the money of the working stiff and see taxes as the pathway to prosperity.  Well, prosperity for them and their cronies.

Among those following and spewing forth the lunacy of the Left is the self-anointed spokesperson for the liberal activists, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  He supposedly has an economics degree.  I am not sure what she learned in her studies, but an understanding of the Free Market was not among them.  He insists that Capitalism is not a Redeemable System.  Wow!  A person with a degree in Economics no less! 

She made the laughable statement following her assertion about Capitalism, “I believe that in a broad sense, because when we toss out these big words – capitalism, socialism – they get sensationalized.  People translate them into meaning things that perhaps they don’t mean.”  She is unable to define socialism or capitalism nor can the WOKE who follow her.

The Elitists want you to believe that if we were to discard our Free Enterprise System of Economics and embrace a Hitleresque economic system it would magically change things.  For example, if you worked at Starbucks and we suddenly switched to socialism you would become an owner, not an employee.  The politically connected, ones who own those companies would let you think what you want and continue to rake in the profits and leave you where you were. 

In her system and that embraced by the followers of toxic liberalism, all power and control would be in the hands of those in politics.  People would be forcibly prevented from owning their own businesses and only those in politics and at the top would prosper leaving no hope for the little man or woman to advance.  Capitalism is a system based on a free-market economy in which an individual may own his or her own business and pursue the American dream of success.  That is something they either disdain or do not understand.  Work?  Do you expect them to work, invest, and risk their all to pursue a dream?   Heaven forbid that should be the state’s responsibility to provide for them.

The Elitists Ruling Class Oligarchy wants Control.  If that means destroying our economy, mandating us into servitude, then so be it.  If, as AOC suggests, her party and fellow activists desire to aid the common man or woman why would you plunge us into economic chaos?  No, the direr the situation is for the average citizen, the more the government can become the sugar daddy and provide.  When the government provides monetarily it demands concessions in the arena of liberties and rights.  Simply, it demands more control.

The assault on the Oil and Gas industry by this administration is a prime example of planned destruction for a political cause.  In 2020 our oil production produced a glut so large that Oil Tankers were forced to become floating storage for the crude.  We enjoyed energy independence and imported crude rather than depending on foreign oil to supply our needs.  Prices were wonderfully low and now they are going through the roof.  This is largely the fault of Biden’s attack on energy in favor of the ill-advised pursuit of green energy as a sole source.

The Oil and Gas industry realized that it had to become more prudent and develop a better business model during 2020.  They knew they had to assiduously avoid producing a glut that flooded the market.  Sufficient, but not overproduction was the desire and plan.  With that new business model and a sounder method of operation, shale oil could take America back to the days of just a few years past – energy independence. 

Sadly, the federal government has no desire to allow this to transpire.  The Biden administration has stated that they think high oil prices will open the door for alternative energy sources. Therefore, they plan to keep the fossil fuel energy sources at a minimum so that Americans grow weary of paying exorbitant prices and will embrace the hope of cheaper fuel in the Green New Deal.  Unfortunately, the Green Plan will produce even more shortages and higher prices.  Woe is me will be the cry of all who drink this Kool-Aid.

I am not opposed to alternative energy sources being developed.  I applaud them. But not at the expense of fossil fuels which are abundant and needful.  The Climate Activists are wrong on climate, and they are wrong on energy. 

So long as the Elitist Ruling Oligarchy has power, we will pay for their fallacious ideas. Most of us do not have a giant nest egg and an endless supply of cash to weather the storm of insane prices.  That forces multitudes into the category of being dependent upon the government for sustenance.  If the government subsidizes it demands payment in the form of obedience to its edicts.  That means they gain control, and it further empowers those who seek power. 

America, we can throw off the chains of the Elitists but only if we cross party lines and unite as Freedom Fighters at the ballot box.  If we return to God and unite for America, we can reclaim that which has been stolen from us.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom, will you join me?

God bless you and God bless America!

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