There is so much rhetoric, paranoia, fearmongering, and misinformation regarding the possibility of Roe v Wade being overturned.  The truth is that none of the many-faceted fears being projected are even on the radar.  One Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is married to a white woman so stop the insanity that the Republicans want to end all interracial marriages and the myriad of other distortions being projected.  This is not a war on women it is an effort to follow the Constitutional guidelines and return the issue to the individual states. 

I am not a proponent of abortion for many reasons and the chief two being murder is wrong and my faith resists and rejects it.  Neither of those will carry any weight with the pro-choice crowd.  The reason for their rejection is a misunderstanding of the bible and life or rejection of the biblical directive and their insistence that that being in the womb is not a life and therefore nothing more than an unwanted growth.  The callousness of that and ignorance of true science is astounding. 

Sadly, many people form opinions and call them convictions based on emotions or how they feel.  I need more than my feelings to guide my life.  If I did everything, I felt like doing at the moment I felt like it, I would be a dangerous person.  I seek to know what true science says on the matter of that being in the womb that is growing and developing.  I also, seek to know what the Bible says about the matter.  Therefore, I endeavor to use critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and logic in the formation of my opinion and conviction. 

I find it interesting to research what the Jewish people thought about abortion in the ages past.  The Bible’s original language of Hebrew and Aramaic makes connecting with the Hebrew people’s historic view valuable.  It does not make them infallible, but God’s Word is.  In Judaism, there is strong importance placed on pro-creation, based on the blessings found in Genesis 1:28 that we “should be fruitful and multiply.”  That is only possible in a union between a male and female or man and woman. 

They did not believe that sex was limited to procreation but also for pleasure and the Bible speaks to that issue in passages such as Exodus 21:10. The apostle Paul also addressed it in the New Testament.  God designed sex to be beautiful but only in the confines of marriage.  You may disagree and that is your prerogative.  It does not mean you are right, but you have the choice to believe and embrace what you choose.  I seek to be guided by the directives of God and that is validated in true science, especially in the issue of abortion.

I heard someone argue that overturning Roe v Wade would force a woman carrying a dead child in her womb to deliver the dead child full term.  That is beyond ludicrous because if the doctors determined that the baby in the womb was dead it would not be abortion, per se, it would be a needed surgical procedure to relieve the woman of the danger of that dead entity in her body.  A living child in the womb regardless of the stage of development demands protection. 

I sometimes wonder how people who are rabidly pro-choice can believe their easily refuted and unscientific rhetoric and arguments.  The idea that the fetus (baby) is nothing more than a lump of cells growing inside the woman’s womb is easily defeated.  The scientific data is readily available to inform us that that so-called lump of cells, at conception, has a unique DNA, unlike or not exactly like any other living organism on the planet.  The exception would be identical twins. 

When that argument is debunked, they turn to rape and incest and justifiable reasons to abort that life in the womb.  As bad as those are and they are bad, they amount to an extremely small percentage of abortions each year.  At what point is it justifiable to blame that baby that resulted from either of those events?  If you cannot bear the thought of raising that child, then give the child up for adoption where someone who has no such bias can give them the love, nurture, and affection needed to help them develop into a contributing member of society.  They (the baby in the womb) are a creation of God, and no human has the right to take their life.

I heard and read the argument of pro-life advocate Stephanie Gray Connors as she debunked the violinist argument and the kidney argument used by pro-choice or pro-abortion advocates.  She debated philosophy professor Andrew Sneddon who made a well-phrased argument for abortion. 

She said that the Holy Spirit whispered to her and said, “Stephanie, I made the uterus for a different purpose than the kidney.”  When her turn came, she said, “Professor Sneddon makes a very compelling argument until we ask a simple question: what is the nature and purpose of the kidney versus the nature and purpose of the uterus?”  She continued, “Because when we ask and answer that question, we come to see why a parent should not be legally obligated to give one but actually obligated to give the other.”

She unraveled her revelation saying, “The kidney exists in my body, for my body.  The uterus exists in my body every single month getting ready for someone else’s body.  Every month my uterine lining is thickening in great expectation for the implantation of the next generation.  Therefore, you could say the uterus is unique from all other body parts in that it exists more for my offspring than for me, and they can therefore claim a right to that in a way the preborn or born could not claim a right to your kidney.”

The effort of the Democrats is to pass a bill that would be signed by the President making abortion the law.  That bill is diabolical and would force Christian doctors to perform abortions in violation of their religious convictions.  If the doctors failed to comply, they could be fined, imprisoned, and lose their licenses.  This bill known as the ‘Abortion for All Act’ is a direct assault on Christianity and seeks to expand abortion far beyond the current authorization levels. 

The revealed examples of body part harvesting from aborted babies by Planned Parenthood and the more recent barbaric experiments conducted by the University of Pittsburg Medical Center and Magee-Women’s Hospital are horrifying.  It has been revealed that of the thirty-one studies reviewed, one in five did not obtain fetal tissue from the Pitt Biospecimen Core as reported.  Those tissues were obtained from a commercial tissue supplier, Advance Bioscience Resources (ABR). 

Does that name sound familiar?  It should because it is the commercial tissue supplier who was exposed for trafficking baby body parts from Planned Parenthood facilities.  That organization became Planned Parenthood’s scapegoat when they were first caught selling baby body parts in 2015.

I find it amazing that even Joe Biden in 2015 believed that life begins at conception.  He said, “I’m prepared to accept that the moment of conception is a human life and being.”  He went on to say, “But I’m not prepared to say that to other God-fearing, non-God-fearing people, that have a different view.”  Well, Mr. President, I am prepared to say that to anyone regardless of their religious or moral views.  Life begins at conception.  I believe the Bible’s assertion that God knew our parts before they were formed in the womb, and we are all creations of God regardless of how that pregnancy occurred.

You may not accept my view.  You may find me reprehensible and reject me and my views.  That is your choice.  We all have the right to believe what we believe, but the final judge of all things is God whether it is accepted or not.  As a Christian, I cannot and do not support abortion.  I believe that Life, every life is valuable to God and the defenseless lives in the womb are especially precious and deserving of our protection.

God bless you and God bless America!

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