I have contended for a very long time that the reason we are in the position and condition we are in today is because of apathy.  Well, that is part of the problem the most significant is our abandonment of moral sanity and God, but apathy is a prime reason.  I do not mean apathy on the part of politicians or the political ruling class of elitists, but the apathy demonstrated and manifested by the general public and too much of the Christian Church.  You may discount the last part or all of what I have just stated, but if you examine what is happening in today’s America and much of the world, you must admit, that something is terribly wrong.

We are being invaded and are experiencing a war inside the borders of the United States of America.  It is not a declared war by Congress, the White House, or the Media but it is a war, nonetheless.  People are being killed, bullied, harassed, and endangered and it is not getting better.  The policies of the current administration piled on the heap of previous bad policies of presidential administrations and Congresses are bearing fruit.  The fruit is bad, and the results are bad.  I believe that most of it could have been averted had it not been for widespread apathy.

I am appalled at the increasing number of deaths as a result of this invasion.  I am stunned at how much territory is being ceded to the invaders directly or indirectly.  I am horrified by the increasing number of rapes, executions, and a level of fear that is being instilled in the hearts of our citizens.  There were and are things we could and can do, but apathy allows it to continue while complaining but not becoming engaged enough to bring it to a halt.

We have at least two million illegals entering the United States each year.  If that is extrapolated over the next decade, we will have over twenty million more illegals inside our borders.  How many will that bring the total to?  Estimates by government entities are that we have about eleven million here now and that would bring us to about twenty million.  I believe some of the more honest evaluations that we probably have upwards of forty million now and will have 60-80 million in ten years. 

Couple that with the desire, design, and plan of the followers of globalism and toxic liberalism to give them the right to vote as Citizens of the World our elections will forever be moot.  Those seeking to transform America will have won and even if we awaken from our apathy, it will be too late to recover.  Those who desire constitutionalism and conservatism, or republicanism will be deemed threats to society, and efforts to reeducate or eliminate us will be forthcoming.  Is that paranoia?  I sincerely hope so and hope that I am wrong, but the statistical data available suggest that my concerns are not unfounded.

We have endured the cries to ‘defund the police’ and the Leftists have embraced the idea that the police are systemically racists and not worthy of our support.  Are there bad eggs in police departments across this land?  Of course, but there are bad actors in every segment of society.  By and large, the police do a good job fulfilling the thankless task of keeping the peace and protecting us. 

In 2020 when the ‘defund the police’ craze reached its zenith murders of Black people (mostly by other Black people) increased by 32%.  That is appalling and should send chills down every spine.  If it happened in that community can any of us feel safe?  The number of carjackings and thefts has skyrocketed.  The number of home invasions has escalated as weak-willed DAs have positioned themselves on the side of the offenders.  Rapes, murders, muggings, assaults, and other violent crimes are increasing exponentially due to bad rhetoric and policies. 

Apathy has created a situation where few criminals are arrested and brought to justice.  The statistical data is that 54% of reported violent crimes are unsolved.  Unfortunately, many of them are charged with lesser crimes and released with or without bail and continue their violent acts of terror. 

This type of activity can be corrected, but not without a major attitude adjustment on the part of Politicians, District Attorneys, Media, Ministers, and the Public.  We have to become willing to back those tasked with enforcing our laws and lose our fear of retaliation and report what we see and know.  We have to demand from our politicians that they secure our borders allowing only those who follow the legal pathway of immigration are allowed to come and remain.  We must demand from our politicians that they follow the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  We must evict any that will not do so.

We have shrugged our shoulders at the dangers of ‘Woke-ism’ and ‘Political Correctness.’  Those following the agenda of the followers of those ideologies desire power and control.  Hate is driving a wedge between Americans making civil discourse impossible.  Hate is irrational and Anathema to Freedom. 

Apathy has placed millions in a vacuum where they are afraid of offending the Woke crowd.  Apathy has allowed politicians to seek to make any rejection of their toxic diatribe and rhetoric a crime.  We have elevated the feelings of the few to a higher status than the inalienable rights of all.  If Freedom of Speech is not extended to everyone it effectively becomes a weapon and destroys our Liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and granted by God.

Apathy has allowed Big Tech to engage in illegal censorship of anyone disagreeing with the liberal agenda.  Too many Big Businesses are drinking the Woke Kool-Aid, Hollywood has long been in their corner and education has been grooming generations to become the standard-bearers of that ideology.  Apathy allowed this to transpire. 

I have been branded with so many derogatory monikers, I stopped counting.  There are those within those who claim to be Christians who deem me evil, misguided, mistaken and deceived.  I cannot be silent when I see the imminent danger that is upon us.  I cannot seek to isolate myself in a cocoon of selfishness.  I have disregarded my own personal safety to speak out and will continue to do so as long as I have breath.  I believe in Freedom for Everyone!

America, we must not allow the apathy that has gripped our nation for decades to continue. We must rise up and determine that we will do all we can for posterity (our children and grandchildren included) to give them the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers labored so valiantly for.  If you are a believer in the Bible and the God of the Bible, I urge you to seek God for guidance and begin interceding for America and the world.  It matters not what political party those seeking to control are associated with, they are a threat to our Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America! 

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